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HELP! I'm in Evansville IN for an impromptu interview........and

can you share with me? I'll be there for a wedding, and probably looking weekend for breakfast/lunch options. Thanks!

Apr 13, 2012
susanova in Great Lakes

If You Are What You Eat, You're Doughnuts, Chicken, and Energy Drinks

If you think about the number of calories in those "grain-based desserts" as compared to vegetables and fruits, it makes complete sense. Consider how much lettuce (at 6 calories/cup) or apples (72 calories/1 medium apple) you would have to eat to equal ONE donut (198 calories/1 medium donut).

May 06, 2011
susanova in Features

SA - Are all Blanco Cafes created equal?

I've been searching the boards and came up with some positive references to Blanco Cafe. Some say good for breakfast and others say good for lunch. Of course, it must be good since they have FIVE locations, right? Now, one not very recent comment mentioned that only one of the locations has handmade tortillas -- the original, 1720 Blanco Rd? Can anyone speak to the differences in locations, or at least say "Heavens, no, don't go to THAT one!" BTW, I'm probably leaning toward a breakfast taco run unless you folks tell me otherwise. Thanks!

Blanco Cafe
5525 Blanco At Oblate Rd, San Antonio, TX 78201

May 13, 2010
susanova in Texas

BBQ I-37 SA to CC?

Thanks folks! I think Van's might be just what we're looking for. Besides, even if it's just OK, it will be way different from anything we can get in KY. There's a very good chance we'll be doing a trip to the Luling / Lockhart area once we get back to SA. Got to start scouring the board...

May 13, 2010
susanova in Texas

BBQ I-37 SA to CC?

Spouse and I are flying into San Antonio, getting a car and driving to Corpus Christi for a couple of days (before coming back to SA and points north). Are there any respectable smokehouses on the road (or near to) between SA and Corpus Christi? Alternately, is the a different local delicacy that we should look for on that route?

Apr 27, 2010
susanova in Texas

Between Louisville & Lexington KY & Bourbon Trail

It would be the same (Skyline), but I think you can only get Coneys and not the spa-chili they're famous for. Darn difficult to eat that stuff in those seats. It IS a really nice ballpark, though.

As for the Hot Brown, I would leave the airport and go straight to Ramsey's in Lexington (preferably the High St. location). They're a meat & three place, they have awesome pies (take a slice to go) and the most amazing hot brown.

any place good to eat near Winfield, W.V.?

There's a pretty good Mexican place in Milton on the main drag, opposite the Rite Aid (I think). Order carefully or ask what's authentic. Had an excellent carnitas salsa verde there at Christmas.

Morgantown, WV

Oh how I miss pepperoni rolls... YUM!!!

Feb 22, 2008
susanova in Mid-Atlantic

Galleria Umberto - Almost heaven

Ditto on the arancini -- this is probably one of the best things I've ever eaten in my life. Of course, if MY school cafeteria had pizza like that I would never have graduated...

Oct 12, 2007
susanova in Greater Boston Area

Trip Review - exhaustive

Happy to share! Unlike a lot of the folks coming here for recs, I'm not necessarily trying for nonstop gastric nirvana when I travel. Perhaps that makes me a lesser 'hound, but I'd rather have a few really good hits and be able to enjoy them without stressing over the thought of what I might be missing. Besides, Higher Being willing, I'll be back...

Oct 10, 2007
susanova in Greater Boston Area

Trip Review - exhaustive

Wed. Arrived in Boston around 1:00, and after checking in at the hotel we went straight to Wagamama. I know, I know, we could have done ‘better’ -- but we were trying to relive a trip to London that happened one child and one mortgage ago. The duck gyoza were pretty good; the yaki soba and chili beef ramen were quite good. The beef was medium rare and the heat level was steady but not overwhelming. Since lunch was late (and filling) we wound up at Upper Crust on Newbury for dinner. One Seafood Medley pizza, one salad, two sodas and one Sox win made it a perfect evening.

Thur. Off to Appleton Bakery for a strawberry muffin, which was a little wet but provided ample reason to return. Lunch for the carbotarian (me) was arancini and panzarotta from Galleria Umberto. The arancini was out of this world; it goes on my all-time top 10 food experiences list. Since it was early, I only had a few bites at GU and took the rest with me. It seemed a little indecent to be eating the remainder in Harvard Square, but I managed. My DH was at Joe’s American Bar & Grill having some salad topped with roasted (not grilled) chicken, which he considered a pleasant surprise. Dinner at Legal in the Pru was very nice. We didn’t get any rolls (which I had heard were good), but we probably didn’t need them. The RI style calamari was as advertised (spicy/greasy—good!) and the cioppino was excellent. DH had clam chowder and grilled tuna with Shandon sauce (both yum!).

Fri. DH wanted granola for breakfast so we wound up at Rebecca’s Café. Never again. Pretty good lunch at Piattini Wine Bar on Newbury – olives and cheese starter (v.g.), veal panini and eggplant panini (ok). Bread was a bit soft, and the sandwich wasn’t actually pressed, but the fillings were pleasant. Afternoon interlude was Serious Chocolate Addiction at Emack & Bolio’s – just awesome. We had gone down to JP Licks, but it just smelled too much like sugar, so I took a pass. Dinner would have been at Piccola Venezia (an old fave), but our dining companions wanted someplace with AC so we tried Il Villaggio. It had AC, sure, but the door was standing open and the kitchen was heating things up so much it didn’t matter. DH had seafood risotto, which he pronounced perfectly tasty, and the salad with grilled vegetables which he found underwhelming. I had gnocchi in creamy tomato sauce; good texture, but basically a pretty boring dish. Wound up at Bova’s Bakery for cannoli; probably not the best, but it has been a staple of all our Boston trips – plus, there was no line out into the street!

Sat. Got DH down to Appleton Bakery for a good, chewy bagel and an excellent rolled scone. The scone had a confectioners’ sugar / lemon juice drizzle that gave it a nice tang. They also had Sox cupcakes, which I resisted since it was 9AM. Joining up with the previous evening’s dining companions, we set off on an excursion to Freeport, ME, in search of lobster and bargains. But first, our companions had to make a detour for donuts at Kane’s. DH and I declined, though I did note with interest they were selling sweet rolls the size of hubcaps. Lunch at the Harraseeket Lunch and Lobster Pound – long wait, fresh food, but be smart about what you order. I got battered clams; they were huge, all batter, about half of which I peeled off. I really should have just gotten the lobster roll. Next time. Good onion rings, very good steamed seafood (lobster, clams) according to DH. Dining companions ‘don’t like lobster’ (!) so one ordered crab cake and fried shrimp, the other had crab roll. I don’t think any of that lived up to their expectations, but I have been warned to not bother with crab unless you’re in MD. Back in Boston for dinner at the Warren Tavern, apparently a locals’ joint, DH had some lovely lamb chops and fries and I had a weird, dry version of a shepherd’s pie. It just wasn’t my day… Dining companions had steak tips and a nice looking salad with chicken, artichoke hearts and various other salad-y stuff.

Sun. Back to the Appleton Bakery for egg sandwiches and a chocolate croissant. I swear if I lived anywhere near here, I would weigh three hundred pounds because of this place. As a last hurrah, we lunched on clam chowder and lobster rolls at the Summer Shack at Logan. DH thought the lobster a tad overcooked, but I was ready to call the meal perfect. Our server, Lynda, was fun and efficient, and made me leave Boston with a good taste in my mouth and a strong desire to return.

Thanks to all you ‘hounds for your willingness to share info and opinions. It made our trip so much better!

Oct 09, 2007
susanova in Greater Boston Area

Meridian Market/arancini -- still good?

OK, I'm a Kentucky 'hound with a hankering for arancini, and I'm coming to Boston in October. I've searched the board and come up with Galleria Umberto and Meridian Market. However, I found an article elsewhere that says Meridian recently changed hands. Can anyone vouch for the new ownership and/or their in-house prepared food products? I'm dying to try arancini, but I've been too lazy to make them from scratch -- plus I want to know what the real thing tastes like before I destroy my kitchen trying to do it at home. Many thanks!

Sep 24, 2007
susanova in Greater Boston Area

W74th - Pan Asian replaces Aegean

Is Lenge really that awful? I was there last month, and while most of the fish was just pretty good, the sea eel was excellent.

Jul 24, 2007
susanova in Manhattan

Any other good places in Murray Hill?

If you order carefully, Spade (Chinese) is good. Had the most amazing water spinach w/ garlic there in June; it was a special, and boy was it special!

Jul 24, 2007
susanova in Manhattan

...that pizza place

"Lucalli's is in a completely residential neighborhood (mine!) and there's nothing there for tourists to see. Stick with Grimaldi's and enjoy the view."

Is that a subtle hint for us out-of -towners not to clog up your neighborhood pizza joint? :-)

Jun 15, 2007
susanova in Outer Boroughs

Saigon Grill -- still under siege?

I recall a while back that Saigon Grill was in a tangle over labor and wage issues, and there was a steady protest going on at their UWS location. Can anyone tell me if this is still going on, or if it's been resolved? I'm from out of town and I want to know whether I should bother putting them on my list of things to do when I'm in the City in June. Also, I'm not keen to cross a picket line. Thanks!

May 31, 2007
susanova in Manhattan

Best place for pizza in Manhattan/ Little Italy?

Can anyone here confirm the existence of a coal fired oven at Lombardi's?

May 28, 2007
susanova in Manhattan

Wine near Branzino Philly?

Thanks for all the good tips!

Mar 14, 2007
susanova in Pennsylvania

Wine near Branzino Philly?

My husband and I are coming in for a kamikaze visit to Philly next week (concert, Tut, brunch) and we're considering dinner at Branzino before a Kimmel Center event. Since it's a BYOB and we're relying on public transportation (and our feet), I'm hoping that someone can recommend a place to buy a decent bottle of wine before dinner. Will the state package store at 1913 Chestnut St have what we want, or will we have to go farther afield? Thanks for your help!

Mar 14, 2007
susanova in Pennsylvania

Cinci - Porkopolis Restaurant?

Thanks for the feedback. I looked at the Mt. Adams website, but it was so vague I was a little put off. Dragging a kid around for culinary adventures is only good sometimes. We wound up driving up to Rookwood Commons and eating at PFChang. Sinful, I know, but it was the first time we had gone. My 4yrold happily ate wonton soup and beef w/broccoli, and I had an indecent wallow in Salt&Pepper shrimp. Perhaps when it's just a grownups' trip we'll do Porkopolis.

cincy recommendation needed

hmm, Daveed's has wonderful food but the accommodations are COZY. Better for a couple than a large group.

Cinci - Porkopolis Restaurant?

Thanks, John! We've visited Daveed's before (2-3 yrs ago) and it WAS terrific. Might have to consider the City View -- it's hard to find a good burger these days.

Cinci - Porkopolis Restaurant?

Planning a daytrip to Cinci on 1/27 -- has anyone eaten at Porkopolis in Mt. Adams recently? I searched the boards but found nothing definitive or recent. My husband was attracted to the Rookwood history -- and close proximity to the CMA. Any other recommendations for lunch nearby (Mt. Adams) would be appreciated.

Thanks, from a Lexington 'hound.

Lexington, KY ~ Dec 26

I would second Billy's, even if you have to get takeout -- it's Western KY barbecue (smoked and with a thin, spicy sauce). Another good pick is Ramsey's, mainly for comfort food. Their stock in trade is "meat & three" sides, lots of choices good for cold weather. Plus, you have to try the pie --cherry, MayDay (like Derby Pie) or whatever they have as a special.

Y'all drive careful!

Lexington, KY advice?

Jonathan's is definitely a winner.

I like dinner at Alfalfa's, but the service can be flaky.

Where can I find pickling lime?

I don't have any resources (I live in KY) but I just wanted to say "bless you" for wanting to make pickled watermelon rind for your grandmother. It truly is a wonderful accompaniment, and I understand wanting to do something special for your grandmother -- I made biyalis for my husband's grandmother (from Russia via NYC)... ONCE. :-)

All's Fair in Food and Prose

Of course the NYT piece was not condescending -- it was written by Jane and Michael Stern. They are about the most direct and down-to-earth food writers around, celebrating road food / common food and those who make it very well. Their assessment has no whiff of snobbery, just the straight-up truth about where to find really good food.

Sep 04, 2006
susanova in Features