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Taco Caterer in Los Angeles

thanks for all the recommends i picked one called their min was 50 people but they charged less than a lot of others did for 40 people.

curious about lety's nowadays let em knwo how that turns out

Jul 10, 2012
Bellairs in Los Angeles Area

Taco Caterer in Los Angeles

I am looking for a caterer to come to my home on saturday night and do tacos for 40 people. My usual guy Fernando is busy. does any one have a recommendation? the threads already up seem a little old. thanks

Jul 09, 2012
Bellairs in Los Angeles Area

New Butcher Shop in La Jolla

I was just walking by and i saw the sign. Inside it is clean and the meat looks amazing. My wife and i were lucky to be there when the owner was in the store and he told us all about his cattle and treated us to some of thier homemade jerky. I have been reading the omnivore's dilemema so i was on the look out for some grass feed beef. The staff is really knowledgable and excited about thier meat. We bought a ribeye and we are having it for dinner tonight. So far the place is great. I am looking forward to dinner tonight.

Aug 10, 2008
Bellairs in California

Resturant Recommendations

I am going on a trip to Montreal with a decent sized goup. We are all foodies but also looking for good atmosphere. Does anyone have any recommends for me.