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Battle Of The Asian Open Air Markets!

I've been to both, but a few years ago. Many of the popular vendors are the same. I found Night it up much less crowded and easier to get around and has more of a community feel.

Where to buy coconut chips

Tutti Fruitti in Kensington carries unsweeten coconut chips/flakes in bulk.

Great soups...high end to low end

I third Ravi's. Agree with Happycamper the corn & crab chowder is delicious. My go to is the chicken hot pot - but that's is thai-influenced.

Kim Moon Bakery new management?

I'm sad it went downhill and is now dead. I have really good memories of the Kim Moon over the past 36 years
-the giant fake wedding cake with the bridges that was in front window, for about 20-25 years
- the bak tong gau and put chai go my grandmother really liked, and dirt cheap
- the basic, no filling, baked buns that I don't see much in Cantonese bakeries anymore i.e. gu gai boa (piggy buns) and salty buns
-and the cheap, tasty dim sum in later years.


'Fishermen Clubhouse' - A most impressive Chinese 'Seafood' Restaurant

We thinking of doing a big group dinner here, but I've never been. Has anyone been to Fisherman's Club recently? How was it?

Kim Moon Bakery new management?

The quality and selection of the buns have dropped too.

Sad, I remember going to Kim Moon regularly as a kid. It was usually very busy.

CHING HE HUANG & KEN HOM Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure

I watched Exploring China a few months ago, shortly after taking a trip to China myself.

It is an interesting series. I liked the different regional cooking styles.

Jun 02, 2013
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Who are your favorite food bloggers?

I, too, find these lists great to help me find new blogs. Thanks!

Here are the ones I check regularly:
Amateur Gourmet, funny, great writing:
The Bitten Word, they cook from their food magazines and share the results:
Canal House Cooks Lunch, pretty pictures:
She Simmers, Thai:

These bloggers don't post that frequently but still a great read and for tips:
Kimchimari, I've been fascinated with Korean food this has been a great resource:
Orangette, just lovely:

Others already mentioned include: Food52 and the Kitchn
Saveur compiles a Best of List of Food Blogs, I've made so discoveries there:

Mar 25, 2013
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Where to find MILLET in Toronto?

I'm searching for raw millet for this recipe;

Any other places to buy millet in Toronto?

Best Chinatown eats?

You are walking distance of lots of delicious and cheap eats. My 5 top picks within a block of Spadina and Baldwin:
Mother's Dumplings
Anh Dao - my favourite pho in the city
Dumpling House
KaChi - pork bone soup

Kensington Market a number of spots that fit the bill. Explore!

January 2013 COTM: JERUSALEM -- Stuffed; Meat; Fish

Chicken with caramelized onion & cardamom rice, p. 184

I got Jerusalem for Christmas. I'm looking forward to trying lots of recipes from this book.

This dish took almost two hours to put together including cooking time. I had to breakdown chicken leg (4) and a whole breast so the dish should take 1.5 hours if you use chicken thighs.
I omitted the currants (my bf doesn't eat them) and the greek yogurt garnish. The fresh herb mix (parsley, dill and cilantro) is a must, it really makes the dish.

The rice and chicken were delicious, not too greasy, very flavourful and great for leftovers. I served this with a kale salad.

I would make this again, no changes.

Jan 01, 2013
cookiebaker in Home Cooking

Sabai Sabai - Church & Dundas

It is a green vegetable popular in Chinese and South Asian Cuisine for stir fries. It goes by a few names, in Chinese it is tong choi or ong choi.

Sabai Sabai - Church & Dundas

I was there tonight, around 6:30. Steady business, no line ups. Chief Nuit was greeting and saying goodbye to customers.

The food was really good.
We had: papaya salad, crispy fried fish with tamarind sauce, spicy noodle salad, shrimp in panang curry, and red fire fried morning glory.
For me the standouts were the shrimp in panang and the morning glory. Shrimp was fresh and crunchy and the curry rich and flavourful. I love morning glory, here they cooked with lots of garlic and fish sauce, perhaps oyster sauce as well. Delicious.
The noodle salad was similar in quality to the noodles at Kho San Road (very good).
The fish was a tad undercooked. The papaya salad had a good balance of hot sour salty sweet.

I also had the Thai iced tea that was much too sweet.

I would recommend heading to Sabai Sabi before the hoards descend. Also, they take reservations.

Grand Electric

anyone been to Grand Electric lately? Are the lineups still crazy? Thinking of going tonight (Monday).

Vietnamese food : which one?

Anh Dao is my go-to for pho. The broth has are really nice depth of flavour and the noodles are cooked perfectly (not too hard or soft). The rice paper rolls with grilled meats are really good too.

In The Kitchen With Stefano Faita on CBC

Has anyone watched In the Kitchen with Stefano on CBC?
I'm sure he's a nice enough and the food is fine but WHY DOES HE NEED TO YELL AT ME?
Seriously, he normal speaking is really loud. I can't sit through an episode.

My fellow Canadians, have you observed this?

Sep 06, 2012
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Lick It Gelato - new spot in Harbourfront Area

I've been to Lick It, twice. The gelato is good, not great. The salted caramel is very good. I've also tried the lemon, stracciatella, and chocolate hazelnut. I found the waffle cone too soft to my liking. Behind the counter you can see large cans of Pregel , they don't make the base in house.

That said, I'm happy to see a independent food business in the neighbourhood. The space is very cute and the people very friendly. I really hope they survive the winters.

Splendid Table-NPR

The review was part of the Road Food segment on every week. The couple recommends places to eat regional specialities. Some places they review are more unique/interesting than others, but I quite enjoy the segment.
I live in Toronto, it is not the US, delicious Mexican/Salvadorian food isn't everywhere. These places need be sought out.

Aug 28, 2012
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

The Prague on Queen Street re-opened

Happy to here the Prague is back! I was worried it was one of those renovations that turn the place to something completely different. Let us know what lunch is like tomorrow.

Weekend break in Montreal

We walked by Lawrence, many people where waiting in front of the restaurant. I didn't know the whole situation between Sparrow and Lawrence until I read up on it afterwards.
Regardless, I recommend the brunch at Sparrow.

Weekend break in Montreal

Where we ate this past weekend Aug 17-19.

First off, the quality of food and service was great everywhere we went. My only disappointment was that I was only there for 3 days...

Here's a rundown of places we visited:

Schwartz: smoked meat sandwiches, coleslaw fries – been here before
delicious, reliable, I had the medium and the bf had the medium fat.

Satay Brothers – Laksa and pork satay
Malaysian-style coconut laksa, spicy soup with spaghetti-style rice noodles, tofu puffs, soft boiled egg, bean sprouts, and fish cake. It had a great spicy kick and was pretty filling. The satay had a lovely glaze and char.
Homard des Iles - Lobster roll
Average price ($14), good balance of lobster tail and claw meat with a bit mayo and chive. It was reminiscent of lobster rolls I've eaten in New Brunswick. I ate it so disappeared in a blink.

Shrimp salad
The salad had shrimp with arugula, watercress, orange slices. β€œMeh” of a dish.

Cafe Holt: Brunch Tartine and Crab BLT Tartine, Poilane bread pudding
Served on poilane bread, both open face sandwiches where beautifully presented and had delicate flavours. The tea ad coffee where exceptional. The service was a bit slow and we had our drinks and dessert comped.
If you don't like desserts too sweet Poilane bread pudding is for you but I found the rustic bread a bit too rough...I like bread pudding richer and creamier.
Great spot for watching the ladies that lunch and near the MMFA.

Au Pied du Cochon. I was here 4 years ago and it was one of the most memorable meals ever. After booking my plane tickets, the second thing I did was make reservations for APDC.
We tried so hard not to order too much...but of course we totally over ordered: Duck in a can, happy pork chop, french onion soup, poutine and crispy salad, APDC beer and a virgin cucumber mojito.
Everything was rich, heavy, decadent and so good. We intended to pack up half the meal, eating only half the entrees at the restaurant, but the serving staff tossed our leftovers (!) by accident. They apologized and our coffee and dessert comped. The creme brulee was very nice...but I'm still sad about the yummy leftovers that I'll never see again.

Myraide Cafe, croissant and coffee
very good and busy for 9:30 on a Saturday morning.

Sparrow for brunch
My partner had the pork loin with eggs over easy and tater tots and I had smoked chicken and roasted corn hash poached egg with hollandaise . From the blogs I've read the Sparrow's brunch has gone through many changes over the last year, the current iteration is a short card of regular brunch items with a twist. We arrived at 12:30 an had a 15 min wait. The food was amazing and inventive. The BF really enjoyed the pork a giant tender slab of peameal bacon. The hash had great flavour, the potato chunks where a bit too uniform and big for hash, and the hollandaise was luxurious. The room is gorgeous ...all wood with pretty touches like the birds in flight wallpaper on an accent wall and th dishes where served on antique china.

Jean Talon: Havre aux Glace, I had the strawberry sorbet. It had amazingly concentrated strawberry flavour.

Fairmount bagels for home.

All and all a great food experience. Thanks Montreal Chowhounders for your advice! I look forward to my next visit.

Recent experience with Europea?

I was at Europea a month ago. Great service, interesting food. We had lots of lovely amuse bouche, unique presentations too.

iced coffee 2012

My favourite is the iced coffee drinks at Moonbean in Kensington Market. They add coffee ice cubes so the flavour doesn't get diluted.

Joanne Kates is leaving the Globe!

Good job on the predicition! I'm not surprise, but a bit disappointed G&M went with the tired and true rather than a fresher voice.
Kates and Nuttal-Smith fill a similar function to the same audience.

ISO good food and cooking podcasts

Spilled Milk with Molly Wizenberg aka Orangette and Matthew Amster-Burton is cute

Mike and Tom Eat Snacks, not for everybody, they spin some elaborate tall tales but they take the snack PER (pick a snack, eat a snack and rate a snack) system seriously.

Feb 10, 2012
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Markham Restaurants?

Spring Villa for dim sum is quite good and classy
7301 Woodbine Ave.

Jim Chi Kee, it is a hole in the wall but the wonton noodle soup or the fish ball noodle soup are great. The wontons are the biggest I've ever seen and very fresh.
270 West Beaver Creek

If you want to try a bit of this and that, First Markham place has a interesting selection in their food court. There's also many, many food options in the plaza. I like Din Tai Fung Shanghai dim sum and Tracy Dessert for chinese-style puddings.
3255 Hwy 7 East

Have fun!

Lucky Peach magazine

The Cookbook Store has copies, in Toronto.

Jul 31, 2011
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Celebrity Cookbooks, do you own any?

I wouldn't consider Rachel Ray a celebrity with a cookbook. She is cooking personality first and foremost, not an actor/actress who puts out a cookbook with no chef credentials. I'm talking about Sophia Loren or Gwyneth Paltrow and the like.

I found a tread on this from 2007:

Mar 21, 2011
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

Celebrity Cookbooks, do you own any?

This article is about why celebrities write cookbooks and why publishers publish them.

It made me wonder: do you own any celebrity cookbooks? Are any of them (surprisingly) good?

I confess, I don't own any and I wouldn't buy one either...but am I being a foodie snob?

Mar 21, 2011
cookiebaker in Food Media & News

2010 closings

El Barrio in Kensignton is closed. The end was nigh when the Spanish tapas restaurant was advertising fish and chips, breafast and hamburgers on hand-markered signs.