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What to order at Ray's Hell Burger?

You meant to say between Rosslyn and Courthouse Metro stations.

New Red Meat Hut in Springfield

While his site may be considered a competitor to Chowhound, Don Rockwell absolutely loved the place! His review is in this thread:

Sounds like the service wrinkles are ironed out but now you likely have to deal with a line to get inside issue instead.

Solo chow for Thanksgiving?

China Garden in Rosslyn will offer a Dim-sum menu on Thanksgiving. I've always found it to be a friendly format for solo dining. Get what you want and when you've had enough leave. I always prefer a table but you could make it work from a bar stool if you are aggressive in tracking the carts and pulling them over.

What happened to Cafe Asia Rosslyn?

I work in the neighborhood and can also confirm that it is still open and appears to be doing good business. Go visit, talk to the manager and give us an update. I'm working off a Hellburger addiction and will probably be dead in another week or two so I can't help you.

Help! Best hamburger in DC?

You want Ray's Hellburger on Wilson Blvd in Va. It is sooo good (order it to be cooked medium) that it will definitely not be the only one. It will create an instant craving.

Maizbon in Alexandria has closed

Saw the note on the door Wednesday. Pity. I really enjoyed the place.

Useless link to now dead website:

Saturday Dinner in NoVa/DC - Looking for Recs

Ethiopian is very vegetarian friendly and also has much of the small plate feel despite being served on an injera platter (instead of small plates). I would suggest Meaza for their veggie combo. Ethiopian is great when eating with family that you don't get a chance to see very often. Very communal style. People unfamiliar with it may even call it adventurous. If no one at the table has had Ethiopian before, do a little research so you don't ask for a fork, use the bread as a bib or a napkin, or drink the water provided at the end of the meal to clean your hands.

Meaza Restaurant
5700 Columbia Pike, Falls Church, VA 22041

Sports bar for NFL football in DC area?

The Alley Cat has great food and drink specials for the games and an excellent brunch menu.

About a mile away from the metro but the DASH Bus AT1 and AT8 will take you right to it.

They label all of the TVs with the various games and have enough to show them all. They are a favorite of Steelers fans but regulars include Redskins and even a persistent Browns fan (now THAT'S dedication).

Suggestions for soul food in the DC area?

That was the location of the old Margaret's but it always featured soul food. Maybe you are thinking of Weyone in Landmark Mall that always carries some Ghanaian dishes along with their Jamaican menu. Or maybe the Ghanaian colors (red, green, yellow) of their logo had more significance than I realized. Anyway, besides the jerk chicken, Margaret's menu is entirely soul food now.

Suggestions for soul food in the DC area?

You are in luck! I have a brand new place for you. Margaret's, once located in Landmark Plaza a few years ago, has *just* opened a new location. I went to get a haircut at the Star Barber Shop next door, saw the new sign and grabbed a plate as I left around 11:30am. Like many new places just opening, I settled for what they had ready rather than what I really wanted from their delicious menu.

From their menu I recall the entrees being: Fried Chicken, Pulled Pork, Ribs, Fried Pork Chops, Jerk Chicken, Smothered Chicken, Fried Fish and Chicken Kabobs with the expected sides of: Collard Greens, Mac & Cheese, Green Beans, Potato Salad, Cole Slaw, Yams and Cabbage. Price point for and entree and two slides were roughly $8-11. Definitely had sweet tea. Not sure about okra.

I loved their food when they were in Landmark. The plate of Jerk Chicken, Yams and Cabbage on the way out did not disappoint.

Anyway, here's the info:

Catering and Carry Out
2534 S Shirlington Rd
Arlington VA

Where can I find Pomegranates?

Safeway? Giant? It is a very common fruit and while it is in season during the fall I have seen plenty of them available in the last few weeks. A few days ago I pondered buying a couple at a Safeway in Alexandria but settled instead for the more expensive 100% pomegranate juice. Where have you *not* seen them? That should make for a shorter list.

Restaurant Everyone Hates But You

At Cafe Asia they are basically wontons in chili oil. Very tasty but a little sweeter than the spicier Peter Chang version when he was at TemptAsia a few food eras ago. Sigh!

Cafe Asia
1720 I St NW Unit Frnt, Washington, DC 20006

Frozen Custard

I was there just last week and definitely agree. Nice assortment of toppings - I got the wet walnuts for my vanilla custard. Made a tasty and filling lunch for me. The sandwiches looked great but I wasn't hungry enough to risk stuffing myself by having both.

Veggie-Friendly that Delivers Near the White House

Go for the current hot and trendy spot with great food.

Roti's Mediterranean Grill

Maybe also give the new kid on the block a call and see what they have: VIP Catering

Breakfast near World Bank

I'll confirm G street is good.
Founding Farmers in the trendy place and open for breakfast:
Breadline has nice omelets and decent space:
Corner Bakery has a decent sitting area.
The Met Cafe has lots of options and plenty of seating:

Fast food options of Roti (limited menu), Cosi, Potbelly's, Subway, and Brown Bag Cafe all have places to sit.

Founding Farmers
1924 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20006

The Brown Bag
1099 14th St NW Frnt 1, Washington, DC 20005

Pizza Hut Wings

The spicy garlic is okay. Not particularly hot, but tasty. Not as tasty as Hooters' spicy garlic but definitely an enjoyable snack. Most of the garlic varieties are safe bets. I just had no appreciation for any of their other flavors and also thought their hot wings were just, well, sad.

Mar 18, 2010
malveaux in Chains

West African food?

I've had good experiences at Weyone in the back of Landmark Mall but that was over a year ago. They had some Ghana dishes that were as good as I remember from a trip to Ghana 8 months earlier. All in all, I preferred their Jamaican dishes. Definitely worth a scouting trip. On weekends, it used to turn into a nightclub for the older (40+) set. You might want to call ahead and make sure the appropriate chef will be in the kitchen when you visit.

Soul Food

Levi's is also quite good. Fried chicken, fish, ribs, etc with all the expected sides - greens, mac & cheese, cornbread. Nice if you are already in the neighborhood for a Nationals game or some such.

Levi's Port Cafe
1102 8th St SE, Washington, DC 20003

All you can eat sushi?

I've heard great things about Todai (already mentioned) but have never been motivated to try it myself.

I think that I'm done with AYCE places. Forever.


Sigh! This is the first time I have said this and I'll never mention this place again. Furthermore, there better not be a line or an out of BBQ sign when I visit over the next few months or I'm cutting off this board completely.

From the beltway just north of the Woodrow Wilson bridge, take RT 210 South towards Indian Head. If the place is open and it is daylight, you can just follow the smoke. Unless the weather is bad and then you take the 2nd, maybe 3rd, right on Livingston Rd. Most likely you will normally drive by it a couple of times before you spot the place, as it just blend in and the smoke is hard to see when you get close due to the tree cover. If you are low on gas, it is nestled between the golf driving range and a car wash in a small unassuming house that only becomes paradise upon closer inspection.

It is a pile of smoke with a small shack around it. The BBQ is the best. Get the sauce on the side for a true test of the smokey favor as the sauce has a thick coat that overpowers the meat flavor. Also, I know of no fewer than a dozen places with better sides so you wouldn't regret just skipping them altogether.

For the adventure impaired, this info is for you (from the many receipts laying around):

Smoke Shack Rib and BBQ Rest. (never seen anyone eating there- just waiting for takeout)
9119 Livingston Road

I refuse to describe them, for as you would expect from the best they speak far better for themselves than I ever could. Now don't say I never did anything for you and don't hog the joint with huge orders on game day (which is, of course, every day).

Brunch in Alexandria on Sunday

I have always enjoy Mango Mike's Sunday brunch. Great space, the steel drums work for me, and the bottomless mimosas suit me perfectly. Certainly very affordable at under $20. And I like the numerous stations (omelet, waffles, etc).

All the breakfast basics. Not much of note outside of the basics. Usually, the noise level is such that you can enjoy your company. Always a nice bonus.

I think I need to return again soon. It's been too long (couple of months).

Veal Parmesean in NOVA?

I get my fix from Cafe Monti in Alexandria.

However, they seemed to be closed during the times I need them the most.

Cajun Experience in Leesburg?

> Seriously, do I have a VA alternative to Acadiana/Bardem?

If you haven't heard of RT's Restaurant by now, you have no one to blame but yourself!

at which store can i find frozen crawfish tails? nova

Try Slavin's, just off 395 at Glebe (turn right). Their catalog lists live crawfish so I guess their little store in front probably has what you want. Crawfish are often available at the DC Waterfront but I only recall seeing whole, cooked ones there.

FYI: Greenfields - CLOSED (Meatlovers Mourn)

A less expensive option in Virginia is the Malibu Grille:

Restaurant near Nationals Park

The Washington Post has all of the leaked secrets.

And the others aren't available, at least from me.

Long John Silver's-yea or nea?

I actually went out of my way to go there 6 months ago and loaded up on food. At least they give you lots of packets of tartar sauce, cocktail sauce, and hot sauce so you can balance out the old grease flavor. Anyway, it killed my cravings forever but if it is ever convenient for me I might stop in and pick up something.

Mar 13, 2009
malveaux in Chains

Northern Indian Restaurant near K Street

Could it be Aroma? Off I ST?

1919 I (Eye) Street, NW
Washington, DC 20006

What fast food do you eat rarely, but that first bite think "Wow, this is so good!"

Definitely a warm Krispy Kreme donut. Of course, the feeling never lasts beyond the first bite, and more than one whole donut makes me queasy from the sugar rush.

Dec 31, 2008
malveaux in Chains


No matter how much you like bacon and how good it sounds, the bacon appetizer is a bit much. Many, many, skewers of bacon. So good, but soooo much bacon.

The chicken pot pie was quite good but was a little runny. I left wishing that I tried something else. I doubt that it is one of their best dishes. Everything I saw on other plates looked better.

The menu is amazing and you are certain to find plenty to like.

Yeah, the service is slow but quite friendly. It's a quite popular place so expect a crowd during the lunch rush.