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Sycamore: Stellar Food but People Problems (What Would Garrett Harker Do?)

Garrett Harker has six times as many tables to accommodate you and still runs a two-hour wait on weekends. Meanwhile that 'pony-tailed GM' has an impeccable hospitality resume which *includes* Island Creek Oyster Bar. Yet your response to his kindness in accommodating you is to complain about him.

Entitlement isn't news. What I find incredible about this story is you haven't bothered to get a mobile phone in the last fifteen years, but you still take the time and effort to complain on the internet.

If you ever return to Sycamore and they are gracious enough to let you in the front door, make an uncomfortable service confrontation of your own: apologize for your behavior, this post included.

Guchi's Midnight Ramen

hey i very rarely post on here so apologies if i'm replying in the wrong place or otherwise out of line, but i think it's worth saying to the folks complaining over the price of dining-out ramen that your expectations are a little out of whack.

i've been on this sort of personal food adventure for the last year or so trying all these different ramen places first all over the city and then in various cities around the country, and it's been my experience that $10 for a bowl is definitely the low end. the high end isn't terribly much higher: maybe $15-17 with some recommended extra toppings, etc.

i'd have to go back and check the exact count but that pretty-sure estimate is based on something like 25 different ramen joints in New York, LA, and Boston in the last six months alone.

I get where "$25 for ramen" sounds expensive, but really it's ramen, a side (buns usually) and a small dessert all produced on a really small scale. put all that together at most ramen places and you're at least nearing $20 if not more, and given that GMR's main problem right now seems to be demand it feels sort of unfair to complain about pricing. Then again, I don't post all that often so I guess if that's the tone of the board then it's my fault for chiming in where I maybe shouldn't.

I like ramen (a lot) and I'm really glad there's starting to be a lot more places in town to try different preps from different chefs. at very least, my travel budget is grateful.


tj connelly / @senatorjohn / "that #ramenquest guy"

Hell night recs?

oh yeah: the milk price is real, according to a guy i work with who actually ordered it (wow).

and you don't have to finish hell pasta. but you might as well try it; it is the signature dish, after all.

Hell night recs?

my third night also. the quahogs are super excellent. also pork three ways is my favorite hell dish in the last couple years.

if you haven't eaten hell pasta yet, it's like you went to disneyworld and never went on space mountain.

man up. or lady up. who can tell on the internet.

Hell Night report

The sides didn't inspire heat terror in me. I thought they were sort of easygoing.

Tho now looking at your pictures I just realized my pork chop was missing the sauce. Which sucks.

Hell Night report

I went in last night and had the thai sticks and the Monster pork chop.

The thai sticks were flavorful but not strong, except for a peppery-oil dipping sauce which was a nice hot start. They also came with a sort of peanutty-fruity(?) dipping sauce that was mild but tasty.

The "Monster" pork chop was superb; not only a delicious (and Flintstone-massive) chop, but packed with peppers and coated in something like a rub so certain areas of the meat were super-hot and others were just sweet relief.

In other news the Mai Tai with pineapple/vanilla bean rum is in no way spicy and has a nice smooth soothing flavor that went well with everything.

I'll be there tonight and tomorrow.

Fun, Cheapish Drinks In Cambridge?

the kendall is not gone. it's just resting. it will be back, once the construction is done. but yah, not eligible for saturday night fun. i second flattop's for big groups and fun.