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Wood Fire Pizza

I told ya! Mozza Pizzeria Moderna was really awesome. I put there pizza up against anyone's. And I know this is a pizza discussion, but I have to mention the chicken wings and the desserts. AMAZING. Try the giant cookie monster. Very rare to see a restaurant like this in Laval. I too used to live in Laval and would never eat at any restaurants in the area. This is the only one. Man, I hope they last.

Habs game on TV + decent food?

Mozza Pizzeria Moderna. Amazing food, five big screens, beautiful resto. And they have a hockey special - Large Wood Fire Pizza and Large pitcher of Molson for $27 bucks. One catch. Its 15 mins from downtown, in Laval at Centropolis. But worth the 15 min drive.

Wood Fire Pizza

Funny that you mention Pizzaiolle. When I was talking to the pizza guy at Mozza he told me he used to be the head pizza man for all four PIzzaiolle's. He said he was the one who developed the dough recipe and everything. And he claimed that the pizza was better at Mozza. Don't know if he was saying it cuz now runs pizza at Mozza, but his words were "I developed the pizzas at Pizzaiole and I'm telling you they are better here". Someone above said they won't go to Laval which is exactly what I said until I was in the area. But it took me 15 mins to get there from downtown where I live which made me think this isn't such a drive afterall. Anyway, I'm going back this week, it was that good.

Wood Fire Pizza

I've been to Bottega. Love their food but don't love their pizza. Its soggy and spungy and has very little cheese. I know they say its true Roman pizza, but whatever. Check out Mozza, its a much better pizza. Its thin and charred and the pizza guy told me they never put more than three toppings on a pizza to make sure it always crisps up and never falls apart.

Wood Fire Pizza

I have been looking far and wide for a proper wood fired pizza. I think I found it. I never go to Laval for dinner, but I was told about a place called Mozza Pizzeria Moderna so I tried it one night. This place knows how to make pizza. And they come in LARGE sizes - something I haven't yet seen in Montreal when it comes to wood fire. The place is awesome. Really nice inside too. Feels like a big American restaurant but with great food. Apps and Pastas were amazing too. I had a giant chocolate chip cookie with vanilla ice cream for dessert. AWESOME. If you love wood fire pizza as much as me you have to check it out.

Moishe's Burger Joint?

I've heard a rumor that moishe's was going to be opening up a high end burger joint. Anybody know anything about it?

Sushi in Boca

I'm from Montreal where some of the best sushi in North America can be found. I spend a good part of the winter in South Florida, most of the time in Boca. I'm looking for a great sushi place in the area and please don't tell me Sushi Ray because I'm not impressed by it.

i'd appreciate any local knowledge.


Westmount Tavern...Attitude?

Has anyone nocticed that there is a certain attitude with the staff (including the part owner/chef) at the Westmount Tavern? I had quite the fight with a staff member there a few months back and was shocked that despite my regular visits (no less than twice a week) and knowing the staff on a first name basis, the boss took the side of the staffer over a loyal customer and treated us like he's never met us before. I'm curious if anyone has noticed the 'tude that the staff of this local eatery has taken on.

First time in Montreal

Try Au Pied Des Cochon for one of your solo dinners. You can eat at the bar there, and its a fantastic eatery featuring local flare that you won't find anywhere else.

LA Foodie in Montreal for Weekend--Suggestions?

Actually, that list is for dinner...make sure you try Beauty's Diner for brunch (just good old fashioned big gressy beakfast that feels great the next morning) as well as a stop into the famous Schwartz's Deli for a smoke meet sandwich.

There is lots more, but you only have three days, so you should try some of these famous spots. Just be sure to come back next summer.

LA Foodie in Montreal for Weekend--Suggestions?

If you're a steak man, you need to try Moishe's. I'll put it up against most steakhouses in the states and I have been to almost all of them.

You also need to try Lucca for italian.

And the obvious for all Montrealers, but if you have not yet been to Milos, its a must. (Seafood & market fresh foods done greek/med style.)