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The recipe is quite like the one I make at home, but if you're Mexican (which I am) the limes and the radish are out, at least in the part of Mexico where I live. You don't need the limes to garnish, radish goes with pozole, not with chilaquiles and you also don't need lime to make the sauce, especially if it's made with chile ancho & serrano.

Feb 19, 2012
pf2910 in Recipes

Should GREAT service be expected 15 minutes before a restaurant closes?

Where I live there's the closing time and the last orders in time. If you're already in the restaurant, eating, the waiter will come to your table and ask if there's anything else you want, as kitchen/restaurant is closing soon. If you arrive late and they let you in, it means kitchen/bar are still open and you can order. But having said this, I don't like going to a restaurant just before they take last orders, say 15-20 minutes before, as invariably food and service aren't that good, usually rushed and cranky.

Oct 05, 2011
pf2910 in Not About Food