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Madison, WI on the company dime?

Have to agree with L'etoille. Harvest is also another. the chef is from Babbo. Le chardonnay is another--does not have the reputation as these other 2 but last week ate there and had amazing escargot in a bacon tomato sauce for first course, quail with sweet breads in a rich veal reduction sauce. If you are looking for midwestern steakhouse try the tornado. Food is straight forward but very well done--beef, lamb, duck. Peppino's is an Italian choice--the older owner straight from italy with his wife do the cooking. Magnus just started a new menu highlighting Norweign food. All of these places are right on the square and within walking distance from your hotel. Finding good food in madison is easy. finding nightlife, not so much. Some to consider, Cafe Montmartre, Nattspil, Maduro (cigar bar). Again, all of these are withing walking distance of your hotel. Great breakfast or lunch spot is Marigolds. Hope you have a good visit.

Feeding a Vegetarian in Dallas

Well, the deed is done. We ended up at Cafe Izmir. Was a bit loud but actually the atmosphere helped loosen the group up. Food was quite good and it just kept coming. All we're very happy. The service was outstanding. I felt like we had 6 waiters, someone was always around. The first course came right away and the rest of the dishes were timed perfectly. Was thankful for the valet parking as it made it easy for all to just unload and not have to deal with street parking. thanks again to all for their time and recommendations. I have a feeling i will be headed back to dallas for additional meetings. I will have to keep some of these others in mind. Thanks again and happy eating (and drinking!)!

Madison, WI Italian Beef?

I'll be checking back myself to see if anyone knows of one. IMO Madison has nothing to offer in the way of italian beef or any sort of deli. Lots of other good food. But not these.

Feeding a Vegetarian in Dallas

Thank you! Thank you! I was hoping for just hear it like it is. I appreciate your time in writing these notes. I feel like i have a few options now. If anyone else has a spot for us, please send it my way.

Feeding a Vegetarian in Dallas

Mia Piaci's menu and atmosphere was sounding like a solid and rather safe choice for our varied group. but it looks like this is about a 25 minute drive from downtown. Is there a place with similar menu and quality food that is closer to downtown? Thanks.

Sardine in Madison

I think it's great for bruch or dinner. Food has always been good. Wide array of options--everyone will find something they like including the vegetarians. Price are very reasonable. I will say the desserts are a little on the boring side and the picco frito is not worth the calories. But overall, i wouldn't hesitate. they also own a breakfast place called marigolds where there is usually a line out the door.

Feeding a Vegetarian in Dallas

I am headed to Downtown Dallas for a business meeting next week. I have been charged with selecting a moderately priced restaurant for a group dinner (12 of us) that has a few vegetarian options for the one token vegetarian. I've perused other forum and have found two potential options, the grape and hatties. Open to comments on these for choices for this scenario as well as other options. Thanks in advance for the help!