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Respectfully, hype and press aren't the same thing.

Jul 22, 2012
psycomp in Kosher


What hype? All I saw was a bunch of chowhounders going on about mevushal / non-mevushal, why they named it Jezebel, the Kashrus of live music and how long it would last. I wasn't blown away by the food either, but any hype started on these pages.

Jul 21, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher Mexican Cheese?

You can make your own queso blanco with nothing more than milk, vinegar and a good thermometer. It's really easy - instructions available in this month's Bitayavon magazine, or with a simple Google search.

May 23, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

Anyone tried Ladino Tapas Grill Yet?

We went on their 2nd night, and I agree - they have real potential.

They are serving their Passover menu already, and will be open for Chol Hamoed. Guacamole with plantain/yuca/batata chips was good, but missing certain "kitniyos" spices. Roasted baby beets were great. The fritatta and the salmon ceviche were "ok". The chicken/beef skewers and short-ribs were quite plain - the dollop of green sauce for the ribs or the chimichurri for the skewers didn't do much. Cooked properly, but plain. (Where does mayonnaise based chimichuri come from? Not any recipe I've seen.)

I won't judge them based on a pre-passover, just-opened visit, but I will be back again after the holiday. Doesn't hurt that I work in Columbus Circle and this an oasis in on otherwise bleak landscape, Kosher-wise. Copy of their menu, below.


Apr 05, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

What pesach kitchen utensils do you have?

I'd be interested in seeing the sources for Kashering counters with steam. AFAIK, it's poured-water, or it's covered.

Mar 23, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher Lactic Acid Starter Culture?

I've never heard of it, so I can't say.

Feb 21, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher Lactic Acid Starter Culture?

I've made dry-cured Spanish Chorizo & Pepperone. You need the culture to make the meat inhospitable to dangerous bacteria.

Kosher certified pareve version of F-RM-52 culture can be acquired through Hirshberg Chemicals in Israel. They can only sell to Israelis though, so you'll need to find someone to bring it into the country. The culture is certified by Rabbi A. Hochwald in Amsterdam. You can get a copy of the certification by contacting them at kosher@pandora.be.


Feb 17, 2012
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher gyro?

I second that recommendation. Every time I find myself at my alma mater I make sure to get a shawarma laffa, chips (fries) & chummus inside, and let the guy choose the salads as he seem fit. If they would have been there in my days at YU, I would have gained even more weight than I already did in college.

Dec 27, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Memphis in September

Barney Abis of "The Meat Machers" gave us his "recipe" in 2007:


BBQ is an art, not a science - so it's more of a guideline.

Oct 03, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

"Off the list" restaurants NYC

FYI, Azuri is now under R' Zev Schwarz of the IKC.

Oct 02, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Memphis in September

This was the first time I couldn't go since I started going four years ago. It's something special.

Sep 19, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Sheep's head for Rosh Hashana

Last year, Pomegranate Supermarket had stacks of pre-roasted sheep heads in what is normally their "prepared salads" section. Had to have been the smallest sheep ever. Looked like the teeth were still in-place. They looked pretty nasty. I'll stick to the vegetarian "Simanim".

Sep 07, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher Sausage Casings

The only distributor for the Devro Casings was Jerry Hirschman, formerly of Synergy Delivery Systems in Somerset, NJ. He is offering boxes of casings for $200 + $25 s&h


When asked about the production date of the boxes, he responded "please cancel your order". Not a very professional response.

Any butcher shop that has them (which is getting more unlikely) will probably be holding onto them. Park East Kosher in NYC no longer has them. Jeff's Kosher Sausage Factory in Los Angeles doesn't have them. I'll bide my time until someone starts producing natural casings to satisfy the "Kosher Foodie" market.

Aug 11, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Best meal ever

The tasting menu at Pardes is my best Kosher meal, to date. 10+ amazing courses. We didn't opt for wine, but we're not big drinkers. I haven't been able to afford a trip to Israel since I started paying yeshiva tuitions - maybe one day...

Jun 27, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Heart attack sandwich (involves corned beef)

Then what shall we discuss? The merits of the lawsuit or how to make corned beef? Not really much of a discussion, is it?

May 12, 2011
psycomp in Food Media & News

Seder menus, What are you serving?

Sorry not to get back to this thread earlier...

I was at a lecture given R' Chaim Loike, bird-expert at the OU, on Kosher quail and ducks vs. non-kosher quail and ducks. I can dig out the handout, but the bottom line was that the market contains non-kosher varieties of quail and duck, so that you would need to be able to identify the signs of eggs of the kosher varieties. He didn't provide a guide to identification of the Kosher varieties - that wasn't the focus of his lecture.

I'll let another OU article speak for itself. The matter isn't as simple as it sounds. I'm simply advising caution: http://www.oukosher.org/index.php/art...

Apr 27, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Seder menus, What are you serving?

Careful there, DeisCane. I used WF quail eggs until I wet to an OU lecture, and learned about non-kosher quail and non-kosher quail eggs. Same goes for duck and duck eggs. At least according to the OU.

Apr 14, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Thinnest, best matzah (matzo) shmurah?

Blowtorches? ;-)

Apr 13, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Kashering my oven grates (Chow..plz don't move this thread)

Agreed, ferret. No gas exhibits the magical property of "floating stickyness".

Apr 12, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Kashering my oven grates (Chow..plz don't move this thread)

What is 'gas residue'? If there is such a thing, why would it be "sticking" to the caps? And why would it explode? Have you ever heard of this happening?

"Residue" aside, if the caps are nothing but metal (and maybe an enamel coating), you can put them in the oven for a self-clean cycle. They will likely get discolored. The coating may flake off. Otherwise, they will be fine. I've done it for years. On the other hand, if I had a high-end range, I probably wouldn't.

If the grates have rubber feet, don't put them in a heated oven for any amount of time. That's plain common-sense. (Why do you think Chowhounders would know if your specific rubber feet would melt?)

Best advice? Ask a Rabbi about how to Kasher your oven properly.

Apr 12, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

nori for Passover

I previously asked the Star-K:

Star-K Kosher Certification Mon, Apr 14th 2008 at 10:13 AM

The nori sheets are just seaweed. If purchased before Pesach they are OK
for use on Pesach

Mar 25, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Hottest Kosher Food

I'm not sure that non-kosher consumers looking for authenticity (kosher or not) is related to KosherChef's point.

Many of us (chowhounds, foodies, etc) bemoan the unsophisticated palates that seem to be so common in the Kosher-keeping community. Worse than that is the media coverage that is so far behind the curve, as to be insulting. Like the yearly "kosher wine isn't just manischewitz anymore" article, that we can expect as Pesach draws near.

Feb 28, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Aleppo Pepper

"Kosher Aleppo Pepper" is a misnomer. "Aleppo Pepper with a Hechsher" would be more accurate. We're nothing if not accurate, here on Chowhound.

Feb 15, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Pareve Whipping Creme

Mimicreme Healthy Top (and all the Mimicreme products) are available in Moishe's Discount Supermarket (325 Avenue M New York, NY 11230 - (718) 336-7563)

Feb 01, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Are these chikens kosher?

A chicken may be a chicken, but the Aracouna may not be a chicken. Or rather, it may not be a pure chicken. The OU has an article on the matter:

"If the Aracouna chicken is simply the result of a genetic mutation, then it would be kosher, as are all other breeds of chicken. However, if the Aracouna chicken was developed through a unique and as of yet unknown domestication event, or through the hybridizations with unknown species, the bird cannot be certified."


R' Chaim Loike is the OU's expert on birds, and he can be reached at loikec@ou.org

Jan 05, 2011
psycomp in Kosher

Got goat - need suggestions

We had Jerked Goat on Thanksgiving. Took the recipe for "Jerked Leg of Goat" from http://www.jackmauldin.com/goat_recip... and made it with a neck roast.

Dec 30, 2010
psycomp in Kosher

Chorizo...any Kosher substitute?

All the Jack's sausages are hot-dogs with different seasonings for each flavor. They are an emulsified sausage - frying and crumbling them into a dish isn't possible.


Dec 21, 2010
psycomp in Kosher

Kosher Bacon is Curing Away

The "New Guy"? I'll let it go this time, but I've been posting my meat projects on KosherBlog for years. Remember the Turducken? That was me. :)

Dec 05, 2010
psycomp in Kosher

Beef Belly?

Nov 24, 2010
psycomp in Kosher

Beef Belly?

They got it in Machane Yehudah in Israel. If you find a source for it here, please let us know.

Nov 11, 2010
psycomp in Kosher