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Williamsburg for a large group

This has proven to be a tough one. 50 people on a Sunday night. Anywhere with decent food at somewhat reasonable prices? Second Street Bistro looked perfect, but they can't handle us.

May 19, 2014
Spade in Mid-Atlantic

Recommendations for a solo diner in Philly

Question about dining solo at Zahav: Do they allow solo diners to order the tasting menus?

Jun 29, 2012
Spade in Philadelphia

Cherries on Top?

Anyone know the story with Cherries on Top this year?

Asheville, NC: Place for Casual Reception/Private Party?

Unfortunately the Junction is not open on Sunday nights (only open for brunch). This place was a great suggestion, though. Everyone is staying at the Doubletree near the Biltmore, so this would have been a bit more convenient too (esp with parking, as you mentioned).

Mar 08, 2012
Spade in Southeast

Asheville, NC: Place for Casual Reception/Private Party?

What places in Asheville do private receptions? Not a fancy reception-- just looking for a casual couple of hours of drinks and appetizers/snacks for about 20 people. The big restriction is that this is for a Sunday. Good beer selection is a plus. Would like to avoid just having 20 people show up somewhere, plus an advance, pre-paid budget/set-price is much preferable (instead of a tab... it's a long story as to why). Lexington Avenue Brewery is the one place I've found (I've requested some more info from them).

Mar 05, 2012
Spade in Southeast

Smoke & Barrel

Went on the opening night. The BBQ was decent enough. The brisket isn't any competition for the "moist brisket" at Hill Country. The pork was pretty good. Sides were fine (fried okra and sweet potato).

The tap list is outstanding, though. A very, very well chosen selection (which on this night included an oak cask of Aecht Schlenkerla Marzen mounted on the bar). This instantly becomes one of the top five places to drink beer in the city.

Sang on Wheels -- Potential Food-truck winner

Over at Union Station. Food Truck Fiesta often lists where they are at.

Sang on Wheels -- Potential Food-truck winner

Have hit Sang on Wheels a couple of times now and this is one of my favorite trucks (like you, along with Feelin' Crabby) It's always been the drunken noodles served with meatballs-of-the-day on a stick (varies between lamb, beef and pork). A pretty good portion for $8. Not sure if she is ever serving any different dishes on other days.

Cherries on Top?

Does anyone know the status of Cherries on Top in Flint Hill. After the owner's death in 2007, I know it had reopened in 2009, but I can't seem to find any further info about the place.

Atwater Bakery Granola

Give us the recipe, please!

Very cheap but decent sushi in DC?

Kotobuki is definitely the cheap sushi king in DC.

4822 MacArthur Blvd NW, Washington, DC 20007

Barbecue Inn, Asheville?

Will be making my first trip down to Asheville in a couple of months. The other night, someone told me I had to go to Barbecue Inn (on Patton Ave). There's pretty much zero mention of this place on Chowhound through the years, though... not usually a good sign. So is this place chow worthy or not?

Barbecue Inn
1341 Patton Ave, Asheville, NC 28806

Apr 19, 2010
Spade in Southeast

The Source's Happy Hour Deal

Yeah, those tuna cones are great. Otherwise, I've been mystified by the very high praise of this place. The dishes tend to be about as good at you'd get at a very good Asian restaurant at about 10x the price.

Birchmere food worth eating?

Looking for an update on what the reasonably good menu items are these days. My friend wants to stake out a good table, so we're stuck eating here.

Where can I find duck legs in the NOVA/DC area?

The other poultry place at Eastern Market (the one run by Asian guys) carries them too. I called the other day and they said they had them in stock.

Buying Wine in Bethesda

Cork and Fork is way, way overpriced (same with Cork 57 nearby). You're much better off heading down to Calvert-Woodley.

Strathmore movie festival- bring food/drink?

Anyone know the answer to this for concerts/movies at Strathmore? Nothing on the website. Tried emailing them, but no response.

Walkable chow spots from Twinbrook or Rockville Metro

With the new smoker thing they recently acquired, Urban BBQ is better than ever these days.

Chicago Beers in DC/VA/MD

Seen Goose Island at a few places recently, including at the Wine Specialist and this past Saturday at Chevy Chase Wine, when I picked up a sixer of Honker's Ale (which is pretty tasty).

Chevy Chase Wine is probably the best place for finding unique beers in the area. Rodman's on Wisconsin would be my second pick (they have a guy there who's been doing a bang-up job with their beer department).

Buying Wine in Bethesda

I always wonder how that Bethesda Chevy Chase Wine place next to Vace stays in business. Talk about a hidden location-- I lived in Bethesda for 3 years before I knew those two stores were there! Miller Avenue I believe that road/alley is called.

Flageolet beans, are they special?

So a French chef was telling me that to avoid the stiffness you mention, flageolet beans always should be blanched first. Is this true? Does this work?

Dec 11, 2008
Spade in Home Cooking

Places near the Jammin' Java on Maple in Vienna

Seconding Amma. The rava dosas (sorta a lacy, crunchier version of a dosa) are incredible.

My water bath ALWAYS leaks!

Same problem. I finally figured out that the water was getting in through condensation between the pan and foil. Tightly sealing the foil around the sides of the pan (using multiple layers) does help, but a little water always seems to condense in there and make the crust a bit soggy. However, I've said the hell with water baths, as they are a pain. I just use a low oven (sub 225) for creme brulees, cheesecakes, etc. I learned that trick from this blog entry here: (it shows how to unmold (!) a creme brulee too)

Feb 08, 2008
Spade in Home Cooking

quality vanilla pods @ Costco

I bought some of the Rodelle Vanilla beans from Costco and found them very disappointing in comparison to say, Penzey's. The Rodelle beans have a very muted aroma (that almost smells a bit plastic-like to me) and flavor. Not worth it, even at that price.

Jan 22, 2008
Spade in Home Cooking

Dessert in Center City Philly

Any recommendations for a good place for dessert only on a Saturday night?

Dec 12, 2007
Spade in Pennsylvania

Owl Bar

Definitely go to the Owl Bar for at least a drink. The food is just ok bar food, but the old atmosphere is fun. Mencken used to drink there.

Rave reviews, but I don't get it

Buck's. The prices are crazy. Ok, some of the food is pretty good, but $8 for two deviled eggs (plain), $9 for a piece of what's basically Texas sheet cake (seemingly served at every picnic I go to), etc... Wha? I forget what the absurd price of the shrimp and grits was (everyone raves, but with the same amounts of cream and cheese, you can easily produce this dish at home).