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Cabo San lucas and San Jose del cabo Restaurant recommendation...

We're in Cabo right now and very impressed with Bar Esquina in the Bahia Hotel. it's just a few steps from Edith's. New restaurant, new chef.
I highly recommend the pizza with mushrooms and truffle oil. it is outstanding.

To impress your date, Sunset Mona Lisa is still a great place for a romantic dinner. The food is so so, but it's the jaw dropping scenery and ambiance that you're really there for..

Jan 21, 2012
yummytummy in Mexico

Cabo San lucas and San Jose del cabo Restaurant recommendation...

Just returned from CSL, and my 3 picks are:
Maria Corona is a lovely mid-price Mexican restaurant with great mole poblano. It's just a little off the main drag and your taxi driver will take you there.

I still find the Galeon a great restaurant after many years of dining (maybe 20?). Valentino, their piano player, must be over 80 by now but still plays great music. The Italian cuisine is authentic as any I've tried elsewhere around the whole.

A neat fine on this trip - a little hole in the wall joint where local peddlers go for beer and a little lunch. It's on a side street about a block from Peublo Bonito's back entrance, and around the corner from Casa Dorada (I think). They just hired an English speaking mexican from Vancouver who recommended their seafood soup to me. For about 90 pesos ($8), it is made from scratch and loaded with fresh crablegs, shrimps, tender octopus and mussels. Delish!

Dec 30, 2010
yummytummy in Mexico

Don Emiliano in San Jose del Cabo

The answer is yes. I just found this on Frommer with the latest review of Don Emiliano from Dec, 2010.

We're planning a trip to San Jose in a couple of weeks and really looking forward to try DE too.

What was your experience like last year at DE? Maybe you've dined there by now this year!

Dec 30, 2010
yummytummy in Mexico

Need a rec for a nice restaurant near Robson (Vancouver, BC)

You're within walking distance to Coal Harbour and a few places worth checking out. Go to Cardero's and Lift for the view, ambience and food (and in that order). They're both great and fun places to see and be seen in. The food is not bad either.

Walk up Denman from Coal Harbour and you'll hit many eateries south of Georgia St. Worth a stroll for people watching and great desserts after dinner, if it's a nice evening.

Enjoy YVR

One good italian restaurant in Vancouver is all I want

My #1 choice is Amacord in Yaletown. Why? It is consistently good. I have not had a bad meal there since they opened 8 or 9 years ago. (We patronize the place quite regularly.) Fabulous Northern Italian cuisine. Attentive and efficient service. Manlio, the proprietor, is a true restauranteur.

Vancouver questions

I was in France last October and ate very well there. The first place I hit when I landed in YVR was Gain Wah in Chinatown. My regular fav is their unique Chinese curry (beef or chicken). Can't get it anywhere else. It is awesome.

White Spot - Vancouver, BC (Review w/photos)

I always have a soft spot for White Spot's mushroom burger with extra triple-o sauce. Yum! Of course, it's only right if you have it with a big bowl of their famous clam chowder and triple thick strawberry shake.

White Spot's still a great spot for munchies anytime.

Sunset Da Mona Lisa - Cabo

I've also eaten there when it was da Giorgio's. The view and ambience made up for any deficiencies in the cooking, which I thought was so-so.

Please report back the latest at da Mona Lisa.

Oct 20, 2006
yummytummy in Mexico

Normandy good eats

Thank you all for your valuable feedbacks. Will report back on my return from this (hopefully) gastromonic trip!

Sep 12, 2006
yummytummy in France

Normandy good eats

Will be in Caen, Mont St Michel, Juno Beach, Dieppe and Bayeaux for 4 nights end of this month. We have rented a car so transportation should not be a problem.

Aside from seeing D-Day and other famous tourist sites, we would love to eat well in Normandy. All recs appreciated.

Sep 06, 2006
yummytummy in France