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Best burger in PDX

Pause on Interstate has an EXCELLENT burger. They grind their own meat every day, slice up potatoes for amazing thick-cut fries, and serve it all with pickled zucchini and a side of chipotle mayo. At $8 it is a steal! I am also a fan of burger at Cafe Castagna.

Feb 16, 2010
bakemeacake in Metro Portland

Best Nachos in Portland?

Por Que No serves up chilaquiles on their weekend brunch menu. You should also try Authentica on NE Killingsworth and 30th.

Aug 27, 2008
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Best Pizza in St. Louis – WITHIN Parameters

A solid, reliable pie can also be had at Pizza-a-Go-Go on Ivanhoe in South City. They have been swimming upstream against Provel for many, many, years (they only use mozarella). I always admired them for sticking to their guns.

Aug 07, 2008
bakemeacake in Great Plains

STL: City Diner - horrible experience

Ah, the old "St. Louis Good" conundrum. The City Diner gets a pass (and is even defended) for having "OK" food?!?

I haven't been in a long time, but I have eaten there many times over the years and almost always left saying "never again." I would say 1 in 10 meals there were decent, but that does not make it a good restaurant.

City Diner stays in business for reasons other than the food (habit for some people, nostalgia for others, close to one's house?)

Cold Cuts in St. Louis

One word...

Volpi (on the Hill)

The best.

Portland -- Place to take group of college students

Of course, there are so many options but off the top of my head I think a bunch of college kids would love either Mama Mia's (Italian) or Mother's Bistro (good ol'American comfort food). Both places are located downtown and have a nice urban vibe, but are decidedly casual (like most of Portland).

You could also think about the Doug Fir which is quite the hipster spot in Portland (but also just plain fun). They serve standard American fare, but do so amid a modernist eco-chic environment that screams Portland

Mar 02, 2008
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Portland recommendation needed--group meal

Doesn't Wildwood have a nice private dining room?

Feb 21, 2008
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Portland Pizza Party for 30-50

Agreed, the best pies are at both Apizza Scholls and Ken's Artisan Pizza but there is little to no chance of securing either restaurant for a group that size. I am also a big fan of Bella Faccia Pizza on NE Alberta Street They have terrific, hand-crafted pies (nice crust) with excellent toppings (even a tasty vegan pie). They have a small restaurant space but also a nice size patio out back (it may even be covered but I can't remember). It would be worth giving them a call.

Feb 21, 2008
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Wife want's Indian food who has the best?

I too am a big fan of Himalayan Bistro. I think they serve up divine versions of traditional Indian fare (sag paneer, dal, chicken korma, etc.). And the Nepali options are excellent. I found Himalayan Bistro even better than Tamarind Bay (and much less crowded). Also, the onion kulcha is to die for!

What are you drinking right now?

I am drinking a ridiculously tasty Russian Imperial Stout from Deschutes Brewery (Bend, Oregon). It's their Abyss brew which is only released once or twice a year. Aged in bourbon and pinot noir barrels. Seriously great stuff!

Jan 18, 2008
bakemeacake in Beer

JP delivery

I think Himalayan Bistro in West Roxbury may deliver. This is much better Indian than Bukhara. In fact, it's just plain amazing IMHO.

As you say, the best Chinese is likely Sichuan Garden. Nothing in JP can compare.

Lovely Hula Hands [PDX]

I ate there last week and left happy but not itching to go back anytime soon. The room/space is darling (among my favorite dining spots in PDX). The cocktails are excellent (lots of house infused spirits and interesting flavor combinations). All the entrees at our table were very good (short ribs, crab cakes, leek soup, hamburger) but all suffered from over-salting (and this has been the case on several visits over the last few months). LHH does so much right, and I have had several excellent meals there, I just wish the chef could lay off the sodium a bit.

Dec 09, 2007
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Need help with Portland, OR -- NW sector dining choices

If you are in the NW and looking for a tasty treat (i.e. dessert) head over to Bleuet Yogurt on NW 23rd. This little spot is a delight--amazing European style frozen yogurt (two tart but delicately sweet flavors offered--honey and cinnamon). The yogurt is excellent but I am also a fan of their toppings. On a recent trip I enjoyed cinnamon yogurt topped with warm pumpkin compote, caramel sauce, and salted cashews (YUM!). You don't need a warm day or sunny skies to partake in a top-notch creamy/icy treat.

Dec 09, 2007
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

Portland Restaurant help needed for xmas g.c.

Le Pigeon
Paleys Place
Cafe Castagna

All would be most welcome if I received such a gift on Xmas!

Dec 06, 2007
bakemeacake in Pacific Northwest

STL: What's new and worthy? A StL-born Boston Hound wants your recs...

There is always Niche in Benton Park. It seems to be the current favorite of STL "foodies."

STL: What's new and worthy? A StL-born Boston Hound wants your recs...

Also if you want something cheap but amazing you must go to Banh Mi So Saigon Gourmet on South Grand (way down Grand about a mile past the over-hyped and underwhelming Pho Grand). Look for the glowing "Best Spring Rolls in St. Louis" sign.

STL: What's new and worthy? A StL-born Boston Hound wants your recs...

I would suggest the always worthy Atlas Restaurant and Lunchroom on Pershing Ave. Atlas has a quiet sophistication, excellent food, and a wonderful neighborhood feel. As a Boston hound you might be reminded of Ten Tables in Jamaica Plain. Atlas is a gem but always flies under the STL radar a bit.

Pizza-a-Go-Go..... St. Louis

Pizza-A-Go-Go is definitely the best pizza in STL and has a wonderful family-run feel. I believe the restaurant is on Ivanhoe just off Arsenal. The crust isn't amazing but it is very good--nice chew and texture (I wish it had more char but that is a personal preference). The best reason to order a pie--NO PROVEL!! I don't even think they have any on the premises. It's one STL pizza joint that uses REAL cheese! Hallelujah!

Does anyone miss Flaco's Tacos (stl) as much as me???

I always wonder why people lament the passing of Flacos Tacos It wasn't anything close to good border Mexican food. Every meal I ate there tasted like dishwater. I hate to say this but take yourself over to Chipotle and get a burrito or better yet buy a plane ticket to San Diego and get the real deal.

Food Wall in JP

I must disagree on the Triple Eatery recommendation. That place is simply disgusting. On several dreary winter evenings I ordered delivery from there and every time more food hit the trash than my stomach. The sauteed garlic/eggplant was encased in oil and came covered in something that resembled oyster sauce but was really a tasteless, sickly sweet brown gel of some kind. The eggrolls reeked of acrid oil (I wondered if they ever changed the oil in the fryer). After two experiences I vowed never to go back (I always give a place at least three chances to redeem themselves but Triple Eatery was SO bad I knew they would never improve enough to make me want to return). If we want decent Chinese we head over to Brookline Village to pick up food at Sichuan Garden. The dry hot chili chicken is pretty tasty.

Where can I get some Caramel Custard?

Oriental de Cuba in JP has incredible flan.

Best of Boston

For ice cream: J.P. Licks with several locations around the city is a tasty treat (but the original in JP is my fave). Christina's in Cambridge isn't half bad either.

Bread in St.Louis MO

There is always Whole Foods too!

Bread in St.Louis MO

Indeed, STL is a bit of a desert when it comes to quality bread making. Since your average St. Louisian thinks Panera makes great bread there really isn't much of a demand. It was a sad day when Pandora shuttered its space many years ago. Companion is acceptable but lacks an artisan quality. I admire Black Bear Bakery on Cherokee but find their products entirely uneven (perhaps they have improved in the last year?). In a pinch picking up a par baked La Brea Bakery (Los Angeles) baguette at the Wine & Cheese Place works. Sadly, it's often better than anything freshly made in St. Louis.

JP Dining tonight 8/9

If you are going to do Indian in the JP area I heartily recommend venturing down to West Roxbury to eat at Himalayan Bistro on Centre Street. Hands down it the best Indian in the area (maybe all of Boston?). While Bukhara is OK (I give it a C+/B-) it doesn't have nearly the punch or freshness of HB (solid A).

St. Louis - Vegetarian options, high end?

There was a time I would have recommended King Louie's but alas my favorite restaurant is no more. I would suggest Atlas Bistro and Lunchroom on Pershing Ave. They always turn out a fine meal for herbivores and carnivores alike!

best pizza in boston area

Totally agreed. A simple margherita or cheese pie is the BEST way to go at Regina's (maybe one meat topping of pepperoni or sausage if you need the fix). If a pizza has excellent crust and sauce there is NO reason to go overboard on the toppings. Some "artisan" pizza joints are actually limiting the number of toppings a customer can order (i.e. no more than 3 topping per pie at A Pizza Scholls in Portland, OR). Frankly, I think it is a good policy!

Does Denny's do any business at all?

My husband and I just drove across country from Boston to Portland and ate breakfast at several Denny's along the way. While beggars can't be choosers when given the choice between McDonalds and Dennys we chose the former. Every breakfast at Denny's was surprisingly...decent. The scrambled eggs were hot and the hash browns nicely crisped. The best part--GREAT people watching!

Aug 06, 2007
bakemeacake in Chains

best vegetarian place for a romantic dinner

Hands down Ten Tables or Oleana. Both excellent choices for any herbivores in your life.

Upper Crust: meh...

I tend to defend Upper Crust. If you want a straightforward, traditional pie with a limited number of toppings (cheese, pepperoni, maybe mushrooms) Upper Crust can whip one up with the best of them. I generally think people ask too much of the humble pizza. Steak and cheese may sound good in theory but I would guess the results are usually disappointing (especially on a paper thin crust). Upper Crust shines when the toppings and crust don't compete with one another. My advice: keep it simple.