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food delivery for sick friend?

does anyone have any suggestions for places that would deliver dinner to a sick friend in leominster? aside from flowers and cookies, i can't seem to find too much.

thank you!

delivery for sick friend in leominster

i live in boston, and don't know too many restaurants outside of the city. i would like to have a couple meals delivered to a friend in leominster-- does anyone have any suggestions for restaurants or anything out that way that would brighten his day?

thank you immensely!

catered lunch in boston???

i am often having to order lunch for my office for large meetings (25-30 people) and i generally bring my lunch, so i have no idea where to get food from. our standbys are au bon pain and sam lagrassa's, but i would love to get something more interesting.

please help me so i don't have to endure au bon pain any longer!

Great Place for a Group Near Lincoln

I am planning an outing for my office, and I need a good place to take 25 people for lunch near Lincoln. We don't want anything too too fancy (as we will be working on a farm in the morning) but we need a place that has really good food and enough space for us to have a good time. The restaurant must have vegetarian options.

Thanks a million!

Dinner and Brunch Recs for a Vegetarian Visitor

i cannot recommmend the brunch at east coast grill more highly. while it is not a complete vegetarian menu, there are plenty of veggie-friendly options, and there are always several specials in addition to the regular menu. i have also had a great meal there putting together a few side dishes. dinner at the east coast grill is generally good, but a little more hit or miss than the brunch.
i have also eaten brunch at ole, and while the quality of the food was ok, we were really diasppointed that all four people in our party ordered different dishes so we could all share, but when they brought the food out, they were all pretty much the same eggs and veggies on all of our plates. i would not recommend the brunch at ole.

Speaking of Ice Cream...

i have to disagree. i love christina's ever bold and changing flavors and i applaud their creativity. i highly recommend the pumpkin, peanut butter chip, and ginger molasses.

summer in the city!

now that the nice weather is finally here, i am looking for some great places to eat (and drink) outdoors. i don't want anything too pretentious or snooty. just really good drinks, good food, and some fresh air.
anywhere that has good sangria would be a bonus. i have had some ok sangria in boston, but it is often too sweet and artificial tasting.
thank you!

worst sushi

i agree- umi is far and away the best sushi i have had in boston so far. the waitstaff is extremely friendly and helpful too. it is a nice low-key restaurant with unexpectedly amazing food.


woodman's of essex has the best fried clams and an idyllic setting...

best sushi?

i'm looking for THE BEST place to get sushi for dinner, keeping in mind both the quality of the food, creativity of the menu, and value. the other posts seem to be all over the place, and some are outdated and don't include the newer places in the city.
so far, my top choice is umi on peterborough street, but i am looking for an adventure...

Dragon Fruit

the question is, why would you want dragon fruit? it looks pretty cool, but tastes like a bland kiwi. however, trader joes does carry dried dragon fruit.

Good Place for Sandwiches Near a Picnic Area?

i second parrish- the sandwich menu is so creative (for sandwiches) and constantly changing. you cannot beat it's proximity to the public gardens either! there are no other genuine parks in the city (unless there is a big secret that no one is telling me!)

Dinner in Brighton! Help!

I am meeting a friend for dinner tonight in Brighton and I would love some suggestions. I am relatively new to Boston, and I have yet to do some serious exploring down the Green Line.

We are both adventurous eaters, as long as the food is good! I have heard of Bamboo and Tasca- are either of them any good? Anywhere else that you can recommend would really be appreciated.

3 you CAN'T live without?

Cuchi Cuchi (for cocktails)
Umi (hands down the best sushi in town)
New Saigon Sandwich Shop for spring rolls (mmmmmm)

Date With a Picky Eater- Help!!!

I'm looking for a place to get dinner tomorrow night with a good friend who is on the "golden diet" (chicken, pasta, french fries-- you know the type). She doesn't like spicy food, whereas I am an adventurous eater.
Is there anywhere mildly decent in Porter or Davis Squares that could satisfy both of us (or more her, really)?

looking for low-carb bread

Trader Joes has great low-carb, whole wheat tortillas. They are little, but really good!

Thai Food on Par with Dok Bua, Khao Sarn, Brown Sugar?

I have to add ChoChos at the Porter Exchange in Somerville. The food is phenomenal, although it is definitely not a "fine dining" experience.