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Why didn't my sweet potato fries get crispy??!!

I soaked em in warm water for 10 mins, blanched em for 5 mins, paper towel dried them and then rolled them in egg whites before deep frying the crap out of them. To no avail, the gooey mess tasted ok, but I'll never go there again.

Aug 01, 2007
shanghaieats in Home Cooking

Boston to ????, Maine

Thank you all again for your suggestions.

We are now closing in on our trip (less than a month to go!!!) - so please keep them tips coming.

What's on your Pittsburgh-themed Super Bowl menu?

Oh Marion, you are quite confused. We make a mean Roethils-burger here in the OP - about 13 miles NW of the Burgh. Needless to say, it ain't the *crap* Peppi's dishes out. A 1/2 lb. of pure love.

I'll take a few pics of the one's we are making tomorrow in honor of the opening of the 2007 Steelers Training Camp on Monday.


Jul 21, 2007
shanghaieats in Home Cooking

Boston to ????, Maine

HarpOOn - one question - what does "traditional Maine fish chowder" consist of? Is it a white, red or clear base? (oops - that's actually 2 questions).....

Boston to ????, Maine

Thank you all for your suggestions.....We are lickin our chops in anticipation of a 3 day gluttony tour up the coast....Our strategic roadmap is being constructed as we speak to maximize food intake along our journey.

Boston to ????, Maine

My wife and I are flying into Logan Airport about 9am on Saturday morning in late August for a 3 day weekend. We'd like to spend 1 1/2 days driving up and down the Maine coast (Sat & Sun) and then head into Boston for Sunday night and sightseeing all day Monday.

A few questions....

1. Where on the Maine coast should we spend Saturday night? We were thinking of driving to Bar Harbor, but it seems like too long of a haul for one day. under $150/night.

2. Along the way from Boston to wherever we end up, Maine, where are the best lobster, oysters, and clams to be found? We are looking for locals-only type places, nothing fancy, just great food. If it happens to have a view of the water, great, but its definitely not a prerequisite. I did some searching and found this list from Travel + Leisure:

Waterman's Beach Lobster, South Thomaston
Shaw's Fish & Lobster Wharf, New Harbor
Red's Eats, Wiscasset
Five Islands Lobster Co., Georgetown
Lisa's Lobster House & Grill, Georgetown
Morse Lobster, Harpswell Neck
Harraseeket Lunch & Lobster, South Freeport
Clam Shack, Kennebunkport
Barnacle Billy's, Ogunquit
Chauncey Creek Lobster Pier, Kittery Point

If there are must stops, please let me know. From other posts, I did see Red's Eats fits the bill. Any others?

3. Where should we stay in Boston if we want to do alot of walking to see the sights, without having to drive or better yet - not even having to drive from our hotel? Quirkly, small hotels work for us, but we'd also consider a large, chain if it provides better value and a more comfortable room. $150-200/night.

4. Based on #3, where should we eat that we can also walk to from the hotel. Again, we are looking for locals-only type joints. No tourist meccas, and nothing over the top in terms of price or ambience. We are solely interested in good food without breaking the bank (i.e. less than $100 for 2 for dinner including a couple of drinks).

Thank you all in advance for your suggestions.


Special Dinner in Shanghai

A few "special" places would be Jade on 36 - - prix fixe menus start at 400RMB and go up to 900RMB per person (not including drinks). If you aren't into trying something "new", then I would recommend going elsewhere.

Jean Georges is good, as is Laris:

If you want to do a little clubbing after dinner, then Finestre would be a great choice -

And, finally, although I am not a big fan of hotel restaurants, Le Meridien has a wonderful French restaurant - Allure - which is not necessarily "special" in terms of decor or atmosphere, but the food is outstanding -

Jade on 36, Laris, New Heights or? Which is best in Shanghai?


As others have mentioned, I wouldn't recommend any of those places for children. If I had to choose one, it would probably be New Heights - not because it is the "best" but because it has food that would be considered "children friendly". Unless the kids have extremely mature palates, Laris, JG & Jade on 36 wouldn't be practical.

Now, if price is no object, then you might want to consider the Cupola - - you can mix & match food from any of the restaurants in 3 on the bund, and they have 2 private rooms - one for 2 people and another that they say can hold up to 8 (13 might be a bit too many, but maybe you could rent out both rooms and put the kids in one and the adults in another)....

Another suggestion would be 881 South Beauty - - they have 19 VIP rooms, so you could easily book one room that could hold everyone. And with a mix of Sichuan, Cantonese, and Western foods, there should be something for everyone on the menu.

Alternatively, and definitely a step or 2 down in atmosphere (and a step down in food and price as well) would be Mesa on Julu Lu.

While it's not on the Bund, and does not have a riverfront view, it is definitely kid friendly - probably one of the most kid-friendly restaurants in the city (there is even a small play area for the children). The food is considered more "comfort" food than gourmet, but the quality is excellent. And the atmosphere is also lively, since the place is usually pretty full.

Where are the best restaurants in Shanghai & Beijing?

In Shanghai, my favorite restaurants for regional cuisine include:

Shu Tian Ge - great Sichuan -

Gu Yi - Hunan -

Shanghainese - Chun is good, I prefer Mao Long next door - but both are about the same in taste, price, size, etc. -

For Northern food - try Dong Bei Ren -

Someone mentioned Yang's Fry Dumpling - also fantastic. But the walking street - Wujiang Lu is scheduled for demolition. If you arrive to a pile of rubble, ask someone where the new location is (assuming they re-open somewhere else).

Also, someone else mentioned Southern Barbarian. It is a bit out of the way, but worth it. Word has it they are moving soon - so call ahead to make sure the address is correct -

For all you can eat Japanese food (as well as beer and sake) - try Hatsuhana - for 168RMB you can't go wrong -

Shanghai has a lot to offer these days, so you are in for a treat!

Sichuan food in Shanghai

Try Shu Tian Ge on Fuxing Zong Lu. It's nothing fancy, but it is pretty tasty.

Thanksgiving Dinner in Shanghai???


Most of the 5 star hotels have dinner, so just call & ask - prices will be 200-400RMB/person.

On the other hand, if you are interested in really having a sit-down Thanksgiving dinner, San Francisco Steak House is offering complete take home dinners for 688RMB. The deadline to order a bird was last Wednesday, but you might want to call them and see if they can squeeze in an extra order.

American chowhounds in Beijing and Shanghai in October

There are a ton of places to go in any price range and almost any cuisine.

If you are looking for something specific, email me at or visit the site I created to help travellers such as yourself easily find places to go.

I think langland covered the basics, but I'd throw a few more in that are my favorites: South Beauty 881 (it is more beautiful than the food is good, but it is still an excellent dining experience).

I also like "Mao Long" for Shanghainese - it is next door to Chun and they are similar in food, price, and experience (i.e. there are only 4 tables in each restaurant).

Completely skip any "mexican" places in town - none compare to Southern California or even better, Mexico. And the Italian places are OK, but none that knock my socks off.

For dim sum, I also think that Zen at the corner of Nanjing Xi Lu and Tongren Lu is pretty tasty:

although Shen Yue Xuan is an even better place

and the setting inside of a park can make a nice stroll before or after your meal.

If you like sushi, Shanghai has a price war going on right now, and there is no better place than Tian Jia if you love Toro and Crab (sorry, I haven't gotten around to writing the review yet). But, if you go, opt for the price fixe menu at 250RMB - which is 5 courses of toro and crab dishes. Call ahead for reservations. It is directly above Archie's Bar.

Also, if you want to order anything from the menu (sushi, sashimi, tempura, teppanyaki, etc.), including all the beer and sake you can drink for 168RMB (US$20) - then I'd recommend Hatsuhana - it's a bit out of the way, and the food is good, but not excellent.

I promise you this: if you do go to Hatsuhana, you will have a hard time eating sushi back home where a similar meal will run you $75-100 per person.