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Good food in Atlanta

Alons, though not cheap, is a wonderful bakery and sandwich shop, and so much more. For a highter budget, they offer a lot of great take-home entrees too. The best bakery in town IMHO.
Doc Che's Noodles is good, cheap, fresh Asian fusion.
Figo is good pasta at a low price.
The Colonade, on Cheshire Bridge Road, is one of the last traditional southern restaurants around.
Ru San's offers good cheap sushi.
The Bread Garden on Amsterdam is another a good bread bakery.
Buford Highway is loaded with good Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Mexican, and Salvador (seafood) restaurants.

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

I haven't made it to Ponce de Leon Green's early enough to look (it's too dodgy a neighborhood for me to feel comfortable at night in a liquor store - call me what you will) but I did get a good recommendation from one person on Dogfish Head IPA. They make two IPAs - a 90 minute and a 60 minute brew. The lighter, 60 is a winner in our household.

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

What is be a better Indian style ale that be worth trying?

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

We will try Green's on Ponce de Leon this weekend.

ATL Looking for St. Peter's IPA

My roommate's favorite beer of the moment is St. Peter's Indian Pale Ale.
Alas, it has vanished from the shelves of all of the stores that sale other offerings like the English Ale and Golden Ale (also good, but not the favorite). Previously, we got it at Whole Foods or World Market.
Has anyone seen this around the metro-Atlanta area or have any good suggestions on where to look for it?

REALLY good dim sum in Atlanta?

Another good place is Royal China at 3295 Chamblee Dunwoody Road.

Chowfamily Seeks Atlanta Tips

Figo Pasta and Fellinis Pizza are very child-friendly restaurants.

Chow By Atlanta MARTA - Help!

Downtown Decatur has a lot of great restaurants and pubs and is MARTA accessible.

Chow By Atlanta MARTA - Help!

A very good small Italian restaurant called Pasta Da Pulcinella near the arts center is just down 1123 Peachtree Walk NE between 13th and 12th street.

Chow By Atlanta MARTA - Help!

Trois is a dreadfully over-priced restaurant with great presentation and less than impressive food. Good if you want to impress someone maybe.

Atlanta-St. Patricks Day

The Virginia-N.Highlands area always has a lot going on for St. Patricks day. Parking is a bother so it's well worth it to take a cab or car-pool with a DD. For something better than green beer, Decatur (on MARTA) has some great pubs and restaurants.

REALLY good dim sum in Atlanta?

There is one very good place on Cheshire Bridge Road, but I can't remember the current name of it. Pretty easy to find, though. Near several other good eats like Nino's southern Italian and Nakato Japanese restaurants.
There are many good Asian restaurants of Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean style on Buford Highway in Chamblee. Check out this Atlanta foodie blog -

Egg in a Nest

Thanks. Now I just need to know what a chippy sandwich is. Anyone grow up with that?

Mar 05, 2007
weremonkey in Recipes