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One dinner with family (Raku or LOS)

Does any know if LOS has and none seafood gluten free dishes

Dec 09, 2014
marko711 in Las Vegas

Cocktail before cowboy star

I have enjoyed many a great drink at the Cowboy star bar. Why go elsewhere

Mar 09, 2013
marko711 in San Diego

Pinks has a trailer this year at the San Diego Fair

It is next to the Lottery Trailer in front of the Obrien building.

Jun 07, 2011
marko711 in San Diego

Jonathan's Worldly Eats: Confessions of a Foodie - Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana

The Pepes in Westville had no relation to Pepes on Wooster street.

Sep 15, 2010
marko711 in Southern New England

Moon pies in San Diego

Phils has woopie pies not moon pies

Sep 13, 2010
marko711 in San Diego

Has anybody tried Baja's Mexican Restaurant in Orange, CT?

I agree I was there 2 weeks ago and thought the same thing. I now live in Chula Vista, Ca and the owners are from here. When I went there the first time about 7 years ago it was fine but they have gone downhill. Even the spicy caroots were salty.

Aug 06, 2010
marko711 in Southern New England

Smashburger San Diego

Sounds like the George Foreman burgers I make at home

Nov 07, 2009
marko711 in San Diego

San Diego Salsa

In Oceanside there is a small store called Primo Market at 606 Morse St. I found it a few months ago and stop by for salsa if I am in the area. They carry about 5 kinds that are made fresh. I don't know if they make it in the store but the dark smokey one is great.

Jul 03, 2009
marko711 in San Diego

Worst of San Diego and Most Over-rated

Quick point of info on Phils they are not closing in Mission Hills but are opening a new place on Sports Arena

Sep 06, 2006
marko711 in San Diego