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Cachagua General Store - brunch?

This place sounds really interesting and worth a stop, but our schedule won't let us be anywhere near it on a monday night... but we could make sunday brunch. Two questions, please: Is there a menu (rather than a set meal) since we have some dietary restrictions? And is brunch as unique as dinner seems to be? I'd hate to go super far out of our way for an omelet. Even a really good omelet.

Would love your feedback. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2014
lrhr in California

SloCo Pasty Co [San Luis Obispo]

Thank you for the great recommendation for a place I would never have stumbled into! I got the veggie bake and my hubby got the chicken pot pie pasty driving through SLO on our driving home last day of vacation. Got them to go and ate them on the pier at Port San Luis. Still warm and really delicious. (the wine sauce "dip" is, perhaps, not ideal for eating on a bench without a table...but the drips were worth the mess.)

Dec 29, 2013
lrhr in California

Your preferred Burgundy brand for Beef Bourguignon and Coq Au Vin?

The take away from the (fantastic) times article: all the hard edges of a cheap wine get softened by the cooking process. all the complexities and subtleties of an expensive wine get smoothed out.
"cooking" wine was something you should avoid because it had salt and preservatives added. (thus the "only cook with what you drink" theory...which morphed into "cook with great wines")

Oct 12, 2013
lrhr in Home Cooking

"moral" food preferences, as a guest

I would say that I am a "vegetarian who cheats sometimes." And then ask them to treat you as a vegetarian. If they are good enough friends you explain when and why you choose to 'cheat'. After a long time of keeping a kosher home and eating out as a vegetarian, I too have expanded to poultry under certain circumstances that make me comfortable. My friends are used to seeing kosher chickens served at my home and my being a vegetarian in theirs. As long as you aren't asking them to provide you with kosher/organic more expensive meats, I don't see the problem with stating that you are still "basically" a vegetarian.

Jul 23, 2013
lrhr in Not About Food

Your Biggest Restaurant Menu Pet Peeve

The World Series was originally sponsored by the World Newspaper. Paper folded. Series continues.

Jul 16, 2013
lrhr in Not About Food

Spargelkarte in LA? (Asparagus menu)

Don't know your price point, but Melisse currently has an asparagus menu on it's website. Cheaper than flying to Germany. Barely. ($195)

May 08, 2013
lrhr in Los Angeles Area

Kosher in L.A

I was a big fan of chapa grill...but the valley location, at least, is no longer kosher. They had a sign saying their schwarma is still kosher...but the restaurant as a whole isn't any longer. I'm gonna seriously miss the rotisserie chicken.

Apr 11, 2013
lrhr in Kosher

Passover product fails. Haddar mayonnaisse.

Hmmmm...that is possible. I was stuck in a hotel for passover and the room fridge was colder than I realized.

On a plus note, the Galil multi-berry preserves was good on a lot of levels. I'd buy it year-round.

Apr 07, 2013
lrhr in Kosher

Passover product fails. Haddar mayonnaisse.

I bought a squeeze bottle of Haddar mayonnaisse. It visually looked fine in the bottle, but the moment it hit the matzah, it turned back into oil. A matzah sandwich isn't all that great to start with, but this was just disgusting. (a choice between a completely dry sandwich and one with oil dripping through the holes of the matzah. fortunately, i had ripe avocados ready to replace the stuff)

This was actually worse than the Manischevitz breakfast/energy bars I bought a number of years ago that tasted like bubble gum.

Not sure what brands I've bought before, but I'll avoid Haddar in the future.

Apr 02, 2013
lrhr in Kosher

Brisket questions

Do try to be organized enough to do it the day before. Not only does it give you a chance to skim fat, but if you cook it, slice it and then let the slices sit in the liquid overnight and reheat in the liquid you will have moist brisket. Straight out of the oven, it is dry.

(I cook mine with onions underneath and a wine/brown sugar/tomato paste/cider vinegar mixture poured over the top to cover. cover the pan with foil and bake 3 hours at 325. comes out distressingly dry when sliced. and then, presto, moist and falling apart for the next day.)

Mar 07, 2013
lrhr in Kosher

Is it ever acceptable to give service instruction to a server?

I think this is a great way to put it. It lets the server know that you understand you are asking for something to be done differently from the norm. And that is very different from telling them that you assume they will do it 'wrong'.

Etiquette be damned, my mother is one of those who cannot stand having her empty plate in front of her once she is done eating. I prefer it as well, but it's not a big deal to me...though it is nice having room to put my elbows on the table.

Jan 25, 2013
lrhr in Not About Food

Is There Such a Thing as an Openly Gay Friendly Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown/SGV?

While I'm sure that there is likely to be some overlap of vegetarians, my point was that I could only attest to other people appearing to like the food. I ate mostly steamed broccoli. Which is fine. I don't expect my dietary choices to be catered to (especially if i'm not paying) as long as I don't actually starve. I didn't eat the food so I don't have an opinion on it. Simply that, as a giant corporate entity, the Hilton may be in a better position to meet the OPs policy requirement and that they put on what *looked* like an authentic banquet which appeared to be enjoyed by a mostly chinese-speaking crowd.

Jan 24, 2013
lrhr in Los Angeles Area

The Modern by the window in winter?

Thank you!

Jan 22, 2013
lrhr in Manhattan

The Modern by the window in winter?

I'll be in NY for an extended stay and DH will be coming in to visit for a weekend. I'm leaning towards The Modern (we did EMP last time around, several menu iterations ago, and loved it). I understand from other threads that the two tops along the window are the quiet spots.

Since the dinner will be early March, does anyone know how warm those tables might be? Out here in LA where we don't have winters, on a cold (for us) night, the window seats often have a chill from the glass. I'd assume double paned glass and all that in NY, but don't want to be wrong and cold. And I am quite the cold wimp. I'm prepared to dress for the cold outside...but not on date night.

And...while I'm asking...anyone know about their willingness to cater to dietary restrictions?


Jan 21, 2013
lrhr in Manhattan

Is There Such a Thing as an Openly Gay Friendly Chinese Restaurant in Chinatown/SGV?

Agree as to the Hilton. Went to a Hong Kong Merchants Association Banquet (or something) there with the vast majority of guests appearing to be Chinese and/or Chinese American. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food. I cannot speak to it as it was very far from vegetarian friendly (something to discuss if you end up there). I dined on steamed brocolli.

Jan 18, 2013
lrhr in Los Angeles Area

Kitchen Misunderstandings with the Significant Other

if only i were willing to go to the gym every single day for several hours of cardio, i would have him make those potatoes every night.

Jan 17, 2013
lrhr in Not About Food

Kitchen Misunderstandings with the Significant Other

I made mashed potatoes occasionally and figured DH had seen enough to know the basic recipe. I asked him to finish prepping them one night while I did other tasks. He drained them (two medium sized), mashed them, added dairy and salt.

I take a bite, and holy cow, they are the best mashed potatoes I have ever had. And the richest. By far the richest and creamiest mashed potatoes I have ever had.

"how much butter did you put in here?"
"one stick".

Jan 17, 2013
lrhr in Not About Food

Recommendations for East Village

This should have posted following Kathryn's link and ended up nowhere near it. Can't figure that out.

Kathryn.....Wouldn't it have been faster to list the places that are NOT worth a visit?! Holy cow!

Jan 04, 2013
lrhr in Manhattan

Please help me save my too salty, home cured salmon.

The first time I home cured salmon, it was way too salty (i thought, if brining it for two days was good...three or four would be better). I sliced it, tasted it and ack.

I rinsed each piece under running water, not for too long...tasting as I went. (if you have lots of bits, rather than beautiful slices...put them in a sieve. i still get slices and bits and shards of salmon when i cut it up).

Still saltier than I'd have liked (but not too much so), the texture was fine...though different than lox (which gets smoked in addition to the brining) I thought I'd failed entirely, but didn't have time to make or buy a substitute. Took it to a New Year's Breakfast party, put it down next to the store bought. Mine was gone, the store bought was not. Got lots of compliments.

Dec 31, 2012
lrhr in Home Cooking

What would you take from abandoned pan-Asian restaurant?

In california, at least, the items still belong to restaurant owner. They have a certain amount of time to collect them, and if they don't, assuming that the value is over a certain amount (either 100 or 1000) the landlord is responsible for auctioning off the items and using the money to repay any amount of default (and the cost of the auction) with the extra money going back to the ex-tenant.

Nov 29, 2012
lrhr in Not About Food

Help with 'Old' Hollywood Dining itinerary + questions re. Cicada

Just to add to the traffic issue. That weekend is Carmaggedon 2. The 405 will be closed in both directions through the sepulveda pass. You aren't crossing into the valley at all, but spill over traffic might still add to your times. For the first Carmaggedon, lots of people stayed home and driving was actually smoother than usual. Could happen again, or you could have lots of people heading out confident that "everyone else" is staying home like last time.

Sep 07, 2012
lrhr in Los Angeles Area

Canoe trip foods - ideas needed

We backpack, so weight is always an issue, but i love to allocate some of that to popcorn. You probably need to eat it out of it's pot, so you have wait for some cooling, but it's a great treat after dinner.

Make some ghee as it will keep better than butter. And/or bring oil.
I bring a baggie with flour and spices for coating the fish that we hope to catch.
Asian markets are a great source of packaged sauces which you can use on noodles or couscous or rice or even on any fish you catch or a protein you bring the first day.

Some dried foods can be soaked in a waterbottle before cooking to cut down on how much gas you use up.
Plan big breakfasts. You'll want them and the energy for the day.
Peanut butter for quick lunches. With rolls or crackers or tortillas...
Everything tastes better outside after a hard day on the trail (or lake)...

Jul 28, 2012
lrhr in Home Cooking

Best Mediterranean/Middle East in the Valley (Encino, Tarzana, Sherman Oaks)

My family seem to like the meat entrees. I have only tried the salmon (and then only the next day at home) and it's pretty good. Presumably, it's better right then and there, but I am too busy eating the salads (amazing how 'salad' can fill you to bursting when there are 15-20 on the table to eat). And when you factor in that the price difference between getting salads alone and salads plus a full meal for the next day is 3-6 bucks...it's quite a good deal.

Jul 13, 2012
lrhr in Los Angeles Area

stopping for food along 5 from LA to SF

I thought about calling, but have found that the more traditional the cooking (be it mexican, chilean, chinese, vietnamese....), the more likely that english isn't spoken fluently enough for answering questions related to the veggie-ness. My spanish is bad and hand gestures only help face to face. I do have a lovely phone app that translates, but that also only makes sense in person.

I am one of those vegetarians that tries very hard not to see the grill....

Jun 28, 2012
lrhr in California

stopping for food along 5 from LA to SF

I've been interested in trying this...but they don't have a website...and i'm a vegetarian. do you know if there is likely to be lard in the cheese and other "non meat" options?

Jun 27, 2012
lrhr in California

When do you tip low (10% or less)

My husband got a live grasshopper in his salad at a french restaurant. Several bites in. Buried and covered in dressing, but still moving. Hubby called the waiter over to point this out and quietly told him "there is a grasshopper in my salad". The waiter clearly did not believe him and said in a loud voice " a GRASSHOP---" and then saw it for himself.

I believe they offered a replacement salad, which he did not want. He was not offered a different appetizer nor was the salad taken off the bill. But the bill was added by hand and came out about $20 high. A different waiter told us that the bartender adds the bills and that "she gets it wrong a lot."

I feel certain that was a pretty low tip.

Jun 16, 2012
lrhr in Not About Food


And what price did you charge if a customer ordered without asking the amount?

Jun 09, 2012
lrhr in Not About Food

first time ever cooking brisket

However you cook it, remember to slice it the correct direction (across the grain). Sounds bizarre, but if you cut it the wrong way, it will *seem* like you cooked it into tough awfulness.

Jun 08, 2012
lrhr in Home Cooking

Uses for fig jam

Add a swipe of grainy mustard to the brie and jam.

May 18, 2012
lrhr in Home Cooking

Lower cost weddings in Los Angeles

We got married at a beautiful old ranch in the northwest valley called Orcutt Ranch. Prices have gone up a bit since then, but it is a city park and less than other spots. You can have acoustic music outside (and a dj inside) no amplified music because of the neighbors. There are other restrictions like an early end time (neighbors, again). But there are several beautiful outside areas to marry and/or set up dining tables. There's a rose garden or three, a gazebo lawn area and a spot under an oak tree. There is also a huge orange grove, so at the right time of year, the whole place smells amazing. Two dressing rooms. My recollection is that another money saver was that they provide tables and chairs.

It's a beautiful spanish style ranch built in the 20s. Which leads to one thing which may or may not bother you. There is decorative molding at the roof line in the form of connected swastikas. The city has painted them white, but not removed them. You and your guests are unlikely to notice them without having them pointed out, but they are there. And have been since they were simply a decoration used by lots of cultures around the world. (and we put rose trees around the statue of the monk...)


And there really isn't a law that says you must go into debt to get married. Stick with apps or just cake and a toast. Guests who know and love them will understand.

May 17, 2012
lrhr in Kosher