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SF Chowhounder Looking for Recs in NYC

Thanks for all the recs!

I think for lunch:

Gotham City Bar and Grill for prix fixe

Devi for prix fixe


for dinner:

Pearl Oyster Bar- Mary's looks good but having a friend on staff is always nice because they sometimes throw you free food and she can save a table for us.

Onera- Parea looks good, but a lot more expensive. Also a good chance to see a part of town we otherwise might not get to.

WD-50- looks to interesting to pass up. the $109 9 course tasting menu looks very tempting. Anyone tried it? If I can't get reservations, Craft or Bappo are great 'fallbacks'

late night:
blue ribbon bakery (price is more right than the restaurant), Inoteca, Tia Pol and Bar Carrera all look pretty good to me.

Thanks all! I'll keep you posted on a SF chowhounder's take on my experiences when I return!

Sep 26, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan

Cesar's Spanish Mercado on Piedmont Ave

I was happy to learn that Cesar opened their mercado in the Piedmont Ave location. I purchased some delicious fig jam and some really nice freshly baked cookies (don't miss the sweet potatoe cookies) They have some great charcuterie meats and deli-style salads to go. I think they have a good selection of reasonably priced (<$20) spanish wines, although I didn't get into them. I think you can buy the orange-saffron and mexican chocolate ice creams too!

Modern Upscale (or not) Greek Restaurant

I am visiting NYC in a few weeks and am very interested in trying a modern greek restaurant. Through friends and posts I have gathered several recommendations, but really don't know how to differentiate one restaurant from the next. Can anyone give me some leads/recs on the following?

Parea- so far, this would be the spot I'd choose
Pylos- good bars in the neighborhood?
Milos- ?
Molyvos- ?
Periyali- ?
Ethos- ?

Anything better in Astoria?

It's greek to me!

Thanks for the help

If ever in D.C, check out:

Sep 22, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan

SF Chowhounder Looking for Recs in NYC

Thanks for all the feedback. I have it narrowed down, but any input on the final decision would be great.

Greek restaurant: Parea, Pylos or Ethos

Seafood: Pearl Oyster Bar or Tides

Spanish Tapas: Bar Carrera, Cafe Espanol or Bar Jamon

Lastly, I am travelling with a friend who has never been to New York and I figured there were some iconic New York bites we have to experience. I was thinking Girmaldi's in BK for pizza, Shaingai Joe's in Chinatown for dumplings, the burger joint in the fancy hotel on 56th. Any other recs? Ideally a cut above Gray's Papaya.

Thanks again!

Sep 19, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan

Best Prix Fixe Lunches in City

Thanks for all the feedback. I guess I have it narrowed down, but would appreciate some help making a final decision:

Toquerville or Gotham City Bar and Grill

Devi or Tabla

Fleur de Sel and Jean Georges looked great, but although it may seem funny, i'm not wild about french cuisine

Thanks again!

Sep 19, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan

Best Prix Fixe Lunches in City

I'll be visiting NY in a couple weeks and figure the best bang-for-the-buck in terms of eating nicely could be prix fixe lunches. I've heard Fleur de Sel, Tocquerville, Devi and Gotham Bar and Grill all offer really great values. Of those four, what shouldn't I miss (I realize they are very different cuisines) Any other prix fixe recommendations?

Thanks for the feedback!

Sep 18, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan

SF Chowhounder Looking for Recs in NYC

Hi everybody,

I live in San Francisco and am coming to NYC for 4 day in a couple weeks. I am very interested in focusing my trip around eating. I am hoping to eat out all three nights and catch a couple good lunches. I have heard good things about a noodle house called Mamafucos (sp?) in the village. Do you recommend it, what's the cuisine/atmosphere? Also, I am a cook in a Spanish restaurant here in San Francisco and would be interested in finding a nice Spanish place. I heard that Mario Batali's ex-Sous Chef, Joe something, opened a Spanish restaurant somewhat recently, but don't know much other than that. I'd also like to find a nice upscale Greek spot. I've been to Jose Andres' Zaytinya in Washington D.C. and had one of the best dining experiences in a long time. I have a friend who works at Pearl Oyster Bar who I'd like to visit, is it worth eating there? I'm 22, living on a cook's wages, but I don't mind spending $50 a head on food, more for drinks. Any other spots I shouldn't miss, particulary late-night places in the village?

Thanks for the recs!

Sep 18, 2006
d24karat in Manhattan