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REVIEW w/ pics: Street Food - Oaxacan Quesadillas and Churros

Mmmm...great pictures and write up! I haven't had blue corn quesadillas since when I was in Mexico City. I'm so excited to try it!!

I love Salina's churro truck too! And Luis and co. are very nice. I made a special order and was able to pick up 160 churros from their headquarters one morning for a work event. Everyone loved them and said they tasted so different from any other churros they've had before (and they were already an hour old, imagine if they were straight out of the fryer--which are the best!). So glad I was able to serve Salina's churros instead of Costco's!

Apr 26, 2009
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Best Veggie Burger you've had?

Houston's is the best!
Local has a nice enough quinoa burger, though it kind of falls apart.
Haven't had Astro Burger in years, but remember being satisfied with theirs even though it's just a Gardenburger patty.
I've heard Flore Cafe (formerly the Vegan Spot) has good ones (four different kinds!), I've yet to try them though. I'm sure they are good though since I've had many of the other menu offerings there and at Flore, the full service restaurant with a slightly different menu up the street.

Apr 11, 2009
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Reservoir in Silverlake?

Indeed, your review only increased my excitement to go to Reservoir...especially since I am a vegetarian and was happy to hear about the vegetarian options and set ups!

I'm only sorry to be disappointed, unlike you, with my meal, hence my lack of enthusiasm to describe it in more detail.

I will say now though that as a vegetarian and being Asian, I've eaten plenty of tofu and MANY soy based foods throughout my life and so I have pretty high standards for tofu when it's served. Most Asian dishes that I know do not serve a block of tofu like that. I think it helps when tofu is in smaller pieces so that the flavors are absorbed throughout. I wonder if some cooks, especially those who don't cook for vegetarians, like to serve it that way so that it more resembles a piece of meat when it's served?? It can be good sometimes and I will enjoy it that way, but often the result is mostly uninspired in my I found it to be that evening.
But perhaps your set ups only suggestion is the way to go...all four options sounded good, and I had a hard time deciding which to choose. I wonder how they would charge you for that since there are no individual prices associated with the set-ups.

To be more specific regarding portion sizes, my salad (arugula) was about half the size of any salad I've ordered at Blair's. And I often just order the "side" of mac and cheese as my entree at Blair's and it's a nice portion I find. I suppose the pizza at Reservoir would be a nice "deal" as a starter/side that could be your entree, but I wouldn't necessarily think that Reservoir would pop into my head if I knew I wanted pizza for dinner.

Mar 19, 2009
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Reservoir in Silverlake?

as a big fan of blair's and a.o.c., i was excited to try reservoir; unfortunately, i was quite disappointed. it was only ok, and for the prices, it's not really worth going back. however, the staff was friendly.

we love mushrooms so were excited for the mushroom appetizers --wild mushroom pizza and warm wild mushroom salad--both lacked in the quantity of mushrooms. if you lead off the title/description with "mushroom," then i expect that to be the focus...not a lot of cheese (for the pizza) or a huge bed of greens with a few bits of mushroom for the "warm wild organic mushroom salad, haricots vert and shaved pecorino" (see, there's not even mention of greens).

the rectangle of tofu i had was mostly bland and left me with an annoying mouthful of seeds mixed with lukewarm firm tofu. the potato gratin, fava bean, beluga lentil "set-up" underneath was not that interesting either AND was also lukewarm!

the panna cotta for dessert was also disappointing. blood oranges and pistachio just sort of clashed in flavor and texture. and the panna cotta was not silkly, soft, and smooth, just super firm...i felt like it was my tofu dish part 2.

the best part of the meal was the free warm bread roll!

we're not returning...portions are small, prices are high, and taste was mediocre. so sad, we were looking forward to a new restaurant in the hood.

Mar 15, 2009
cakers in Los Angeles Area

what would you like to see open in silver lake/echo park?

Yes, just went there on Friday night! i think it's newly open to the public! they have fresh made tortillas for their tacos that they roll out in front of you! The bf ordered chicken and carne asada tacos and I had the veggie burrito. The burrito was nice and large, but not super flavorful.
We both agree that Taco Zone is still the best for tacos, but would probably try this place again and order other menu items. It certainly was better than the overrated Kogi Korean taco truck that we sampled earlier, which we were excited about, but thought was only ok...certainly not worth hunting down the truck for (it seemed that the overpowering sauce made everything taste the same), and the portions are kind of small-ish.

Dec 14, 2008
cakers in Los Angeles Area

old-fashioned candy?

Not sure if they have what you're looking for, but they have some at classic candy at Le Pink and Zanzabelle, both in Silverlake.

Nov 06, 2008
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Olives in LA

I just discovered that they have pretty good lucques olives (my favorite!) at Say Cheese in Silverlake. I was buying them at the Silverlake Cheese Store, they're good there too, but hadn't seen them in a few months. I actually don't shop at Say Cheese but I think they had the best lucques I've tasted in the States, so I now have a reason to go there. I personally think they taste better than the ones at Mr. Marcel's and Whole Foods which can sometimes be too salty, and not as firm and meaty as I like them to be.

Sep 06, 2008
cakers in Los Angeles Area

New Vegan in Echo Park - Tantawan

This is probably the best of the vegan restaurants in the area. The food is fresh and well prepared, not too oily. The Tantawan rolls are delicious, probably the best I've ever had that aren't homemade. We also shared the dumplings, twister noodles, and Tantawan glass noodle soup too...everything was very flavorful...I highly recommend it!

Jul 13, 2008
cakers in Los Angeles Area

any reports on Little Dom's yet?

four of us went there last night without a reservation and were seated immediately. the restaurant was full, and i liked the decor. the service was friendly, although the servers kept giving us the wrong plates, but that wasn't a huge bother to us especially being new. the chickpea fries with fontina fonduta were interesting but just ok. the mushroom pappadrelle was alright, not amazing and not really memorable. my friends were similarly fine with the food, but i wouldn't go out of my way to go there again. it is nice to have a new place to go to in the neighborhood. i'll probably try to go there again once they have their breakfast and lunch service open, and to try the $5 pizza night.

Jan 21, 2008
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Elf Cafe--Destination or just good for neighborhood

I want to love Elf Cafe so much, being a vegetarian and living conveniently within walking distance; however, after trying it three times (a couple times when it first opened and then again recently), I must say that it is just ok, and I probably won't be returning (my first time there was probably the best). The menu seems interesting and creative enough (mostly meditteranean), but what you get just doesn't taste that amazing...a little bland or just off somehow. I also feel that the food doesn't justify the prices they charge either...a little steep for what you get. However, I will say that the staff are very friendly and the space is cute...which makes me even sadder that the food isn't better.

Jun 30, 2007
cakers in Los Angeles Area


Cha Cha Cha's in Silverlake is definitely the best!!!

Jun 30, 2007
cakers in Los Angeles Area

Best Mac and Cheese - LA

The Kitchen! Blair's is good too.

Apr 10, 2007
cakers in Los Angeles Area