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Hollywood East - Any news?

Does that mean that HE in Wheaton Plaza will not be until at least mid- December?
I have been out of the area for a year and HE was my favorite Chinese in the area. Are there any reccomendations out there for Chinese food almost as good as New York?

In from London

Any suggestions for the bethesda and north bethesda area regarding good European coffee and bakeries and also restaurants to try.
Cheers and many thanks


I am staying in the Bethesda area. I am here from London and also an ex-New Yorker.
Looking for reccomendations . Can I get some good suggestions for good places to eat in the area -as well as good European coffee and bakeries? I am desperately seeking the quality I am used to.
Many thanks,

Any edible Chinese restaurants in Miami Beach area?


May 28, 2008
zahav in Miami - Fort Lauderdale