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babbo on saturday-- any suggestions?

From my experience, and reading many other posts on this board, the appetizers and pastas are more standouts than the entrees. I would recommend splitting several appetizers (octopus and lamb's tounge vinegarette) and three pastas (definitely the mint love letters and either beef cheeks or goose liver ravioli). The pumpkim lune and three goat cheese tortelloni are also great. If you are both big eaters, you could split four pastas.

Jul 06, 2007
tgarvich in Manhattan

Babbo for anniversary

I recently went to Babbo with my boyfriend and we were also tempted to try the tasting menu, but since we already had an idea of specific pasta dishes we really wanted to try and they weren't part of the tasting menu, we decided to order a la carte. We are both moderate to big eaters, especially with pasta, so we split one appetizer (octopus) and three pastas. By the final pasta, I was extremely full and about to collapse into a food coma. However, I did try a little bit of the bread they brought to our table before dinner, so I would recommend not doing that so you don't fill up too soon.

The three pastas we split were the three goat cheese tortellini, mint love letters, and beef cheeks ravioli. All were incredible and I would be hard-pressed to make myself branch out and order something different next time I go. Even though the servings looked kind of small when they brought them to us, they were very filling. They do bring the pastas in pretty rapid succession, serving the new dish just as you finish the old, so you will probably be able to eat more that way. If you are able to go there really hungry, it would probably be best to split 2 appetizers, 2-3 pastas, and 2 entrees.

Enjoy the dinner. Since eating there for the first time last month, I am completely obsessed with it and am constantly stalking reviews on the internet. It will definitely be one of the best meals you ever have!

Apr 17, 2007
tgarvich in Manhattan

Breakfast restaurants in Birmingham,Alabama

V. Richards in Forest Park is good, but can sometimes be crowded in the winter if it's not warm enough to open the patio. If you can hold off until brunch time, Rojo in Southside has a good brunch.

La Paz in Bham

Try Rojo in the Highland Park area of Southside and Sol Y Luna in Lakeview.

Recommendations for Birthday Dinner for 12

Looking for an affordable place with good food and fun atmosphere for 12, preferably in midtown or downtown. Any recommendations?

Jan 22, 2007
tgarvich in Manhattan

Pasta in Soho/West Village/Chelsea??

Any good places for pasta dishes in this area?

Nov 03, 2006
tgarvich in Manhattan

Spotted Pig and Balthazar???

Going to NY Veterans' Day weekend and staying in Chelsea/West Village/Soho area. Have heard good things about these two but just wanted extra opinions and suggestions for lunch/dinner between $20-40 before drinks.

Nov 03, 2006
tgarvich in Manhattan

Any good restaurants near Metro Center?

Looking for a decent place to eat/drink near Metro Center stop. Any recommendations?