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What TV Chefs have given you ‘mostly’ consistent recipes vs those that have been hit and miss.

I've had hit and miss with just about all of them. I might make a recipe exactly once but I take the technique and concept and use it over and over.

Giada probably is the one I have had consistently good luck with the recipe - instructions and taste and I get a lot of inspiration from her dishes even when I don't try the recipe - with her cooking, a lot of time I just take what I see on tv and have it it without even looking up the recipe because they aren't complicated. Her Pappa e Pomodoro Soup is my all time favorite that I make all the time and have to have when I don't feel good as well has her Little Thimbles (ditalini with a quick tomato sauce and mozzarella). Crunchy Parmesan Chicken Tenders. Butternut squash lasagna. Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic and red pepper flakes. Spaghetti with Swiss Chard.

I have made a lot of Ina Garten's recipes all with success. Chopped liver. Mexican chicken soup. Smoked salmon spread. Croissant bread pudding. Roasted asparagus. French onion soup. Tomato basil soup. Potato fennel gratin. Buttermilk mashed potatoes. Herb baked eggs.

As much as her voice wears on my nerves, Paula Deen's corn casserole is a mainstay at our house after we had it at a friend's. Her versions of gooey butter cake have inspired me to try other flavor variations. But she made a chocolate cake with mounds bite size candy bars in it and it looked heavenly. But it was completely disappointing and a mess.

Even though I REALLY can't stand her, I did see Rachael Ray fixing some chicken tenderloins one time and I tried them and they were really good. Forgot the name of the recipe but it's about the only one of her recipes I have ever tried. The fact that she talks about mayonnaise being so dangerous grates my nerves since commercially produced mayonnaise is really quite shelf stable - it is what the mayonnaise is mixed with that tends to make it harbour food bourne illnesses.

Honestly - I could go on and on with just about every one of them with good and bad with Giada and Ina being two I have never had issues with - oh, and some of the ones we forget about - Rick Bayless recipes tend to be successful, Justin Wilson - one of the first chef personalities, Frugal Gourmet, Mary Ann Esposito, Julia Child, Jaques Pepin....

Heading to Sacramento - where to eat?

I am flying in tomorrow and DH is already there. He will be at a conference event so I need dinner somewhere between the airport and the hotel. I am adventurous and will try anything. Just want to be in a safe area for a woman alone that is not familiar with the city. Nothing too upscale. Love to try different ethnic foods especially authentic foods.

Then Thursday night we are open for dinner somewhere. Can be nice but nothing too formal, dressy or too expensive as others from my husband's work may want to tag along and they are all on per diem. If you had one meal - where would it be? We like having fun. Typically avoid touristy areas. We love old neighborhood classics. Home cooked food. Foods typical to the region. Ethnic.


Jul 19, 2011
MusicCityMissy in California

Best Burger in Nashville?

We recently 'rediscovered' Sportsman's Lodge and I think it might be the best burger in town with the best meaty taste.

Gabby's is good and comes close to helping me recreate the best burger I've ever had - Stanich's Special in Portland, OR - complete with a fried egg. I love watching them take the blobs of meat and slap them on the grill and flatten. And the fries here are about the best in town!!!

Rotier's - I've never understood why folks thought it was that good but I like almost everything else there more.

Red Robin - patty tastes too mass produced.

Five Guys and Fat Mo's do when you are in a hurry.

Where to eat in Portand

I am coming to Portland with DH who is coming for training. Gives me lots of time to eat and try things he wouldn't. I love everything, especially things I can't get here in Nashville. We'll be staying at the Red Lion on Hayden Island but I plan to make my way around town and may get a car - think I definitely want to hit the beach area one day.

Also love cooking and antiquing so any suggestions there would be nice.

If there are areas I ned to avoid, please tell me that also.


Food near Gaylord Opryland?

Ellendale's is a great hidden gem off of Donelson Pike that is probably one of the closest places for good food. They have a great buffet every day for lunch and then wonderful meals at night and live music and one of the best Sunday brunches in town.

Prince's is a great experience but be warned it is HOT no matter how mild you order it and like they said, not in a great area of town, never opens on time, and not exactly quick food. But definitely an experience.

Hattiesburg.......any possibilites?????

Any of Robert St. James' places shouldn't disappoint you.

Taste of Russia Franklin, TN (surrounding Nashville area)

Chickster75 - I'm with you! This is a great little place. I just hope not too many people find it as it was already crowded last Friday night. It was so good I went back for lunch on Saturday and tried to drag someone there last night but it was too late. We had the borsch, the sausage soup, the meart rolls (zrizi or something like that), the blintzes with sour cherry and blackcurrants. Next day I had the Russian cheese stuffed puff pastry (Extra Yummy), the meat filled peroshki, and the bigos. The food is good and it's inexpensive. Best enjoyed with a bunch of friends so you can order lots of small things and share.

Where to Watch Superbowl in Nashville?

I haven't been there but have heard good things about The Scoreboard on Music Valley Drive - mainly that the food is above average for a bar. Other than that, the other closest sports bar are either towards Downtown or East towards Hermitage.

Curious about a restaurant in Asheville

I heard about it last night but they couldn't remember the name. They said it was French with some Mexican/Hispanic twist. The chef is Hispanic. Said it was really good.

Nashville - Best Prepared Food/Fine Foods?

Little's fish market is another hidden gem besides the K&S stores. It's in Germantown. I haven't had the best of luck with Gulf Pride since they moved. I prefer K&S, Little's or Harris Teeter.

Advice for Philly near Convention Center

DH got there today for a convention and will be there through Tuesday. He hit the place we liked at Reading Terminal for lunch but then when he and the guys got together for supper, they hit Chili's. They said they want to try some places but just didn't see anything. They'll probably mostly want to walk so something fairly close but they might venture out some if I can make it worth their while. They are probably not up for gourmet meals. It was all I could do to get DH to Le Bec Fin with ME last time we were there. Not his scene but definitely looking for goo local food.

Oct 02, 2008
MusicCityMissy in Pennsylvania

Tomorrow is last day here - where to get good breakfast taco in RR or Parmer area?

I saw the thread but with only names of places and not knowing the area, I have no idea where to go. Needs to be close by - staying in RR and driving to Parmer before hading to airport at lunch. I missed the ones at the office this morning and they told me where they get them but I can't remember. I can't handle ONE more morning of the hotel's horrible free breakfast especially with another cold shower facing me tomorrow morning (they took the water heater down yesterday for 4 hours still didn't fix the problem and then took it down again today and after the ice cold water this morning, I am not counting on much more tomorrow morning.) MUST HAVE WARM GOOD FOOD to keep me going!


Feb 08, 2007
MusicCityMissy in Austin

Out of time for research - best places to eat

will be arriving tomorrow night and didn't get around to start reading these posts until tonight and I still have to pack. Will be in town by myself for the next three nights. Love good food. Staying out by Round Rock but not opposed to driving if it's worth it. I love an adventure especially when it comes to food.

Not giong to be specific as in I want the best bbq or the best Mexican. Looking for the best of Austin - locally owned, local chefs, unusual and great foods.

I also know that Whole Foods is a great place for someone like me who loves food but are there any other markets I should visit? My days are packed and I doubt that I'll leave our campuses for lunch so it's whatever I can manage when I arrive around 3pm tomorrow, before 8 on Wednesday, Wednesday night, Thursday morning real early, Thursday night, Friday morning and on the way to the airport on Friday around noon.

I really want to have a couple of fun experiences outside of work while I am there.


Feb 05, 2007
MusicCityMissy in Austin

group dinner in nashville?

Almost everything is within your travel range - almost. My favorite experience would be the famous Loveless Cafe - a little more than 20 minutes probably but worth it - stick with the good old fashioned Southern items though - they try some new things which I appreciate but stick to the basics. Famous for it's biscuits (and Miss Carol the Biscuit Lady), homemade jams, fried chicken and bbq.

I'll second La Hacienda on Nolensville Road just off I-440. It's where chefs go on their night out and it's fun. He moved here to start making tortillas and then opened a grocery with a little food counter and now has the restaurants as well.

A very Southern thing is Cock of The Walk just minutes from Opryland. Touristy yes but it's a Mississippi 'chain' that serves catfish and fried pickles. And they are open on Monday.

An experience that is uniquely Nashville or Southern really is the meat & three more or less and most aren't open at night. Vittles in Brentwood would be an exception but I can't remember if they are open on Monday night.

I guess something that really is cheap and unique to Nashville is HOT CHICKEN. Prince's is the most famous and the original but not for a group of 20 and probably not what you are looking for. You might try Lori Morgan's on Whites Creek Pike exit of I-24 - not too far from Opryland but their website is down right now which scares me they might be closed.

After trying so many places that came 'highly recommended' by reviewers on our vacation, I am convinced that we really do have a lot of good food here so if you stick to something other than the big chains, you should be pleased. If you want to read some reviews - go to for some reviews and descriptions.

Where to eat along Interstates 81 and 64, and Route 501 in VA?

Tourist trap warning - we did a whole route around Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and back to Maryland back in July with lots of stops planned around food. One of them being the 'famous' Mrs. Rowe's in Staunton. BIG disappointment - I can honestly say I would just as soon had Cracker Barrel.

Sep 04, 2006
MusicCityMissy in Mid-Atlantic