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How to eat umeboshi?


I found this post while looking for umeboshi recipes myself. I haven't read all the replies yet so this may already have been posted. But submitted below for your pickled plum consideration is the one combo (it's not really a 'recipe') I've been enjoying for many decades. And I will continue my search for others.

Usually for breakfast or lunch. ALL amounts can be adjusted for taste or for texture or for nutritional/dietary preference.

1 cup cottage cheese
1 sm/med avocado
1 or 2 umeboshi plums

Mash together, mind the pit(s), and enjoy! (thank you, Ria...) :-)

Jul 27, 2015
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Fun/Interesting restaurant for young teen's birthday (Boston North)

This is a year later but... I've tried to eat at The Melting Pot about 4 times. Each time the EARLIEST we could get a same-day reservation was 10p.m. Book early if you want to do fondue at a reasonable time. Haven't tried in 3 months so I don't know if the wait is still as long...

Jan 28, 2008
eatumup in Greater Boston Area

quiet romantic spot near Worcester

I've been to the Old Mill - you're right. Food is okay but the only time I've been there is weekend breakfast. Might be a great start to a day out and the hikes are a good tie-in activity.
Thanks for the suggestions.

quiet romantic spot near Worcester

Great suggestions, thank you. The one in Princeton sounds very nice. Now I think I have too many choices!! ;-) I think I'll read over some reviews before making any final choice.

thanks again, Meryl!

quiet romantic spot near Worcester

I'm looking for a place with good drinks and decent food and appetizers to meet my sweetie after work. North or East of Worcester is best.
We are middle-aged and enjoy good conversation in a comfortable and private environment. We're coming up on our 4th anniversary and I'd like to surprise her.
A big plus would be if it has a quiet parking lot to watch the sunset.
Too much to ask for?

How to Cut a Chicken into Eight Serving Pieces

Videos for prepping food - GREAT! Some comments:
1. I agree with all about a "knife science" segment - selecting, sharpening, caring for, etc.
2. Please, PLEASE change the section on removing the backbone. As an ex-shop teacher, I cringed as she pulled the knife towards her hand, aiming right at her thumb-forefinger joint...! You want the "GOOD" Julia Child demos, not the "Dan Ackroyd" Julia Child demos. Cutting tools should always be worked AWAY from body parts...
3. A helpful trick - cutting each of those breast portions in half again helps equalize cooking time. Plus, it provides more manageable portions.
Looking forward to more of these great ideas!

Sep 05, 2006
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French Toast Sandwiches with Marmalade

This recipe (with walnuts instead of marmalade and Grandma Nyeh..) has been a hit in my family for 20 years. Never thought about using the G.Foreman grill before this, though. Thanks!

Sep 05, 2006
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Oriental Pearl Dim Sum - Framingham - Outstanding!

Outstanding info, thank you! I've been going in to Chinatown (from Natick) and now I'll have a leisurely trip west for great Dim Sum on a Sunday morning! Thanks for the info and the recommendations.
I'll assume that their standard Chinese fare is pretty decent considering their skill and authenticity with Dim Sum. I'll reply again after we try it out

Sep 04, 2006
eatumup in Greater Boston Area