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Desperately Seeking Dinner (meaninful dinnertime)

I'm stuck in a "Simple Summer Meals" dinner making rut already! We have had lots of kabobs and taco nights! What kinds of things do you like for summertime? I am looking for ideas that don't heat up the kitchen,are refreshing to eat in the summertime heat, and will appeal to families with children so we can have some good family time to talk! Whew!

Thank you!

Jun 04, 2010
webbinmi in Home Cooking

Need ideas for icebox pies

Your mango cream pie sounds delicious! could you give the amounts for each ingredient? Thank you!

Sep 20, 2009
webbinmi in Home Cooking

Slovenian sausage???

I also went to a few dinners and dances there because my stepfather has Slovenian heritage and used to have family within blocks of the area. Those dinners and dances are some great memories. Does the Slovenian Church there make a bunch? I am not sure. I think weedytj is right, just wait to buy the sausages just before Lent. Mjgovednik, does your Teta (aunt) have a recipe?