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SF Food Tourgasm Oct.5-8 Here's what I have so far...

Thanks again. I will list my review (whatever that's worth)soon.

SF Food Tourgasm Oct.5-8 Here's what I have so far...

In the words of Cristopher Walken as 'The Continental'-

Thanks for all the feed back fellow hounds. Just got in your lovely town. A little snafu at the airport, where I found out I forgot my ID at home...DOH. But I learned something new, they will let you board the plane without one. Suprise. You just have to do a little extra pat down in security. Whew.

Anyway, Yep I'm coming in from the DC area.
Thanks again for all the updates and opinions, I will add Pizzaiolo, Incanto, Canteen, and Vik's Chaat Corner to my list.
Nix Merenda as it's closed, and One vote no for Zuppa. I did mean to add Cheeseboard to the list I must have just spazzed out. And of course I will be going to the Farmers Market on Sat. I am so looking forward to that one. Just a little sad I can't really buy fresh produce as I don't have a kitchen here to cook in. But I look forward to the breads and cheeses, and perhaps some preserves. You guys are so lucky.

orangeplow, thanks for the heads-up on Napa. I did have Pilar and Backstreet Kitchen on my list. Through much deliberation I decided to skip TFL. Though not really my type of food, I like to eat at those places sometimes just to see what they're doing and as a food lover I feel I need to find out. But I was going to go by myself, and read some reviews that unless you were going to be ringing in a bigger check than the $200 per person tab by order mucho wine, the service was less than warm. That sort of turns me off, and while this might be singular occasions, I know having served both FOH & BOH, that the food can be really great, but if the service makes you feel unwanted, you are gonna leave thinking the experience sucked. I've been to Bouchon in Vegas and that was good, so I might try that again. Any comments on Ad Hoc or Terra? Also was planning to visit COPIA.

WOWIE WOW WOW. Thanks again.
I'll be eating with y'all in mind.


SF Food Tourgasm Oct.5-8 Here's what I have so far...


Okay here's what I have:

Chez Panisse Cafe
Hog Island Oyster
Memphis Minnie
Taqueria Cancun
Citizen Cake
Ferry Building Marketplace & Farmers market
Scharfenberger Factory
XOX Truffles
Fog City News - for the Chocolates
Recchuitti Chocolates
Richart Chocolates
Tadich - worth it for the cioppino?

A little background - I work in the industry both FOH and BOH in the past, now I'm a pastry chef. You can probably tell by my list I like good seasonal, (just a little dressed up) rustic food. And pastries. So If I missed anything, or you have an opinion one way or another about something on the list - let me know. I also wanted to check out food related things like cheesemaking tours, but I couldn't really find it. Suprisingly.

After Sunday my Hubby is joining me for Food Tourgasm Part II... Sonoma and Napa, haven't pinned down my list yet. I will follow up later.

Thanks very much fellow hounds.


Good Eats Guide

Thanks guys.

What's good near the Doubletree Hotel in Rockville MD?

I second Urban BBQ, Noodle Joes, you also might want to try Lebanese Taverna next to the Tower Records on Rockville pike.
Good mezze platters, ask for the garlic dip to go with your bread. Yum.

Good Eats Guide

Hello All,

New here, so I hope this is okay.
Good eats hounding, farmers market hunting, will stop for baked goods, cheese eating, wine drinking pastry chef coming to S.F.
Oct.5-8. If you are of like mind, (and being on Chowhound, I assume so)and free to while the day away checking out chocolate shops, markets, bakeries, restaurants, and wineries...won't you come show me around? I'll provide dry sarcasm, and pay for gas.

Thanks Much.

PS (thanks Robert)