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Brandy-Apple Punch

Any thoughts about serving this warm, rather than on ice? We have a big outdoor party, rain or shine, the day after Thanksgiving and I'm not opposed to serving this cold. Plenty of beer and white wine are consumed, after all. But something warm with brandy and apple cidar sounds pretty good.

Nov 13, 2010
nesthimer in Recipes

How Do You Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Kitchen?

somervilleoldtimer beat me to it. this works very well. also, i've started rinsing fruits and vegs in water and white vinegar (3:1), then rinsing and drying well. that is adding days to their life and i'm guessing it also knocks out flying critters.

Sep 13, 2010
nesthimer in Features

Breakfast in Chapel Hill

True--Sunday brunch.

Feb 25, 2010
nesthimer in Southeast