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Kentucky Fried Chicken's 11 Herbs and Spices Reverse Engineered

Just wanted to let you (sonofagun) know, I made this recipe for Fourth of July today. It was superb. The 15 min wait time and cake flour made the coating stick. I used several brined chicken breast, boneless, no skin, and everything turned out perfect.

Jul 04, 2014
saintcoqui in Home Cooking

Quick Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies

Where is this recipe? The links don't work. Thanks!

Nov 07, 2010
saintcoqui in Recipes

Papalote-Inspired Salsa

Made this today- this salsa will knock your socks off. I read the original article on Chow magazine (I was an original subscriber:)- still have them), and guarded the recipe for years. I finally made this using 2 cans of fire-roasted tomatoes, juices included, 1 T garlic, and 1 t ancho chile powder. Instead of ground pasilla, I used a whole dried pasilla chile. Added water judiciously AFTER I pureed. I was scared that the tomatoes would taste tinny since they were from a can, but they didn't. The batch came out PERFECTLY- it was so good, I started eating hot salsa instead of letting it cool. Served with Tostitos multigrain chips- complimented the salsa nicely.

Jun 27, 2009
saintcoqui in Recipes

Er, gluten-free gravy?! Is this possible?

I used arrowroot to thicken the gravy when I had a friend with Celiac's(?) come for my Thanksgiving. I also made flourless chocolate cake ( dessert.

Dec 09, 2006
saintcoqui in Home Cooking

Brother in culinary need -- crockpot recipes?

Ok, you are going to not like me for this- another crockpot appetizer meatball recipe- wooo hoooo!
(I just went to a work-related potluck party and there were 5 crockpots simmering away with thousands of meatballs awaiting their fate!)
However, my husband ate only mine- the love of my life!

Ready-made meatballs in a bag from the store
1 can cranberry jellied sauce (yeah, the can-shaped one you probably avoid during Thanksgiving)
1 can pineapple chunks in juice
1 can chili sauce (like Heinz- next to ketchup)

Preheat oven to 350-400 degrees. Mix liquids in deep pan you are planning to make meatballs in. The cranberry sauce needs to be worked in a little. Add meatballs. Cover and bake 30-40 minutes. Enjoy over mashed potatoes, as appetizers, or my FAVORITE potatoes:

Chili-crusted Potatoes

Line a pan with aluminum foil. If you are not lazy, spray a coat of Pam on it.

2-3 potatoes, cut into wedges- the more wedges, the more crusty exterior!
olive oil to coat
obnoxious amount of cheap chili powder you get anywhere
salt and pepper (lots)

(You can add garlic and onion powder if you're feeling fancy...)
Mix everything, place on another pan next to meatballs. Yes, potatoes will look very dark, but that's where the tasty is!
Serve with ketchup (mix in chipotle chile sauce too).

Dec 09, 2006
saintcoqui in Home Cooking