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First Time Visit to Houston!

My brother lives in Houston and he took me to a place about 10+ years ago and we go there everytime I am in Houston, La Mexicana on Fairview @ Montrose. They have the best Jumbo Burrito filled with Beef or Chicken Fajita meat. It is enough burrito for two people but everything in it is fresh....sour cream, beans, cheese, fajita meat all in a fresh flour tortilla. They also happen to have a great powerful margarita!!

I would also recommend Thelmas...all I can say is awesome!

Forget Goode Company (IMHO) and wait until you have time to go to Austin area on a second trip....that is where the best BBQ in Texas is!

Ice Cream is a no brainer at Amy's Ice Cream off Shepard. Excellent flavors some alcoholic!!

If you pack light you can stop off at Phoenicia Specialty Foods (middle eastern market) and get all the spices you need for cheap also the Phoenicia Deli across the street has some awesome Shawarmas. Or stop in Cafe Caspian...perhaps the best Persian in Houston

I guess I could throw out the recomendation for House of Pies if you are in the mood for anytime pie (late night

I would go to Lankfords Grocery also....great burger

Feb 27, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Houston late night dining

Just a bit away on Westheimer about 3-5 miles west just past Hillcroft is House of Pies if you are in the mood for late night pie!


Feb 26, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

"Ethnic" Breakfasts (DFW)

There you go....learn something new everyday!

Feb 26, 2008
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"Ethnic" Breakfasts (DFW)


I believe what you are is something similar to kolaches, paczkis, empanadas

http://www.chowhound.com/topics/388243 - Kolache - in West and Calvert
http://www.chowhound.com/topics/484990 - Paczki - Plano
Empanadas can be found at either Don Panza - Oak Cliff - Kessler Park for the meaty ones or Argentina Bakery in Irving NEC of Beltline @ 183 (Behind On The Border and Target) (They have great sweet pastries for breakfast).

Vietnamese don't really have a breakfast dish from what I remember some of my high school friends and other restaurantuers telling me. They just eat what they eat for every meal - pho or bun...could be wrong though.
Italians eat pastries, whole milk youghurt, fresh fruit, cold cuts and hard rolls. At least from my recent trip to Rome that is what everyone ate.
Londoners for a typical breakfast might eat bangers, beans, tomatoes, egg over easy, bubble and squeak, toast, bacon (our ham non-smoked)....or other items such as black or white pudding

Feb 26, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

[DFW] Impressing out of towners (long review)

Awesome review Luniz,

I had some of the same items at York Street. I had the tea at the end also. My opinions were mixed. I liked the side dishes more than the mains. I got a fish dish that really wasn't that great but that golden beet side dish and the pre dinner salad were awesome.

I will have to try Big Easy when I am on my Cassis run! Doughmonkey is a fave also of mine had the eclair and a mango tort one time both awesome. I would have stopped at Kuby's to send you parents packing with some brats in tow! Not sure about the selection in Detroit though?

I still have yet to try Yao Fuzi.....sounds tempting though!

Feb 26, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Banh mi in Carrollton/N.Dallas area and a little help ordering it?


Your in luck! Carrollton along Beltline is just about the only palce to find Vietnamese in North Dallas (exception of a few place around Addison (Marsh & Trinity Mills) and Preston Rd). I usually frequent Ba-Le and also the Pho shops around that area when not eating at First Chinese BBQ - about 2 doors down from Ba-Le (i.e Pho Pastuer, Pho 2006, Pho Express, and Saigon Pho).

Here is a good website that give a run down on Bahn Mi's in general there a lot more info about Vietnamese cuisine and specific dishes on the site than you will probably need. The owner of the blog actually lived in Saigon. All I have to say is if you love Bahn Mi....wait until you try Bun Cha Ha Noi....found at La-Me in Dallas....will provide the link below

Bahn Mi is actually the name for the crusty french bread that usually comes as a side option with Pho (the Vietnamese beef noodle soup and national dish). The slight differences you see after Bahn Mi are the fillings (i.e Bahn Mi Thit Nuong - Crusty French Bread filled with BBQ Shredded Pork


The typical fillings that you will find at most places here in Dallas are as follows (All names below are preceeded by Bahn Mi, i.e Bahn Mi Pate' Cha):

Pate' - exactly what is translates (a pate usually made out of pork liver and spices)
Pate' Cha - Pork Roll sliced with pate'
Pate' Thit - cold cut rolled ham with pate'
Thit - cold cut rolled ham (regular american cold cut ham)
Ga Nuong - Grilled Chicken
Ga - stir fried shredded chicken (usually the least tasty)
Xiu Mai - Pork Meatballs in a tomato sauce usually with a bit of pate.....kinda like a italian meatball sub (vietnamese style)
Bi' - Shredded Pork Skin and roasted rice powder - similar to Mexican carnitas
Mi Trung - Scambled Egg
Dac Biet - Special Combo (all the meats the specific shop has)


Feb 25, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

La Hechizera - taqueria in N. Dallas


Thanks for the report back on La Hechizera. It sounds awesome and you always go to the one on Maple close to Inwood? Sounds like a plan for this next week's lunch from the Preston Center! I have hurraches at several places and some do them right and some are just awful. The quesadillas sound tempting as does the panbazo!

Tex Mex Slop I Have Known and Loved

I haven't tried the one in Carrollton but there is also a Tipicos in Carollton on Beltline just east of Josey about 2-3 blocks. Same menu I would say. A tip for Escondidos...don't go on a cold windy day....wind blows right through the "holes in the wall". Escondidos actually has a website via Myspace.

Absolute best burger in Texas?

RJ's Old Fashioned Homemade Hamburges....was in Denton...Roger Johnson passed away last November and the restaurant has not opened back up. His wife knows the recipe for the burger but I don't think she wants to get back into the biz after her husband passed.


Feb 22, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Where to buy Louisiana sausage in DFW?

Hirsch's has andouille (house made-smoked and non-smoked)

Might try Mr Billy's Cajun Market on Arapaho close to the Tollway - they have coupons in the Dallas Passbook and also some Clipper magazine

Found a new place goggling cajun - dallas.....Interesting....might see if they have a source here

Might asked the talented Tom Spicer at FM 1410...is New Orleans raised and has great Kalimbass website. He is a very interesting guy to talk to and he might know some great places.
Tom Spicer sauce@sbcglobal.net
Spiceman spiceman@sbcglobal.net

Chef Ivan Pugh at Alligator Cafe might know of a source

Rudolphs in Deep Ellum might make some...haven't been in a while so I can't say for sure
http://www.rudolphsmarket.com/ tun on your pop up blocker

I am pretty sure Kuby's in Snider Plaza has boudin or andouille...call them to see

Feb 22, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Tex Mex Slop I Have Known and Loved

Escondidos in Dallas on Butler has a fine example of enchiladas (real close to Parkland)

also Tipicos on NW Hwy (Bachman Lake area -directly under the flight path of Love Field) has some great cheese enchiladas with awesome refrieds that actually have flavor!!

driving from Denton , DFW? & Babe's?

Awesome post Billy! I will have to try those places out when I am in Denton next time. I will tell another fellow CH about Keiichi and see how she likes it. She is a Osaka native but has moved from southern Cal and then here. I will try it out since our sushi chef at Oishi in Lewisville left us :(

Feb 22, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

West Plano - Need suggestions

Chinese - Central
The best Chinese places are going to be in Central Plano along Coit Rd: Joy Luck BBQ (Cantonese), Mr Shabu Shabu (Taiwanese?), Sichuanese (Sichuan), First Chinese BBQ (Cantonese). Yao Fuzi - Park & Preston (Shanghainese)
http://www.chowhound.com/topics/491525 - Mr Shabu Shabu

Chinese - East Side
or close to Legacy & 75: New San Dor (Cantonese), Little Sichuan (Sichuan) and Umeko (Tawainese/Japanese
http://www.chowhound.com/topics/452778 - Little Sichuan

I only know of a handful of Vietnamese places: Pho Mac - Independence & Parker, Pho Que Huong - 15th & Independence (wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy), Pho Newbay (Preston-btwn McCallum & Frankford), Zander's House - 75 & Park....there is not really any places for Vietnamese in Plano.....try Garland (large population), Carrollton, Irving or Arlington (large population

I have heard great things about Jasmine Thai - Spring Creek & Custer, Mango - Park & Preston, Samui - Legacy & Tollway

http://www.restaurantrow.com/ShowPics... - Jasmine Thai menu
http://mangoplano.com/mangomain.html - Same owners as Chow Thai/Chow Thai Pacific Rim

Feb 21, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Going for the cheese, seeking recommendations in HOU

I actually forgot Lucky Layla in Garland and Cheesy Girl in Sealy Haute Goat Creamery in Lubbock, and Cou Rouge Cheese Co. also in Lubbock....my bad.

I have tried Lucky Layla/Moo Cheeses ( I like the butter and Oaxacan), Latte Da (great herbed goat), CKC (baby blue...awesome blue for Texas!), Mozza Co (smoked scamorza and hoja santa....mmmmm), Veldhuizen (pretty tasty Cheddar...got a way until the surpass Montgomery Farms from Neal's Yard in England), and La Cuesta (has just a simple plain chevre that I like). I have not tried them all but a good majority of the ones that you can find at Central Market or locally in Dallas. I did not mention Chateau de Fromage in Dallas b/c I found that her website does not work and she had cut her hours on her retail shop about 3-4 months ago. I am not sure if she is still in business anymore?

Feb 21, 2008
soulslinger in Houston

[DFW] - Mr. Shabu Shabu - Plano

My wife, father and I will be at Maxim's tonight so I will meet Godwin! The other times I have gotten tied up. This time is a definite!

[DFW] - Mr. Shabu Shabu - Plano


Thanks for your post...always a hoot to read! I guess the raw egg is a bit better than the small intestine soup we had at Mirak! We will have to meet Godwin up there so he can show us how it is done! I saw that he posted about this place once in a thread....he had some items that weren't on the menu though :(

New to Dallas - need some recommendations around Lakewood

Somtimes I just overlook Jersey Mike's b/c I eat there so often and I consider it a chain but with only two locations in Dallas...not really a chain....awesome subs!

Also in the Casa Linda Plaza there is Highland Park Cafeteria....one of the best cafeteria's in Dallas. I am sure they are kid friendly there also. Recently re-opened to the delight of the "blue hairs" (not to be mean) of the area!

There was a post that had The Wine Therapist as a good source for wine. Next to Tipperary Inn on Skillman.

I haven't heard to much blurbage on Franki's Lil Europe in the same Casa Linda Plaza. It has been there for years so it must have something good going for it! I have never been but might see what the boards produce!
Coupon for Franki's - 20% off 2 adult entrees



Feb 20, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

[DFW] - Mr. Shabu Shabu - Plano

Has anyone else tried this place out? I am very unfamiliar with this style of cooking and would like some tips on what to order next time.

My wife and I went this past Saturday and had a wonderful tofu dish - house tofu. The dish came with Chinese black and enoki mushrooms, lightly fried tofu (sauteed?), ginger, garlic, snow peas, and carrot. We also had a pre-made bowl of beef shabu shabu with noodles. The shabu shabu was rather bland and only after we ordered did our waitress tell us that most people order the spicy. The place was very very clean, the service was fast and attentive, and from the looks of it the fried tofu was a popular item on Saturday (similar to the version at First Chinese BBQ). The shabu shabu to me looks like you build your own soup: start with your meat of choice seafood or beef, get a try of veggies (corn, napa cabbage, noodles, etc) and cook it as logn as you would like in a supplied broth. I could be wrong that is what this post is all about!

If anyone else has some input about their dining experience and what to order i would love to hear about it.

dining with children in DFW

Mr Shabu Shabu is quiet nice and very clean on the inside. Very well run and the servers are attentive. Only drawback is if you don't have any familiarity with Shabu Shabu style of (Chinese??) cooking than I would read up on it. The next time I go I would order the spicy noodle soup with beef the regular beef shabu shabu with noodles was rather bland (waitress suggested the spicy for the next time). I would also order the house tofu dish (if you like tofu) I had on my first visit which comes with excellent Chinese black and enoki mushrooms as well as snow peas, carrots and ginger. Great tofu dish and very cozy place. There were very well mannered kids there when we ate there this past Saturday. There will be very little patrons especially on a week night most of them of an asian decent. Most of the business is done on the weekends. I would recommend Shabu Shabu if you are in the Plano area.

Feb 20, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

New to Dallas - need some recommendations around Lakewood

In that case since you are willing....try out the Tacos Y Mas at the intersection of Greenville/Ross. They have tacos and tortas (sandwiches) to go and a very good. There is also a stand just off Grand Ave & 30 whichever is closer.

Cuquitas on Henderson has an awesome version of the simple corn tortilla and are know for this. They also have a wide array of dishes if you can get past the corn tortillas.

If you want a simple snack for the kiddos...might try out the Dallas Farmers Market on the weekends for free fruit samples also try out the Fiesta on Ross for a elotes en vaso (Roasted Corn in a Cup) about $1.25 - $1.75. I like it as a snack and you can customize it.

Alligator Cafe has great cajun food and even have a kids menu. I have never really tried anything other than the crawfish gumbo and the housemade root beer.

Deep Ellum has two great foodie kinda places Rush Pastisserie and Mozzarella Cheese Co.
http://www.rushpatisserie.com/ kinda like DoughMonkey just not in a ritzy part of town
http://www.mozzco.com/ The place for fresh cheese if you want to stay in the city...otherwise check out http://www.localharvest.org and make a weekend trip outside the city to go get some local organically grown produce and cheese

Might want to check out some other recs I provided on a previous post

For Cheeses....I got carried away yesterday and listed just about all the producers in Texas for fresh cheese....I think there are a few more but here you go!

Also this place behind Jimmy's Food Store is awesome to talk about locally grown organic produce, great array of wild mushrooms imported from the NW, huge selection of fresh herbs, and even truffles (rare in Dallas) . Tom Spicer @ Spiceman's FM 1410

Feb 20, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

New to Dallas - need some recommendations around Lakewood

Great Sandwiches can be found at Jimmy's Food Store @ Bryan and Fitzhugh

I usually get the Italian Stallion, Italian Beef, or the Cuban. All are reasonable and made fresh. Jimmy's has a small eating area at the front of the store, but if you would like that can pack them to go. I would also try out their salami, cheese, italian sausage and meatballs, all are excellent!

A great to go fried chicken place that I really love is Brothers Fried Chicken on Gaston @ Fitzhugh. They have a very similar recipe to the former famed Chicken Shack in Waco, TX. They have huge pieces and it is classic southern fried chicken. Not really a place to sit and eat but great nonetheless.

I suppose if you are getting into Knox/Henderson then Snider Plaza is in the area. Kuby's would be my choice for German brats, cold cuts, and has a great restaurant that is attached. I think it was fun when my parents brought me here when I was small. Sometimes on the weekends they have a live accordian player playing Alpine polkas

Same shopping center Doughmonkey is a great place for baked goods/sweets....it is highly addictive though.

For the weekends...a bit of a drive from Lakewood but Yummy Donuts on Lovers just past Douglas (south side of Lovers, East side of the Tollway). Awesome donuts and apple fritters....inexpensive for the size!

Burger House is a hang out for Lakewood soccer moms. I love their burgers (they have a special seasoning salt on them) and chicken sandwich. Several locations

Mexican food...best bet is along Grand Ave....kinda rough looking but there are some great places. I like Mis Cazuelas on Columbia Ave or Main St (more quiet and a bit larger). I bought tamales last week at La Popular and they have gone up quite a bit $9.00 a dozen they were good but best bet is to get the green chile/chicken ones at Central market...about $7.00 a dozen close to the rotisserie chickens! I also like Mexicali Restaurant close to the Lowe's on NW Hwy & Jupiter....it might be close to the style of Mexican that you had in Cali.
http://mexicali.4mg.com/home.html (Turn on the pop up blocker before you hit this website


I would suggest more "Mexican" places but not sure if you are looking for Tex-Mex or "Mexican"...big debates on these boards.

Feb 20, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Cosmic Cafe burned down???

Taj Chaat House in Irving....Rochelle & MacArthur??


Feb 19, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Going for the cheese, seeking recommendations in HOU

Tex Nosh,

Well I have grown fond of cheese like mold on the rind! Some suggestions are not really in the major cities but rather the producers themselves.

Latte Da Dairy in Flower Mound (more Denton area) has great goat cheeses and sell only to two Central Markets in the DFW metroplex (Southlake & Ft Worth).

Veldhuizen Texas Farmstead Cheese - Dublin, TX (home of the Dr. Pepper) has some great cheddars.

Cheesemakers Dairy Farm - Cleveland, TX has both goat and cow's cheeses

Brown Cow Productions, LLC - Hereford, TX might call to see if they have cheeses in their line yet but the website mentions they will have that option soon

Blue Heron Farm - Field Store, TX has goat cheeses I believe these might be sold by the Diarymaids.

Fair Meadow Farm & Goat Dairy - Hawkins, TX might call up the Pinckards to see if they have goat cheese....they have raw goat milk and yoghurt. John & Carol Pinckard - 903-769-4980

Farm Stand Marfa - Marfa, TX has goat cheese S. Highland Ave and the Railroad Track on Saturday mornings 10am. Sandra Harper 917-215-6933

Greenock Farms - Valley Mills, TX 76689- sell butter, ricotta, mozarella, sour cream, etc - 1141 FM 2490 - Kerri Kretzmeier - 254-836-0698

La Cuesta Farms - Clifton, TX sells goat cheeses, yoghurts, and raw milk

Lawson Farm - Gause, TX 77857 - County Rd 264 - Peter Lawson - 979-279-9359 sells all types of produce, eggs, goats milk and cheese

Leche de Tejas Gaot Dairy - Chandler, TX sell raw goat milk and cheese

Manor Farmers Market - Manor, TX has locally grown produce, eggs, grass fed/organic meats, flowers, herbs, and dairy products

Pope Pastures Farm - Brashear, TX has free range chickens and goat cheese

Pure Luck Texas - Dripping Springs, TX (can pick up some BBQ at Salt Lick!) has gaots cheese among a plethora or herbs and produce....certified organic

Ringer Family Farm - Smithville, TX goat cheese

Rose of Sharon Acres - Maud, TX goat cheese & soap

Summer Gold Farms - Ennis, TX goat cheese
http://www.summergoldfarms.com/ Need to turn on the pop up blocker

Twelve Gates - Kingsbury, TX goat cheese

Earth Mother Farms - Beasley, TX goat cheese

Local Harvest is a good way to find locally produced cheeses and dairy products if you would like to take a weekend trip to some of the farms. Hope this helps out!

Feb 19, 2008
soulslinger in Houston

Best Tex-Mex in Dallas for out-of-towner

Nuevo Leon has great moles and an awesome Poblano Soup. Great suggestion irodguy!!

Feb 19, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

Taco Question - DFW

I have a question for all the Dallas foodies is there a similar recipe floating about in the Dallas market for fried/puffed taco? I believe there are about 3 or 4 places that have a similar fried taco (i.e Tupinambas, Desperados, Escondidos, and I believe El Fenix (puffed taco)). Can anyone say where this verison of this taco originated from....give some historical light to the dish?

Feb 16, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

[DFW] Need Rec - Romantic, less than $100, delicious..

Zoom on Frankford at the Tollway....ask the owner Tess Nguyen for suggestions....know what you would like (i.e. chicken, beef, duck, vegetable or seafood). Tell her hot you want it and she can suggest something. I think it is a quiet place, quite hip, not sure about table cloths, never spent over $75 with drinks (try the thai iced tea) included (got the fried fish one time). I am a chili head so I tend to like everything hotter than most can handle. I haven't had a bad dish there and I would recommend the soups especially given tomorrow's forecast. Hopefully they still won't have the Valentines menu (that was bad...take back my previous comment on bad things)


Feb 15, 2008
soulslinger in Texas

La Hechizera - taqueria in N. Dallas

Well since you are in the Addison and looking for affordable....I have quite a few. I used to work in Addison but have since moved back to Preston Center. A place for great lunches was La Spiga Bakery on Lindberg. It is about two or three buildings off the intersection of Midway @ Lindberg and is on the north side of the street. They have great sandwiches and their potato soup is pretty awesome especially this time of year. If you go around 3 or 4 you get all the loaves of bread that were made that day for half off.


I liked Carmine's Pizzeria on Spring Valley & Montfort.....not to be confused with the Carmine's on Coit & Campbell...this was the first restaurant and I think the guys that work their are actually Italian...last time I went they were watching soccer a majority of time I was there (an Italian team).


I would sometimes go to August Moon for chinese buffet but now that I have had Frist Chinese BBQ and the like it is hard to go back but August Moon was just a notch above most chinese places in the area including May's (Not sure who keeps voting that as the Best of Dallas in the Observer?).


Queen of Sheba was a great little place that has Ethiopian cuisine a bit pricey but it is different for the area.


Not to far away from Valley View Mall is Cafe Greek...I like the lunch buffet (typical Greek) and it is a bit more spread than India Palace (I personally don't care for India Palace other love it....I have had better luck in Irving at Pasand).


The better Greek place in the same shopping center is Charlie's Opa Grill. Eveything I have had at Opa Grill has been excellent.

Shanghai Rstaurant is in the same shopping center has been reviewed on CH under the quest for xiao long bao (soup dumplings) in Dallas.

Not to far away in Carrollton is Seabose for cheap frsh sushi and is to go only. Donnaaries review

Best place for Vietnamese is in Carrollton on Beltline @ Josey the area is littelr with Pho places and Pho Pastuer is probably the most consistent. If you are in that area please stop into First Chinese BBQ for a great tast of authentic Chinese (or real close to it). Donna and I have some great recs on what to order if you do go....warning - it is habit forming to go there especially for roast duck and pork.


This should get you started!!

New to Houston, what's your favorite restaurant in town

Well if you are ever in Dallas the Escondidos on Butler close to Parkland....is my idea of hole in the wall....run down looking building serving great Tex-Mex and it literally has holes in the wall (not to be a smartie)! I think there was a Thai Lanna on Long Point when my brother used to live off Gessener & Hammerly in Spring Branch, could be wrong but I do remember Otilias on Long Point and a great Polish place off Bingle and Westview this was about 7 or so years ago. The pierogies were great and I believe it was next to a Randalls in that area....I just know it was in a stip center and it was Polish. Thanks for those two suggestions though

Feb 15, 2008
soulslinger in Houston

New to Houston, what's your favorite restaurant in town


This was a while ago but what are the local subdivision boards? My brother moved just about two blocks from the Galleria...that under Bellaire? And what are some of your hole in the walls? I like those better than the highly touted places.

Feb 15, 2008
soulslinger in Houston

[DFW] Need Rec - Romantic, less than $100, delicious..


There is Amici's in Downtown Carrollton (Beltline @ 35) that is supposed to be awesome not sure if you can get out of there for under $100. Also I have heard Aboca's in Richardson has hearty portions and I am sure if you ask nicely that the owner could throw down a white table cloth and put up a candle. I know for sure you can get out of there for under $50 but I have been told groups might like it on Saturday night late (might go early). Arcodoro Y Pomodoro is real good and is quiet and romantic at least where I sat it was. I have included the links to all the recs. I also heard that Pietros on Lower Greenville (Richmond St) was good...classic Italian





Feb 15, 2008
soulslinger in Texas