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fresh turkeys for thanksgiving?

Just ordered a 16 lb heritage turkey from
Lindy & Grundy Meats
801 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046

They are ridicously expensive at $16.99/lb, but I like the idea of supporting small businesses and farming families. They will also brine the turkey. I have previously gotten birds from Heritage USA and Willie Bird, but just checked online and they are both out of the size I want.

Nov 02, 2011
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Dessert suggestions needed for AFTER Yom Kimmpur dinner tonite.

Havis Tunisian/beef & bean soup with Couscous, a baked chicken/egg type of frittata, Shassuck , Harrissa., a Good 2003 Red Zinfindel., maybe a spinach salad. Any dessert ideas appreciated.

Sep 17, 2010
DonnaB in Home Cooking

Malibu Dinner Spot

One more suggestion:
Sunset Restaurant - Point Dume
bar menu should meet your requirements; entrees are bit more. It's casual and overlooking beach & water
(310) 457-5521

Sunset Restaurant & Beach
6800 Westward Beach Rd., Malibu, CA 90265

Jan 09, 2009
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Saturday lunch in Sonoma: Healdsburg

Oakville Grocery
Sit on patio facing tree-lined streets. you can enjoy a delicious lunch, pizzas or calzones, a wonderful selection of specialty food items, such as gourmet cheeses, charcuterie, artisan breads and desserts.
Oakville Grocery, Healdsburg
124 Matheson Street
Healdsburg, CA 95448
Tel: (707) 433-3200

Nov 10, 2008
DonnaB in San Francisco Bay Area

Working for 2 weeks between Woodland Hills and Westlake

You will not be in the heart of chowland. Try driving 3 exits west on 101 to Calabasas, which has some options, both in old town Calabasas and at the Commons. Brandywine is charming, but probably above your per diem, and it’s very tiny, must make a reservation. Some of my local regular dining spots include:

King's Fish House - (sit on the bar side or patio for a more casual experience)
4798 Commons Way
Calabasas, CA 91302
Tel. 818-225-1979

Bonzai Sushi
Cal-Italia (a bit more $)
Sagebrush Cantina – recently changed ownership, menu may be changing has mainly a tex/mex food theme, primarily for California outdoor patio dining experience (when food isn’t highest priority, bar crowd for free music on weekends and happy hours) – check out the Harley display in parking lot on Sunday afternoons.

Henri’s Coffee Shop – for breakfast
21601 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA
(818) 348-5582

Le Bon Bakery – pastries, croissants, sandwiches, soup, quiche
on Ventura Blvd. – just east of Topanga Canyon

Toast A Restaurant and Bar – sit on the bar side – great hamburgers
20969 Ventura Blvd.,
Woodland Hills, CA 91364

Carrillo's Mexican Deli (authentic Mexican, good for take out or eat-in and watch Spanish TV)
19744 Sherman Way
Canoga Park, CA 91306
(818) 887-6118

Try getting up to the Getty Center on a weekend for a great day. Make a reservation at the Getty Restaurant for Lunch or brunch on Sunday or have lunch at the Café, cafeteria style dining café for a more budget-minded afternoon.

Oct 06, 2008
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Healdsburg ~ Sunday Brunch Memorial Weekend for LA hound

Will be staying on the river in Healdsburg with friends from Los Angeles and want to invite friends and family that live in Santa Rosa for brunch. All suggestions for somewhere that can accommodate 12 please! Thanks hounds.

Apr 18, 2008
DonnaB in San Francisco Bay Area

Fresh Thanksgiving Turkey

You can still select a real Heritage turkey in a wide range of sizes. I had my first Heritage Turkey last year (pricey, but it's a special day) and it was the best EVER. Before Heritage, I would order from a Kosher butcher. Your bird will arrive on Tues., Nov 20 - sent via Federal Express cold pack. Order now at -

Oct 17, 2007
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Pasta Carbonara in the L.A. Valley

Topanga Pizza
22994 Ventura Blvd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364
Phone: (818) 222-4944

Apr 17, 2007
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Fri Night - Dinner for 20? and other stops to not miss...

Booking a Friday night for 20 was harder than I thought it would be. The only restaurant that would confirm a res for 20 on a Friday was Marigold; Osteria wanted a contract and a minimum guarantee of $1500. Finally changed plans to have 10 for dinner and chose Osteria. Got a prime time slot there at 7:30 p.m. and they will put our group in their private dining room. Also had to pre-select 3-4 antipastas and entrees. I made a res at Amada for a smaller group on Thursday night and will probably try and change the Marigold res to Saturday night for a smaller group. Thanks for your input and hope everyone enjoys Osteria. Will report back.

Apr 09, 2007
DonnaB in Pennsylvania

Fri Night - Dinner for 20? and other stops to not miss...

Well, I called James and they will not take a group of 20 on a Friday night. Also, called Amada, they already have a couple of large groups in their private room, but will keep us on the waitlist. Have not yet heard back from Osteria or Buddakan. May have to go to list B and check out some other suggestions given for this project. Will give updates.

Mar 23, 2007
DonnaB in Pennsylvania

Fri Night - Dinner for 20? and other stops to not miss...

Looks like we won't go hungry in Philly! So, for the big dinner, I think I'm now down to 3 choices: Buddakan, Osteria or James. I'll start calling and see if that thins out the list. Hope to try Brasserie for Wed. happy hour and Valanni for a brunch. The Irish pub was for the host of our annual St. Paddy's party in Glendale - thanks for the Fergie suggestion; and it looks like there won't be time to check out Carmine's Creole. Also, Lolita and Alma de Cuba is now on the list for the small group. Thanks all Hounds for all your great input!

Mar 22, 2007
DonnaB in Pennsylvania

Fri Night - Dinner for 20? and other stops to not miss...

Hope you can provide a Los Angeles Hound for some recs as I have been put on the restaurant detail for a fun group of LA folks attending a conference at the Marriot in mid-April. Not too concerned about cost, but not looking to go to the very outrageous end. A good time, full service and good food are important to any CH, of course. So far, from my CH Philly research, possible selections for the Big Dinner on a Friday night include:

If I can get the group to take a little taxi ride, CARMINE's CREOLE looks like it would be a fun choice, too. Would like to get input on these and perhaps other recs for the 20 or so group dinner so I can make a reservation soon.

As far as sampling cuisine at other Philly digs that have tempted my palate, for me & hubby and a smaller dining group on the 3 other dinners and lunches we need to fill, I want to also try Marigold, Matyson, Tir Na Nog, Pasion. The Reading Terminal will also be covered by us too.

Hope to report back on the groups' experience. Thanks Philly.


Mar 21, 2007
DonnaB in Pennsylvania

buying a turkey in west LA

I ordered my first Heritage turkey this year from their website. Order from their website (although they may be sold out on several sizes). They deliver via Federal Express on Tuesday before Thanksgiving. I have also had good results with a kosher turkey, ordered directly from a local kosher butcher.

Nov 13, 2006
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Holiday Cookies

Can you post your recipes for the Mexican Wedding Balls and Russian Tea Cakes. Sounds Great!

Nov 10, 2006
DonnaB in Home Cooking

Is there hope for a great meal in the valley?

Woodland Hills & Adjacent ~ My dittos on above include Gorikee, King's Fish House & Fins in Calabasas, Sagebrush Cantina for margaritas, Sunday brunch and mediocre tex/mex - go for outdoor ambiance and to check out the motorcycle parade on Sundays. Takeout: Whole Foods, Cavaretta's, Dan's Subs, Topanga Pizza, Maria's & the chicken place in the El Camino shopping mall at Mullholland/Valley Circle. Adding Carrillo's Mexican Deli (in nearby Reseda/Canoga Park) on Sherman Way between Winnetka & Corbin for great authentic Mexican; also Yang Chow on Topanga just north of Victory for chinese cravings.

Nov 09, 2006
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area

Oatmeal boiling over in microwave

At work I use a company supplied paper bowl and paperplate underneath; stop, mix and check every 10 secs. If it does go over, I spoon the boiled over stuff back in the bowl and throw away the paper plate so there is no micro cleanup. This seems to be the best after several boilovers. I think a paperplate under a regular bowl should avoid the micro cleanup if it goes over, or if it doesn't you can save the paperplate for another time.

Nov 07, 2006
DonnaB in Home Cooking

Mother-In Law Brunch with Ocean Side View (price doesn't matter)

Second the recs for Geoffrey's in Malibu and Oceanfront at the Casa del Mar in Santa Monica. Both places have brunch menus on Sundays and a lunch menu for Saturday.

Here are some links for venue info, menus, etc.

Sep 06, 2006
DonnaB in Los Angeles Area