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Hunting For Secret Ovens

Takes me back to my youth ;-)
I can still smell the leg of lamb with the wholesome Garlicky aroma,the potatoes roasted were so much crispier too !

Apr 26, 2010
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6 days in Capetown

If you have time for Wine Day outing, consider Paarl, then visit, [ for some fine cheeses] , [ where lunch is tasty Cape fare ] , then visit KWV's huge Cellar to end off with some fine sherries and ports.

Nearer the city is the Durbanville Route the smaller wineries have some fine tasters.

Snoek and Chips from Lusitania Fisheries in Hout st, off Loop.

Lekker-eet en suip !

Simple Sweetcorn Cakes with Avocado Salsa

Good recipe.
I substitue cilantro with Gralic chives from garden, and
whenever available 1/2 C julienned smoked ham from hock,
creates a subtle hint of flavours

Aug 13, 2009
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Beef Long-cut Short Ribs (split from SF board)

It's the beef cuts with more sinews and fat, i.e.cheaper cuts, that make the most delicious flavours; of course the slow cooking helps.
Being asian -[Cantonese} , now you know why my butcher's bill is low ;-)

Jun 21, 2008
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Eating in Cape Town, South Africa?


food is excellent in Cape Town

on the upmarket seide
try the Grill Room at the Mount Nelson Holiday

i personally avoid the Waterfront, too tourist
Kenilworth, Calremont is also good.

for a quickie
near the CT Southern Sun
on Hout ST off Loop
is the Lusitania Fish and Chips
try the Snoek and CHips

Anybody Almost Always Overdo & Drive Self Insane Cooking For Dinner Party?

of course we all get to passionate about what we're to cook;
the pictures in our minds;
then - the down side;
time's running out
and the final reesult is tasty enough
but the presentation falls short of expectation

that's the trouble with Cantonese and wokking

Sep 05, 2006
glutzygien in Home Cooking