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[Marcello's La Sirena Restaurant] Why does this establishment appear to be successful? It is one super mystery and then some!

A couple of items:
1. Yes, we noticed the place was extremely noisy when we first went on New Year's Eve but then again that was New Years Eve. We had no idea that the place existed with a roar like that of a NYC Subway car coming into a station every night.. Anyway .. lesson learned...

2. Usually, restaurants double the retail price of a bottle of wine. I understand and accept that fact of life. Here they multiple the average retail store's price by a factor of 3 or 4... not appropriate.. no way.. no how.. To charge $60 for a $ 15 dollar bottle of wine is outrageous!

3. In this place, only a single individual brings the food to all of the tables. I guess I am from the "old" school believing that the woman at the table should be served first. Here the men were
served first, then some of the woman, and approximately 8 minutes later the last woman was served. Again... that is not appropriate in a "class" establishment. I believe it is not proper to start eating while the last woman at the table waits and waits. That is the way I was brought up!
Oh yes... The woman did notice being served last!.. The establishment could assign two staff members to bring out the food all at once so that everyone could be served at approximately the same time.
And lastly...
Given the so called reputation of this restaurant and the prices charged, Valet Parking is

Jan 30, 2012
alanccrx in Florida

[Marcello's La Sirena Restaurant] Why does this establishment appear to be successful? It is one super mystery and then some!

Ten of us went here on New Year's eve and all of us were greatly disappointed with the service, poor food, high prices, added to the fact that our reservation for 9PM was not honored and we were finally seated at 9:40 PM and finally given a menu and water at 10:15PM. But then again New Year's eve is a hectic time and not a fair time to review a restaurant so six of us returned four weeks later on a Saturday night. Major Mistake! This time our 6:30 reservation was honored. That is about the only good thing about this crowded and noisy place! The wine list is large and extensive with prices not to be believed! Want a bottle of decent wine? Expect to pay through the nose! Service once again was POOR! Staff appears to be totally lost and not aware of what to do. One example of "service" was the fact that as we were first seated and in the act of sitting down, one member of the staff plopped down a roll onto the bread plate! Oh yes.. the bread was never replaced during the meal. Service was POOR to say the least and not even worthy of a neighborhood Pizza joint. One member of the staff brought our the dishes so all of us could not be served at the same time. The Woman at our table were NOT served first. Huh? Portions were small and average in quality and high in price. Not impressed at all! We all choose not to have dessert and settled for coffee and tea. I recall that one member of our party had tea and to charge $ 3.75 for a tea bag really is outrageous. There is no Valet parking per se and instead there is an elderly woman outside who directs you to a parking spot (if available). Oh yes.. the NOISE level is unbelievable making any normal conversation almost impossible. After two plus hours in the place all of us were on the verge of getting headaches from the noise level! These days we all have seen really decent restaurants serving good food at fair prices fail and close. This place appears to be very very successful. Why? Beats us! We will not return and suggest that you go at your risk.

Marcello's La Sirena Restaurant
6316 South Dixie Highway, West Palm Beach, FL 33405

Jan 29, 2012
alanccrx in Florida

Private room in S. Westchester for lunch w/ 40 ppl

You might consider "American Bistro" in Crestwood(Tuckahoe)..
Excellent food and service! Priced well!
Ask to speak to Denise...
I am certain you will be well pleased...

Fig and Olive- A Major Disappointment!

The price of $ 145.00 was dinner for two....

Fig and Olive- A Major Disappointment!

Four of us tried "Fig and Olive" last Saturday evening after hearing all of the "buzz" about this new place in Scarsdale (Eastchester actually).

All in all-A major disappointment although it appears to be a success (at least for now).

The vast majority of the customers appeared to be young and of the "yuppie" type. The noise level of the restaurant was quite similar to a runway at JFK. After a while, the noise drowns out all

normal conversation, and manages to give one a headache. There has been no attempt at all

to buffer the noise and in fact I seem to think that the owners want it that way to appeal to those who enjoy lots and lots of noise.

My wife and I ordered 2 Vodka Gimlets and were served two very very sweet drinks with a limited amount of Vodka. I had to request two lime slices for our drinks!

A plate containing three different types of olive oils (Mediterranean, California, and North African)

were placed on the table with small slices/cubes of bread. The bread appeared to be quite stale and the olive oils were nothing to write home about. Our server "forgot" to put in the order for my wife's appetizer selection but quickly brought it our which strongly suggests that they are made

well in advance and not "to order"

Two members of our party ordered Caesar Salad with White Anchovy @ $12.00. We were

served two large portions of well dressed salad with each containing a single white anchovy.

The promised olive oil croutons were similar to something out of a box.

My wife ordered the Grilled Chicken Breast which was dried out and tasteless. Two members

of our party order the "Fig and Olive Mediterranean Tasting" @ $30.00 as their main course.

The platter consisted of some of the same dried out grilled chicken, lamb grilled on rosemary

skewers which were hard, tough, and chewy, and 3 small grilled shrimp, which was fair. Also on the platter a small piece of grilled tomato and some Mashed truffled potato's with olive oil which was vile, couscous salad which was also dry, and saffron rice which was fair. Their also was two small bell peppers pieces and
several slices of red onion that was undercooked, on the plate. All in all we were underwelmed
by the dish,although to be fair, the presentation looked nice.

One person had a sorbet desert which came with a small container of rassberry syrup that

was interesting. I noted that there was a selection of tea available @$4.50.

Our wicker chairs were not that comfortable and the tables are so closely spaced together

that the nearby customers seem to be dining with you. Dinner with a drink each averaged

$145.00 with a 20% tip.

The young crowd seemed to be pleased with the noise, poor food, and average service. As for us... Fig and Olive just does not cut it... we shall pass on it in the future.. tried it.. did not like it..

Update on Italian Restaurants in Westchester

My wife and I, as well as our friends, consider Scaramella's the BEST for great Italian food with excellent service and very fair prices. If you have the opportunity, try it.. I am quite certain you will not be disappointed. BTW- They have valet parking on Saturday night...

Scaramella's Restaurant
1 Southfield Ave, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

What do you think??

My wife and I experienced Moderne Barn in Armonk last night with two friends.
It is obvious that the Chef has some abilities but oh that service..
Our reservation turned out to be "lost" despite the fact that they had called to confirm
said reservation. We were sent upstairs where they were utilizing their private dining rooms.
We ordered a White Anchovy Pizza for the table ($15.00) and it was quite tasty. I ordered their "Classic Caesar" Salad @ $9.00as an appetizer and requested Anchovies with my salad.
I was more then a little surprised to learn that they charged me an extra $2.00 for the requested Anchovies. I was under the impression that Anchovies are a part of a "Classic Caesar" but
perhaps I am mistaken. One member of our party had the Baby Arugla Salad @ $10.00. Another individual order a Mixed Green Salad @ $8.00 and my wife had the Heiloom Tomatoes @ $12.00.
No pepper was offered but when requested, a small pepper shaker was produced and placed on the table and we could pepper our salads ourselves. ?????.
The ordered Crusted Salmon @$23.00, the Day Boat Scallops @ $27.00, were fine.
I ordered a special of Duck Breast ($27.00 )which was cooked nicely and was served with
a few tablespoons of white and black barley (?), several cooked grape tomatoes, and radish
slices. Desserts are $ 8.00 each and were good. Coffee was $ 2.50 while Tea was $ 4.00
The establishment was extremely crowded and the noise level was something akin to
that of a packed football stadium. If I were to rank the food only I would give the restaurant two stars but then again there is the issue of service. The service was quite frankly on the level of the Marx Brothers at the Circus. Lots and lots of help... all walking about dazed and confused. Amateur night! Limited training... Really poor! The bread tray was never refilled. Dishes were cleared while some of us were still dining! The wait between courses was much too L O N G. Servers had to walk up a long flight of stairs bringing the food and much of it was served cold or lukewarm. Our table was cleared after we paid the bill and we were still seated. All in all the service rendered was so bad that none of us would return despite the food.
I am wondering if other Chowhound readers and posters think that a $2.00 extra charge
for Anchovies was appropriate? Thoughts? Comments?

Anchovy Question???

My wife and I are interested responses to the following question...

Do you think it is is appropriate to order a "Classic Caesar" salad @ $9.00 and
request Anchovies with it, only to be presented afterwards, with an additional $ 2.00 charge? Thoughts and comments???

Sep 12, 2010
alanccrx in Not About Food

Semi-casual restaurant suggestions in Lower Westchester?

Spadaro's is very good... they treat you as if you were part of their family BUT prices are
My wife and I think that Scaramella's in Dobbs Ferry has the very BEST Italian food in Westchester with really good service.
X2O in Yonkers is very pretty and food usually is quite good. Prices tend to be on high side.
Can not agree with suggestion of Tarry Lodge... We think that their food is mediocre, service
is really poor, and management with lots and lots of "attitude". In addition Salt is King there.
Go anywhere else but to Tarry Lodge!

71 Water Grant Street, Yonkers, NY 10701

211 Main St, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Scaramella's Restaurant
1 Southfield Ave, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522

Tarry Lodge
18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

Batali and Bastianich store to open in Port Chester

Based upon our very very BAD Experience with Tarry Lodge (see review), we would NEVER
ever visit their new establishment. Why be abused?

Tarry Lodge
18 Mill St, Port Chester, NY 10573

"Hells Kitchen", "MasterChef"or "Top Chef"

Four of us dined this past Saturday night at "Tarry Lodge". The conclusion of all of us was that clearly it was NOT a "Top Chef","MasterChef" or or even a "Hells Kitchen" experience but instead something akin to "Mistake-Prone Dining".
It would be wrong for me to say that everything the kitchen prepared was bad. That just is not true as our two ordered Pizza's to share (Quattro Forgagi and Prosciutto, Tomato, Mozzarella &
Arugula @ $15.00 each) were tasty with a very nice crust. If I wanted to nit pick I could complain
that the Four Cheese Pizza was somewhat salty and the other Pizza was lacking Prosciutto and Arugula in each and every piece.
One person in our party ordered Eggplant alla Parmigiana which contained so much salt
it was uneatable. After dinner was over, our server reported back to us, that the chef had
tasted it and also agreed that it was over-salted.
Two of us order the Ribeye steak with Panzanella and Salsa Verde @ 29.00. Big big
mistake. My steak had nice grill marks but was tough and chewy, despite having been ordered
"medium". I requested either Ketchup or Steak Sauce from our server but she never returned.
The Panzanella served was an absolute disgrace and NEVER should have been allowed to
leave the kitchen. To make the dish in mid-summer with unripe tomato's is just a crime, especially
given the great local tomato's now available. In addition, who ever seasoned the tomato and bread salad should take a refresher course in seasoning! The bread cubes were overseasoned
with Vinegar to the maximum and I saw no Basil at all in the salad. All in all... a major disappointment! My wife had the Monkfish Picato with Couscous and Spinach and she said that it was OK @ $25.00. A portion of Tagliatelle Bolognese was ordered for the table and while the
pasta was cooked fine it clearly was undersauced and poor. A local Pizza Joint could do the
dish better.

When our server returned to ask if we wanted coffee and dessert, I called her attention
to the fact that I never had received either Ketchup or the requested Steak sauce. She informed me that she had asked the kitchen and they had neither Ketchup or steak Sauce available
for the Steak and she then said that she had sent someone over to our table to tell me this but
that employee never made it to our table. She must have seen that I was somewhat
annoyed so a "manager" then came over to our table and asked how everything was. We
informed him that the meal at best was mediocre and I told him about the Panzarella salad.
He apologized. I then inquired about the missing Ketchup and/or Steak Sauce and he then
said that the "Sous Chef" did not like either Ketchup or Steak Sauce (huh???) but liked to offer
a Balsamic & Olive Oil Sauce for the Steak on the Menu. When I told him that no-one at the table
was offered that "special" sauce, he again apologized and walked away.

Overall, the service was poor with a very long wait (40 minutes for the Apps). The bread
basket was never refilled. Water glasses were refilled once at the end of the meal.

We were shown a table a few steps above the second floor. That room was bare, and
drab. A final note.... the establishment does offer Valet parking. Our car was NOT delivered
to the front door... instead we had to cross the street where the vehicle was just left running ....

All of us are at a loss to understand the wildly popularity of Tarry Lodge... I doubt if Mario Batali or Joe Bastianich would eat here again if they had shared our experience. I know that
we would not return and we doubt if the Management/Owners of Tarry Lodge would care.

New in New Rochelle- Da Giorgio

Four of us tried a new place (at least for us) in New Rochelle on a weekday night.
Da Giogio is a small place located in a strip mall on Quaker Ridge Road in New Rochelle
(next to Harmons).
The owner is the chel and his food is quite good. My wife tried the Eggplant Rollatine as an appetizer as did one other in our party. Both said that is was light and extremely flavorful. I tried their version of Onion Soup. The soup was filled with lots of onions and flavor and the use of Mozzarella gave the soup an Italian twist on the usual. My wife had the Potato crusted Salmon in a Mustard Sauce and she said it was excellent. I had a special of Baby Lamb
chops with Garlic mashed potatoes and baby Asparagus. The lamb was cooked perfectly.
We had a bottle of Folonari Chianti @ $26.00 and it was fine.
All in all the meal was good and we all had a positive experience. The only down
side was that the prices are somewhat high for the type of establishment and the service was fairly slow but nice.
Parking is not a problem as the area has loads of spaces. We all would go back.

Suggestions appreciated

I just wanted to express our appreciation to all of you for the suggestions. We
will celebrate our Anniversary dinner at MK and we made a number of other reservations based upon your suggestions. When we return we will post our impressions of our chosen dining experiences. We will be pleased to make suggestions to any of you if you decide to come to N.Y.- Westchester County. Again.. Thanks.. Alan

Aug 21, 2009
alanccrx in Chicago Area

Suggestions appreciated

Thank you... Appreciate your assistance...
We will be dining after the game at Wrigley....
What about a great Steakhouse... something like a Peter Lugers?

Aug 12, 2009
alanccrx in Chicago Area

Suggestions appreciated

My wife and i will be spending a week in Chicago the end of August. We will be staying
on East Pearson Street. We would greatly appreciate suggestions regarding Dining
options. We are open to just about all types of food and want to go to a real nice romantic place to for our anniversary. Places near Wrigley also would be appreciated as we are going to a game there in the afternoon. Thanks in advance from this New Yorker...
Alan-Eastchester, N.Y.

Aug 08, 2009
alanccrx in Chicago Area

Can you help us out?

My wife and I will be in Pittsburgh for four days in early June. Can you provide us with several suggestions as to where to eat? We are open to just about anything and we are willing to try local favorites. Thank you.

May 08, 2009
alanccrx in Pennsylvania

"Martinis and Chocolate" in Eastchester

My wife and I had dinner here on a Thursday night. First let me say that I most certainly respect the owners decision to open a new establishment, given the current economic conditions, and the fact that a number of other restaurants at this same location just did not make it. The place itself consists of a large bar with several TV's and a room for dining. We were served by a very very nice waitress who was more then
competent. A small bread basket and wrapped butter was served along with a container of potato chips streaked with milk chocolate. I assume this was with reference to the
Martini and Chocolate name but who knows? The good news was that my onion soup @ a cost of $ 5.00 was excellent. My wife started with a Tricolor salad which she said was fine. We did not order from the special Martini list (no prices listed) but instead ordered two Vodka Gimlets. We were served something that clearly was not the traditional Gimlet (no discernable Lime Juice) at a cost of $ 10.00 each.
My wife had Chicken Scarpiello (Shoemaker style) on the bone and she liked the dish. I had Osso Bucco, which was served with Polenta, a potato croquette, and some
mixed veggies (carrots and zuchini) at a cost of $19.00. The best part of the dish was the
potato croquette as the Osso Bucco was rather poor and the polenta was bland.
My wife had coffee ($2.00) which she said was excellent. The owner or manager was on the floor and was walking about, talking to some patrons, but never looked our way. Our main concern with the place was the noise level. If you like to go to a place with lots and lots of noise then this place should quickly become a favorite. Several tables were filled
with children, some of whom were running back and forth yelling and screaming. No attempt to control them was made by management and this alone was quite annoying.
I guess, based upon, our observation, the place could be considered "children friendly".
As others have noted, there is major construction outside, which is expected to continue until December 2009. This place is a couple of doors down from "Pipers
Kilt", a Westchester tradition, (great Burgers and other food). Would we go back?
I think not! Too bad... We had wanted to like the place ...

What would you do?

I am interested in what other diners would do if they go to a very expensive establishment for a special occasion and nothing but nothing works?
The reservation has not been honored at the specified time, the food is really mediocre, the service is totally non-existent, and the bill is "off-the chart". Oh yes.. the fancy restaurant had completely "forgotten" about your special occasion. Thoughts ?

Aug 26, 2008
alanccrx in Not About Food

Can you suggest ?

My wife and I will be in Boston for six nights and we would greatly appreciate dining suggestions in and arround the Boston Common area. We will be staying on Avery St. and will utilize a taxi if needed. We would like suggestions as to a romantic place to celebrate our anniversary as well as my wife's birthday. Causal and neighborhood places are also fine. We are open to just about anything and prefer places without a lot of "attitude". Any assistance and thoughts would be quite helpful. Thank you!

Aug 21, 2008
alanccrx in Greater Boston Area

Cincinnati Suggestions appreciated! Eastchester, N.Y.

Just wanted to thank you folks for taking the time and trouble to respond to our inquiry. We really appreciated the assistance! We dined at JeanRo and my wife had the Steak Frites which she enjoyed very much. I had the Onion Soup which was excellent and the Short Ribs which were OK. Our waiter, Brett, was outstanding!! Kudos to him! My wife had hurt her back earlier
and we needed a Taxi to go back to our hotel. Brett went outside into the rain, walked to the "Westin" hotel and came back with a cab!! Obviously he went above and beyond!!! We also dined at the Riverfront Club at the Great American Ballpark which is quite pretty. The food, prices, and level of service, was about what we expected and I really enjoyed the fried sour pickles as an app. We also tried the Cheese Coney's and the 4 way chilli at Skyline.... ok..
also tried the all beef hot dogs at "Roblings" at the ballpark with onions and
peppers. That was different and good. My wife and I were extremely impressed
with the courtesy and warm hospitality extended to us by all of the citizens
of the metro-Cincinnati area. We both intend to come back real soon...
Thanks to all who made our short trip so enjoyable!

Cincinnati Suggestions appreciated! Eastchester, N.Y.

My wife and I will be visiting Cincinnati for the first time next week for 4 days
and we would appreciate suggestions for dining in the Downtown area. We like just about any type of food, decent service, and very little "attitude".
Thank you,

Has anyone tried Sammy's Uptown in Bronxville?

We have been here three times and enjoyed each time. The service staff is young and extremely well trained! The food is really good and we find the prices more then fair given the current economic situation. Usually we don't like to go to Bronxville because of the difficulty of parking but this place makes us want to go. It is now one of our

How long should you wait..?

I was wondering how other people feel about waiting to be seated in a restaurant
where you have a confirmed reservation and your party has arrived on time?
What exactly is perfectly acceptable? 5 minutes? 10, 15, 20, or longer?
What do you do when your table is just not available...??? I myself, get quite
angry and this really puts a damper on the entire dining experience. Am I over-reacting
or what? Thoughts??/

Jun 18, 2008
alanccrx in Not About Food

Oporto in Hartsdale

Four of us dined at "Oporto" last Saturday on a very rainy evening. We had made our reservation almost two weeks in advance and reconfirmed the day of our dining reservation. Upon arrving we were informed by the hostess owner that there would be a few minutes wait. We waited and waited and waited and then waited some more. After
45 minutes we agreed to be seated in the noisy front room rather then our requested
quieter side room. I faced a brink wall decorated with two cooper type plates all night!
We were served a break basket containing 3 pieces of a rather poor quality cold bread
intended for the four of us. I ordered Portugal's national dish, namely, "Caldo Verde".
This is usually prepared with Kale but here they use Collard Greens. The soup is usually served with "broa" or corn bread but here it is accompanied with nothing. Usually the soup is bright with flavor and the use of garlic and a good olive oil. Here the soup was bland, tepid, and not served hot. Two individuals ordered the " Taste of
Portugal" appetizer which yielded two pieces of over-cooked hard and tough sausage, and passable codfish, shrimp, and potato cakes. An ordered Portuguese steak resulted
in receiving a tough, stringy, cheway steak. Two odered Salmon specials tasted fine.
Ordered coffee resulted in a wait of over 25 minutes before it was served. We did not
order deserts. At no time did the owner apologize for the original delay nor did she offer
the simple courtesy of buying all of us or even some of us a drink or a glass of wine.
Three hours after arriving we finally left although we did linger somewhat with our coffee.
Upon leaving, we all noted that the owner hostess was not present to either thank us
or wish us a "good night". To be perfectly fair we noted that the restaurant was hosting a party of 11 that night and more then likely were giving the majority of attention and service to them. All in all not a very good experience. Would all of us return? I think not!

50th Birthday in Westchester.

Suggest you consider "American Bistro" in Tuckahoe! Great Food at very fair
prices... super management... very very cooperative.... Ask to speak to Denise and I am quite certain you will be more then pleased!

Looking for an Italian spot in Westchester

In our humble opinion the very best place for Italian food is Scaramella's in
Dobbs Ferry. Great food, excellent daily specials, super value for the money, attractive decor, and attentive service. Can't ask for anything better then this! I don't go out if my way to recommend many places but this is one of our favorites. A+++++ Try it and I am certain you will like it! Valet parking on Sat. night....

Piave anyone?

This is a new establishment taking over the space formally occupied by Cafe Meze. Believe me when I say this does not come close to being a clone of Cafe Meze which really is too bad! Four of us dined here on a Saturday evening and it was a total disaster! Poor food, extremely poor service and rather high prices make for a bad experience. Reservation was not honored although they did offer the four of us a drink at the bar. Extremely high noise level matched by extremely S L O W
service! We waited almost 45 minutes for our salads which were served limp, tepid,
warm, and poorly dressed. Our entree's were just poorly thought out and were just plain BAD! Veal was tough, stringy, and of poor quality. Pasta dishes were either
overcooked or undercooked and extremely poorly sauced. Clearly the chef needs
to be replaced! Service was so amateurish as to leave us both shocked and amazed at such incompetence, i.e. coffee was served at begining of meal (it was meant for another table), "doggie bags" were NOT brought back to table, water glasses were not refilled, etc... Prices were extremely high given the poor quality and execution of the food. Management tries hard but is greatly handicapped by
inept staff. All of us spoke to owner when leaving when he asked "how everything
was?" and we told him of the problems and issues. He apologized but upon reflection all of us don't think we will go back. Really too bad.... Cafe Meze was
one of our favorites! Go at your own risk and be warned!

Sonora in Port Chester

Four of us recently returned to "Sonora" on a Saturday night..... MISTAKE! Establishment has gone downhill... Extremely noisy... very very difficult to hear any
conversation. Service is just BAD! Had to request bread several times.. Drinks appeared to be "watered" down. I ordered Salad which come to table with iceberg lettuce rather then menu promised "baby romaine". Salad was totally undressed. Limited menu selection..
Entree's came badly plated with little care in dish preparation. Service was extremely
S L OW. Dinner took 2.5 hours to complete. Wrote letter detailing issues and then follow-up note with no response whatsoever from management. Appears success had gone to their heads! Given the fact that dinner cost equals $ 125.00 per couple and given the level
of service my suggestion is consider going elsewhere. All in all- one bad experience!

Buffet de la Gare, Hastings, NY

Four of us had dinner here last Saturday. All of us had
dined here previously under the original ownership. It would appear NOT to be the same!. Restaurant was so noisy we could not hear anything our server said! Menu is extremely
limited to say the least. "Specials" were few. Service was
not worthy of a so called 4 star establishment. We had to request additional bread three times before we received it.
No pepper was offered for several salads. The wine list is
extremely dated! Only two (2) American red wines are offered.
Surprised that a French food restaurant did not offer onion
soup! Cost for dinner for the four of us was well over
$ 400.00 and clearly not worth the money! Too bad!
Four star experience- I think NOT!

Mulino's = Major Disappointment in White Plains

Four of us went to Mulino's in White Plains to celebrate
our anniversary. Big mistake!!!
We went on a Wednesday night and we were seated promptly with a
really warm welcome. Small servings of Salami and Cheese were
served and they were fine. Bruchetta was also served which was
just plain bad.
We ordered drinks and dinner. The drinks were passable
but oh that meal! A Caesar Salad was order with anchovies.
Guess what? No anchovies. No pepper was offered for the salads
but was supplied when requested. I ordered "Gnocchi Mulino".
I was served a large portion of Gnocchi swimming in some liquid
of unknown origin? The menu promised chunks of
Tomato and Fresh Mozzarella. Where were they? No cheese was offered for the pasta.
A swordfish special was ok but my ordered "Veal Scaloppine
al Tartufo" was just plain uneatable! A large portion of some
thing that reminded me of School mystery meat was served. The first
forkfull proved distasteful as well as containing grit from
mushrooms which clearly had not been washed or cleaned properly. I thought a serving of mashed potatoes were instant!!! The overall
consensus was that all of the main courses were just bland.
To be perfectly fair a Creme Brulee was excellent as was their
Cheesecake. The decor of Mulino's is quite nice and overall service was ok but not up to a real 5 star establishment.All in all a major disappointment!