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A Thanksgiving Coach You Can Stuff in Your Pocket

Chow, please make this app for Windows Phone 7 & the Android devices

Nov 02, 2011
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Mark Bittman: Expert in Residence!

Hi Mark,

I really love your recipies on NTY - they have provided many a quick delicious evening meal in our home :-). I especially love your entertaining videos. I have recently started making home made paneer cheese. Two questions for you:
1. Any suggestions on what to add to paneer to make it a bit more interesting?
2. Any other easy cheeses (besides yogurt cheese featured on chow) that a novice can make at home?

Thanks - and keep your entertaining minimalist videos and delish recipies coming!

Aug 05, 2009
odie201 in Home Cooking

You Want Fries on That?

In Denmark, there is this really awsome sauce that is usually eaten with fries - called Remolade. It's a mayo like condiment with a little curry and sweet pickles. There is also something called a sausage mix, where pieces of hot dogs are fried with the fries. Curry ketchup, onions, and pickles are then smothered over the mixture - yum yum!

Aug 15, 2007
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Papalote-Inspired Salsa

I threw a Mexican food party this weekend, and this salsa was a huge sucess - everyone was asking me for the recipe!! I am looking forward to finding many more on this site :-)!

I did make two minor alterations - I used lime juice instead of vinegar (that was just a personal preferance). I didn't have any ground pasilla peppers so I used a whole dried one. I toasted it in pork fat before I added it to the roasted tomatos (a common trick I used for pasilla peppers).

Oct 01, 2006
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Twice as Expensive, Half as Good

I've eaten at Rasa Samudra, and it's AWSOME!! The food is excellent and the prices are very reasonable.

While there, I started talking to an employee who was standing next to our table making some bread. It turns out, he was the owner of the restaurant! After my husband and I talked with him for a little while, he gave us a personal tour of the entire restaurant - including a tour of the kitchen where we got to meet the all the chefs (both vegitarian and non-veggie). We were hooked after that! Fortunately, Das has a couple of Indian cook books that have some really awsome recipes :-).

Sep 07, 2006
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