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Gluten-free and hungry in Manhattan!

I haven't tried it myself, but the fried chicken and waffles at Friedman's Lunch, Chelsea Market can be made gluten-free:

The rest of the brunch, lunch, and dinner menus have other gluten-free dishes as well.

Tu-Lu's in the East Village also has gluten-free baked goods:

Friedman's Lunch
75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

338 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003

Mar 25, 2011
shortexact in Manhattan

Banh Mi Ba Le, Oakland (2nd location)

If anyone has tried both Banh Mi Ba Le's banh cuon and the banh cuon at the old Hung Ky, it would be great to hear how the former stands up to the latter.

Izakaya at Sebo [San Francisco]

As I understand it, the izakaya runs to about 11 pm, slightly later than the usual closing time on the nights they serve sushi.

Perbacco, SF report - not worth the hype!

Thanks for writing in. Of the two times I went there, the one I enjoyed more by far was also lunch. Glad to hear you've had a string of good experiences. Since this thread was last active almost a year ago, are there any new great dishes to look out for?

Japanese Monkfish Liver in SF Area Restaurants?03/08

I believe Ino's ankimo has the edge, but you really can't go wrong either Ino or Sebo. Last time I visited Hama-ko (quite awhile ago now), there was nice ankimo there as well, but it would be easier to just go for Ino or Sebo.

Ino and Sebo both generally serve their ankimo as nigiri, occasoinally as gunkan but not with the ponzu prep that OP mentioned. IMO, the simpler preparation of the ankimo is much better, assuming you have a good product. Ino and Sebo's ankimo both have a complex flavor missing from most other restaurants' ankimo, and a ponzu-free prep really highlights the superiority of the product.

Visit SF's Chinatown? I'm from LA

I would agree about Z&Y, but I've been noticing quite a bit of inconsistency there recently. One meal I had there some months ago was pretty awful. I returned last weekend with a bit of trepidation, but the dan dan mian was well done.

Sebo Sushi: opinions? [San Francisco]

Sushi Ran? Really? I've never been, but I had heard reports that its strengths were more in the realm of nouveau/fusion/etc, rather than traditional nigiri. The last time I was north of the GG Bridge was maybe... a decade ago? So I probably won't be getting there anytime soon.

I've been to the other four, but Sebo would be the only one with any frequency. Sakae and Kaygetsu (at the bar) were maybe a few years ago. Kyo-Ya, I've only been once at lunchtime, at the bar. There was a division of labor in which Tonai-san handled sashimi, and his co-chef did the nigiri. So I didn't get to enjoy Tonai-san's nigiri crafting, but the marked difference in slicing skill between the nigiri and sashimi made it clear that at a return trip would be a good thing to do at some point.

Sebo Sushi: opinions? [San Francisco]

This is about what I had expected, but I was beginning to doubt that instinct just from the sheer volume of people extolling it and mentioning that the chef also carried many "special" items. Then again, I don't think I've heard anything at all about the sushi rice, which to my mind is at least as important as the neta.

Thanks for weighing in, Porthos.

Cuban food in the Berkley area or close by?

Will you be in San Francisco at all? Not sure if it's what you had in mind, but Paladar's on Kearny in SF has great Cuban sandwiches and other dishes (lunch only- 10 am to 3 pm, I think?), and they have a tapas bar night sort of deal on Thursdays. It's a few blocks from BART, so it's a pretty easy trip from Berkeley.

Sushi during lunch

Not sure where your lunch is, but if it's in or near FiDi, you may want to check out Akiko's (Bush, between Kearny and Grant). FiDi has a lot of bad to mediocre sushi, but Akiko's is one of the better choices for this area.

Another possibility would be Mikaku (on Grant, just south of the Chinatown gate at Bush), which is open at lunch, although I prefer their dinnertime-only cooked specials.

Sebo Sushi: opinions? [San Francisco]

I'm not stirland, but in the Sunset, Koo is probably your best bet. Steer clear of that whole Okazuya bunch!

Sebo Sushi: opinions? [San Francisco]

Yeah... sort of a double-edged sword, isn't it? :) Sebo, Ino, Kyo-ya, and Murasaki are pretty much a complete list of the places in SF proper that I would seek for sushi. That said, I still have yet to try the infamous Zushi Puzzle to see what the fuss there is all about.

Bakesale Betty's in N downtown Oakland?

Haha, Eye of Sauron! Nice :-)

Actually though, by Cathedral Building, I didn't mean the new cathedral going up at Grand/Harrison, but rather the beautifully ornate flatiron at the corner of Broadway and Telegraph (Latham Sq). There was a rumor the Ozumo folks would open something there, but the space is pretty small, so I guess it would have to be a different sort of concept. I'll see if I can find the link that talked about this...

Bakesale Betty's in N downtown Oakland?

Now that the neighborhood is becoming a destination, the Chron has picked up on it, but that neighborhood has long been called Uptown, for many years before that article.

Bakesale Betty's in N downtown Oakland?

There are also plans for Ozumo ventures in the ground floor of the Broadway Grand condominiums and the Cathedral Building. Not sure if those fell through or not?

Sebo, SF report w/ pics

The meiji honmaguro was really a treat. And yes, they do now receive shipments of the kindai honmaguro, but that isn't their only source for tuna, at least, last time I checked.

Upscale casual near the Hotel Vitale

I haven't been there, but there has been some discussion on the board about Mexico DF:

Minh's Restaurant (Vietnamese) in Mtn View - have u tried it?

Nope, but it looks like Jatbar did recently. Really short post, but there are a few pictures:

Major changes at Kaygetsu

That is big news. Thanks for forwarding along that message.

Vietnamese restaurant as good/better than Slanted Door?

The 67 does stop in front, as does the 26-Valencia. The 12 and 27 lines also terminate a couple blocks away from Lotus Garden.

help an LA hound design a culinary weekend in SF/Bay area 2/15-2/18

Bar Crudo is only open at dinnertime, so that won't work as an afternoon snack, but as daveena said, you may want to devote a whole meal to it. (At any rate, I find the seafood chowder to be quite rich for just a snack! Very tasty though.) The arctic char crudo is also often a favorite.

Sushi Rock Geary - Maybe an unlucky location?

It's not the outer *Richmond*, but if you remember that Geary spans from Market Street the ocean, anything west of Arguello counts as outer Geary, as opposed to "inner Geary", which is the denser eastern portion of the street. However, since Clement only starts at Arguello, "outer Clement" would generally refer to locations west of PP.

Sushi Rock Geary - Maybe an unlucky location?

Well, if ever there was a spot appropriate for a mediocre (at best) sushi joint, outer Geary would be it. Sushi Rock should feel right at home...

Kaiseki Winter '08 menu @ Kaygetsu, Menlo Park report w/ pics

I would highly recommend a separate trip to the sushi bar, despite whatever storm of protest you might hear about how it's "missing the point" to get sushi at what is fundamentally a kaiseki-ya. Toshi-san is one of the best itamae in the Bay Area, and it is well worth the trip.

In transit from Muir Woods to SFO

I guess that depends how long you're planning on spending at Muir Woods. If you go to Ferry Plaza earlier, there should be plenty of time for dinner before going to the airport, if you leave Muir Woods early enough.

In addition to north bay or SF, you may also want to consider restaurants in cities near the airport-- Burlingame, Millbrae, etc -- just for the time comfort of knowing that you're already near the airport.

Any more specifics about what you would consider a "decent dinner"? Any favorite cuisines, or desired price ranges?

HK Villa Restaurant, Milpitas - NEW..anyone been?

So far we have two favorable opinions, but any further details? Recommendations for specific dishes they seem to do well?

SF Area must eats

To get the most useful responses from the board, it's also recommended that you first use the search function for cuisines and locations you're most interested in. The more specific the question, the better the responses will be.

Sushi Buffs-sushi chef Sachio Kojima

This is great news, thanks for sharing the article, Lori. I've never been to Isa but it looks like that may change soon.

If his wife is in better health, perhaps he'd like to return to SF? =)

Palo Alto Hot Spots-What did I miss?

What examples of "harder to find" fish were available? And also, how was the sushi rice? Thanks.

Report – Wonderful Nepalese food at Metro Kathmandu

I think that by saying "not in fact $40 a person", Susan meant that if they ordered less food -- so that it could be comfortably finished at the table, rather than intentionally ordering leftovers -- the bill would've been much less than $77. The $77 bill was more the equivalent of three or four people's worth of food, so "in fact", it was more like $20-30 per person, for that meal.