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Bourbon Steak--Is there a Cut They Specialize in?

My favorite when they have it is the rib-eye cap, which is my favorite cut on the cow. It's not a big steak - usually ~8oz. - but full of flavor (it's the outside part of the ribeye, the "chain" the runs along the top of the rib steak outside the ribbon of fat - also called "deckle" or spinalis dorsi). But that's largely a matter of personal preference.

The burger is indeed excellent too, as it includes the off-cuts from all of their steaks which is some pretty good quality meat.

If you're going solo, it's nice to sit at the bar. Others will have to answer your question regarding cigar lounge (there is, as I recall, a big-screen adjacent to the bar but that's inside an area that is presumably a no smoking zone).

Ironside Pizza

I made a weekend lunchtime visit a couple weeks ago, so it's been verified "on the ground" as well.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

It's a new era.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

Please do that thank you.

Cafe Boulud

I have had only good experiences at Cafe Boulud which includes a dinner visit within the past couple months. The menu changes seasonally so it's hard to suggest particular items but I've yet to have a miss there. And yes, it is very much a distinguished Palm Beach crowd.

Hakkasan Miami. Very good even by LA standards.

Wow - I wonder why they don't post that menu on the website. My last lunch visit - which was some time ago - they were only doing prix fixe.

Pubbelly Lunch Tripe Alert -SOBE

I guess I should visit here more often. Missed this.

Miami mega list: feel free to comment! (wall of text!)

You say "the west side of Little Haiti" like that's a terrible thing. It certainly can be a dodgy neighborhood but the same can be said of many other places on this lengthy agenda. If you're heading that way, I also like B&M Market, a Caribbean place on 79th St. near NE 2nd Ave. with good oxtails and curry goat. Since you've got an interest in drinking establishments, Boteco, also on 79th St., may be a draw, a Brazilian place with good caipirinhas and a full menu as well. And, tying in with your interest in architecture, the stretch of Biscayne Boulevard running from about 50th St. to 79th St. includes the Biscayne Boulevard Historic District or "MiMo" ("Miami Modern") district, a stretch of buildings (mostly motels) from the 1950's and 1960's.

Restaurant recs for a long weekend

If you want to be on South Beach and are looking for something kind of fancy, go across the street from 1826 to Bazaar or head up the beach to Michelle Bernstein's new place Seagrape (have a drink in the 1930's Room in back before or after, it's a beautiful space).

There are plenty of Cuban restaurants - if you want an experience, either El Palacio de los Jugos (the original on Flagler) or Versailles are a good call - otherwise, say what neighborhood you plan to be in and folks can try to steer you accordingly. Chef Creole is Haitian, not Cuban.

Coral Gables area Traditional Breakfast place

It is nice that they serve breakfast all day.

One night in Coral Gables?

Haven't been to Jaguar in a long time (you're correct that it's in Coconut Grove not Coral Gables), it is the same owners as Talavera in the Gables but a different menu (Jaguar is more focused on ceviches, Talavera has a more expansive Mexican menu). I prefer Talavera but Jaguar's good.

Coral Gables area Traditional Breakfast place

Cafe Curuba (Ponce & Almeira) is a charming little coffee shop with a short selection of prepared pastries and other stuff. Their coffee comes from Panther Coffee and Counter Culture and they handle it well.

I've not been to Pasion del Cielo (Giralda & Galiano) but it seems to be popular too. Not sure if they have anything to eat there but I'd assume they've got something.

There's also Threefold Cafe on Giralda, which also uses Panther Coffee and has a full breakfast menu including cooked dishes (eggs, waffles). I thought it was kind of expensive ($13 avocado toast!) and only OK, but it was a while ago that I visited and maybe it's improved.

Hakkasan Miami. Very good even by LA standards.

I have not been in some time but their current online menus only list a prix fixe weekend dim sum menu which include about a half dozen dim sum items total. (Neither of the items you ask about are included). During weekdays they are only open for dinner and only have a couple of dim sum "platters" with an assortment of dumplings and the like. Don't know if the situation on the ground is any different.

It's unfortunate - because they do make some exceptionally good dim sum, even though it is astonishingly pricey - but the Miami Hakkasan really is not a dim sum restaurant. It's particularly disappointing to me because the dim sum we had at Hakkasan in London (this was a long time ago, before they started expanding around the globe) was some of the best I've had anywhere.

Miami and Keys Report

So glad you liked B&M Market, I'm a fan too. It is a dodgy looking place in a dodgy neighborhood but they're very nice folks there and the food is good.

Seattle couple coming in February. Need recs

Breakfast at Josh's Deli if you're staying at the St. Regis is a no-brainer. If you don't mind a little ride you can also go up to Sage Deli in Hallandale for bagels (not sure that's worth the cab ride).

Second on sushi at Makoto, which is one of the best places for sushi in Miami and happens to be across the street from St. Regis.

Particularly since you mention oysters & seafood I'd suggest Mignonette - open for lunch and dinner (and Sunday brunch) and very much a non-touristy, locals type place.

I've not been to Yardbird or T&C in a long time and probably should fix that. Joe's is really not very touristy despite being a major tourist destination - there are still plenty of locals who go regularly and if you've never been it is something you ought to do (open for lunch too and probably easier to get into).

For Cuban relatively close by to Bal Harbour, I like Sazon at Collins & 73rd. Nearby there's also Moises Bakery (Venezuelan baked goods), Buenos Aires Bakery (Argentinian baked goods and other stuff), Chivitoteca (Uruguayan sandwiches), La Perrada de Edgar (Colombian hotdogs), Cholo's Grill (Peruvian) if you're looking for local flavor.


No but their website says they're the best in Miami, so they must be.

Or maybe it says they "Were the best in Miami" (but aren't any more), I can't quite make it out.

Need Miami restaurant recommendation

Eating House is another good option if you're looking for something more contemporary that's also in good proximity to the airport. Michael's Genuine is also an easy cab ride from MIA.

Help--12 people need great Italian

Second the recommendation, only thing is it may be tough fitting a group of 12 into Macchialina. Proof may be a better bet and easier access to/from the airport. Short menu but everything I had has been great.

Cantina La Veinte--Brickell

Miami is not known for its Mexican food and it is not exactly a strong suit. But if you're fixated on Mexican ...

For a bare bones taqueria I like Viva Mexico (f/k/a Con Sabor a Mexico Carnitas Estilo Michoacan) on 12th Street. I like some things at Cheen Huaye in North Miami quite a bit (sopa de lima, cochinita pibil). I also think Talavera in Coral Gables does some things pretty well (I like their ceviches and huaraches). I've had some good tacos at Jacalito on 8th Street and it looks like their menu may have expanded since I was last there.

I went for the first time to the newly opened Taquiza on South Beach (15th & Collins) and really enjoyed it: Steve Santana is making his own tortillas from scratch and they're excellent. Choose from a few fillings - carnitas, al pastor, lengua, pollo, barbacoa and huitlacoche - $3 each. Also good, the carne seca (beef jerky) with mole spices, and the guacamole with totopos (a sort of crispy / chewy masa cracker - and yes, they do charge for them).

Coincidentally, I was just at Cantina la Veinte for lunch today - I thought some of the food was pretty good (the cochinita pibil in particular) but, yeah, it is really pricey. On the other hand, the restaurant is genuinely beautiful. I asked for extra tortillas for the pibil and was not charged extra.

I've not explored Homestead myself but likewise hear good things about Taqueria Morelia and a couple other places I can never remember.

Dumpling King in North Miami Beach (near King's Palace)

Thanks for the tip - went for the first time today for lunch (it's Christmas Day, so it's a Jewish tradition). Soup dumplings were not the most delicate casing I've ever had, but far from the worst either, and they were hot and the broth and pork filling were quite tasty. Pan fried pork dumplings were solid too. Little Miss F and I ate so many dumplings that neither of us had any appetite for dinner.

Italian restaurants in Miami

I also much prefer Macchialina to Il Gabbiano. Mike Pirolo's pastas are excellent, his polenta with sausage ragu may be one of the best dishes in Miami, he's got a really nice touch on his salads too (I like the broccoli al cesare and the escarole with preserved lemon especially).

If you're in Brickell, Il Gabbiano is certainly more convenient, but at some point you're presumably going to want to go to South Beach anyway. Toscana Divino is also much closer and does some very good things too, though I've not eaten there as frequently.

I will also put in a good word for Proof, a new place in Midtown. It's a short menu primarily focused on pizzas (many with somewhat unorthodox toppings like braised oxtail with black garlic or n'duja sausage and broccoli rabe) but the pizzas are excellent and the house-made pastas are even better. Fairly low prices, and fairly small portions on the pasta but that means you can split a pizza and get some pasta and not feel like a complete pig.

Edited to add: chef at Proof, Justin Flit, used to be a sous chef at Bourbon Steak in Aventura.

You can see some pictures from Proof here:

Wynwood Recs, Please

Brad Kilgore (formerly J&G Grill, soon to be Alter) is doing a series of pop-ups at Miami Cafe. I've been a couple of times and have really enjoyed it. The pop-ups have been 4-course, fixed price menus for ~$60 with an optional wine pairing.

More info on the Alter website:

You can see my pics from 2 dinners here:

Wood Tavern is a very casual bar - more of a place to have a beer than a cocktail (I got a G&T before going to the Alter dinner one night, because I didn't want to fill up on beer, and it came in a Solo cup) - with a very relaxed vibe and a little taco stand out back (I didn't try).

This thread doesn't mention Shikany, which is a fancier place than much of the rest of Wynwood, with a "modernist" bent. Some pics here:

Also might be a good option for someone looking for a place to have a cocktail.

Single diner in Miami

That's a great report. To fill in a few gaps:

- PB Steak is indeed gone.
- The former chef at Yardbird you're thinking of is Jeff McInnis, who is now at Root & Bone in New York.
- The chicken biscuits (with pickles & pepper jelly) are still on the menu at Yardbird, they've just moved: I think they used to be listed in apps, there's now a section on the menu for "The Bird".

[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."


[UPDATE] Vote for your favorite restaurants in Miami - Fort Lauderdale for "Best of 2014."

Agree that all of those are worthy of nomination. If you're looking for nominees to add to that list I'd also include:


Eating House

(albeit closing next month


Hiro's Yakko San

La Mar

Single diner in Miami

Yes, North Beach is loaded:
Sazon for Cuban
Moises Bakery for Venezuelan empanadas, tequeños, cachitos, etc.
Buenos Aires Bakery for Argentinian empanadas and sweets (good churros, much better than Manolo down the street which is supposed to be famous for them)
Chivitoteca for Uruguayan chivito sandwiches (used to be called El Rey del Chivito, I haven't been back since the name change)
La Perrada de Edgar for Colombian hot dogs
Cholo's Grill for Peruvian
Las Vacas Gordas for Agentinian parrillada
I haven't been, but Carina Ost from New Times swears by Mi Colombia.
Not fitting the Latin American theme, but very solid, is Dolci di Sicilia, a Sicilian bakery.

All of these are within a couple blocks of the intersection of Collins Ave. and 71st Street.

Single diner in Miami

That's funny - I've never even noticed it.

Hakkasan Miami. Very good even by LA standards.

Where were you sitting? I've never even seen a hint of the kitchen much less heard it.

Website is confusing as to when & how they're offering dim sum these days. They don't even show daytime hours, but they have "Dim Sum Prix Fixe" and "Yum Cha Prix Fixe" menus for Saturday and Sunday lunch. Were they also doing a la carte dim sum?

Ironside Pizza

Very Neapolitan in style - thin, chewy crust that's almost paper-thin and watery in the center. Spot is really hidden away if you don't know the neighborhood - on NE 4th Court (a couple blocks west of Biscayne Blvd.) around 75th Street.

Where can I get Stone crabs in Miami Beach besides Joe's (who served me frozen claws twice)?

Yes, the freezing temperature of water is 32°F, but frozen foods are kept at a much lower ambient temperature - 0°F or lower. When you see fresh fish kept on ice at the fish market, the ambient temperature of the fish case will be (should be) right around 32-34°F, but the fish is not frozen. Go check your home freezer: the temperature should be 0°F or lower, not 32°F.