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Shoprite in Scarsdale

I agree...the entranceway, exits and the congestion at this new store really make for a bad shopping experience, even though it is still "new" for the area. I also think the layout is done badly for a store of this size and would think that for seniors and handicapped people it is difficult to get to the most popular aisles. Staff in Deli and Bakery dept's were sl...ow... and not really knowledgeable. All in all a good effort Shoprite and great prices for opening weeks!

Everything Seems To Be Shrinking

yea, it's a sneaky way for some manufacturers to pass on a price increase and it needs to be monitored more closely, especially in the food store. "Caveat Emptor" and check your packaging carefully before you buy. It would be interesting to know what kind of response you get back when you contact them..

Dec 24, 2009
midclass in General Topics

great fajitas in westchester county please?

Was there last nite (place was pretty empty). Service was good & homemade guac was on the money, but agree the menu is really overpriced and portions were real small. Margheritas were not the best we've had around Westchester and my rice & beans were served cold. Not really worth the extra $$ in my view

Whole Roasted Garlic Served In Westchester

Hey - the Kittle House in Chappaqua area used to serve some awesome roasted garlic this way and it came to the table with your bread. Not sure if they still do...

Pizza in the White Plains Area

If you want to take a ride to Hawthorne (across from the Multiplex theatre on 9a) there's Sabatino's - good coal-fired pizza...

Pizza in the White Plains Area

Totonno's Yonkers - not great. Nowhere near the original one