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Jerk Chicken [London]

Where to go for authentic, delicious jerk chicken in London? Have enjoyed great jerk outside Emirates stadium, from a food cart. Heard Brixton Village has a few options -- where is best? Have seen but not yet tried the stand on Brick Lane. Sit down preferred, but seeking best no matter where. Will travel.

Aug 07, 2011
meb81 in U.K./Ireland

Coach and Horses, Farringdon, London

Doesn't sound very summery -- meat and butternut squash? Seems quite a few of the gastropubs struggle at this time of year... The menu's at a lot of places are way too heavy right now.

Aug 07, 2011
meb81 in U.K./Ireland

What should a New Yorker make sure to bring when moving to London?

Hard to find but easy to pack items include: grits, polenta, brownie mix, pancake mix, cornbread mix, stuffing mix, maple syrup, dried chiles like chipotle. And even if you bring no other kitchen equipment, bring an american measuring cup!

Aug 05, 2011
meb81 in U.K./Ireland

Best pizza in London

Had to write because I've just discovered amazing (amazing!) new york style pies in an unexpected place: Bloomsbury Bowl/Kingpin Suite in Bloomsbury. Not All StarLanes, the other bowling place on Tavistock Square. Huge, thin, nicely charred, a few bubbles at the crust, real tomato-y sauce, thin well-dispersed slightly salty mozzerella, and fresh basil. All melded together perfectly. At a party, wasn't expecting much, but closed my eyes with pleasure at the each bite...

Sep 13, 2010
meb81 in U.K./Ireland

Special Bistro, open on Monday?

My mother and I will be in Paris to celebrate her 60th bithday, which happens to be on Monday. We have a fancy meal planned for later in the week (Le Grand Vefour), but for our first meal -- and her actual birthday -- we are looking for the perfect warm, cozy bistro. Food is most important, but a good neighborhood to soak in the atmosphere of Paris would also be nice.

Nov 14, 2008
meb81 in France