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Fresh bay leaves

just saw some at PA Supermarche on Parc

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

YES! that is the place, went there yesterday and got the delicious apple bread! i missed the vanilla and maple spread... next year! we also went to les fromages du verger which is up the main road and then to the left (there's a sign) for more delicious treats! sadly, the honey crisps were all done at a la croisee des pommes :(
thanks again!

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

excellent, thank you so much!

In search of HONEY CRISP APPLES in downtown Montreal (including Atwater Market)

sorry, where exactly do I find this apple bread? sounds amazing! i think i need to try it this weekend after my apple picking!

cellophane bags for cookies/candies

It's that time of year and I need small to medium cellophane bags to package my goodies. Does anyone know where I can get cellophane bags (I'd buy at least 100) downtown? I don't have a car to go all the way out to Ares.

Kettle popcorn....

Thank you for everyone's input! I did a quick day trip to Vermont last week and stopped off at Morse Farm to try the Maple Kettle Corn. Unfortunately, it wasn't what I hopped... as fedelst1 mentioned, it IS all in the kernel! The popcorn at Morse is just regular popcorn and kind of tasted burnt. I then headed to Burlington the the guy on Church street happened to be away that day!! :( I did see a couple bagged varieties at the store, but we all know it's not quite the same...

Two unrelated Vermont tips... go to City Market in Burlington (like a mini Whole Foods) as well as a stop in Montpelier. There are two New England Culinary Institute restaurants there. We went to the bakery cafe, La Brioche for yummy sandwich and soup. I was able to bring back $30 of cheese (Sherburne Farms Cheddar and Jasper Hill Constant Bliss...) no problem over the border!

Kettle popcorn....

Does ANYONE know where to get kettle corn in Montreal?? What about NH or VT?

Best food for the price with funky/cool atmosphere in Montreal?

I really loved L'Assommoir on Bernard, corner St. Urbain! It might be on the pricey side, but they have great drinks (~$9, try the ginger martini) and tasty eats, perfect for sharing. They serve ample ceviches/tartares (we had the spicy salmon with mango) as well as caveman style meats on a hunk of butcher's block. They have daily specials... check it out! The plantain chips with chipotle salsa are addictive!

Montreal: HELP! Looking for great HOT CHOCOLATE (near St Hubert & Av Mont Royal)

They have a killer hot chocolate at Genvieve Granbois (on St-Viateur west of St-Urbain, a little more north, but worth the walk) but maybe it's finished for the wintry season. All you need is a little cups worth... sticks to your ribs!

Which is the best CSA?

I'm really interested in support in a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) this year. I understand how they work... once a week pickup at a dropoff point. Who is happy with their farm? How much do you pay weekly? (seems like $20/week for a small basket is about the norm)

Thanks for the help!

Favorite Espresso Machine for Home

As I do consider myself a foodie, some people might not like what I have to write here... I love my espresso machine which takes, ahem, capsules! It's a perfect espresso every time. Yes, you are stuck buying the capsules ($0.65 each ordered online and delivered in 2 days) forever but I only drink one coffee a day or less so the ease far outweighs the drawbacks. Plus it looks really cool! I have the Essenza C90 Manual (i can control the amount of water). You can order them directly at but I know they have them at Cuisine Gourmet on Maisonneuve.

Oct 27, 2006
plateaugal in Cookware

Honey Crisp Apples!

It's apple season again! I can't get enough of Honey Crisp apples! Does anyone know where you can pick your own around the Montreal area?