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Two Weeks in Cincinnati

I lived in Cincinnati for four years, and the only food I miss are the potato pancakes at Izzy's Deli. Their sandwiches are good too, but the potato pancake is spectacular- almost like mashed potatoes with an incredibly crunchy caramelized exterior. I was just back in town for 3 days and got one every day I was there.

Izzy Kadetz
610 Main St, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Why are stuffed peppers always made with green peppers?

I was just discussing this with a friend 2 nights ago! I suspect that the green peppers we get now may not taste as good as the green peppers of yore- that's the case for so many fruits and veg. But I don't see any good reason to use green peppers now, unless you are just barely cooking the stuffed entity so the pepper is heated but more raw than cooked. Plus, they're not easy to eat. I suggested that my buddy try cutting the peppers into wedges and mounding the filling on top then running them under the broiler. The filling will protect the pepper from the direct heat, and the whole deal could more easily be cut into bites that include pepper and filling.

Jul 03, 2008
rmoskow in General Topics

Dutch Baby Pancake

I love this stuff- especially when I fry up a bunch of bacon first and use bacon fat instead of butter, and mix some crurmbled up bacon into the batter and then dump a bunch of blueberries and maple syrup on top.
<drools on keyboard>

Feb 29, 2008
rmoskow in Recipes

Winter Greens Lasagna

I've done a variation that's (I think) easier and less rich:
1) Use fat macaroni-type noodles, and instead of sauteeing the greens, blanch them in the pasta water just before you drain the pasta, chop when cool (no added oil).
2) Roast beets and onions whole, chop and add ( I did this the day before, since the oven was on anyway- I've also used turnips and sunchokes) (no added oil, no cream).
3) Mix noodles, veg, ricotta and an egg and season (pepper, nutmeg, lemon zest); add a little milk if the cheese isn't coating the noodles well enough; slop into greased dish, bake ( no creme fraiche).

Feb 20, 2008
rmoskow in Recipes

Your Dish Is Unwelcome Here

I live in Minnesota, and generally plan a menu that can easily include things guests bring. For example, I had a dinner party for my birthday a few years ago, and knowing that, especially as it was my birthday, people would be likely to ask, I told people who wanted to bring something to bring cheese. We ended up with an amazing array of cheeses for before and after-dinner tasting and nibbling.

Jan 30, 2008
rmoskow in Features

What to Do with Thanksgiving Leftovers

what's wrong with leftover sandwiches? turkey, dressing, cranberries, taters (sweet or not) smashed on bread, grilled, w/gravy and salad. One pan, no real cooking, the only way to go as far as I'm concerned.

Nov 20, 2007
rmoskow in Features

Florida cheesemakers

A friend of mine will be spending some time in central FL where I understand water buffalo are a reasonably common animal, and I'm wondering if anyone knows of cheesemakers in the area who use water buffalo milk.

Feb 20, 2007
rmoskow in Florida

Watery gravy now

Things thickened with cornstarch can't be reheated and maintain their thickness. Some food-chem person could probably explain why, but I think it just has to do with how and when the starch molecules absorb liquid. This phenomenon also occurs with the sauces on chinese takeout/leftovers- a sauce that is thick and glossy when you get the food becomes watery as it sits in the fridge and doesn't rethicken if you bother to nuke the stuff before chowing down 2 hours later.
Solutions: add more cornstarch and thicken the gravy again; use instant flour instead of cornstarch if you are avoiding the roux step, or just take the extra 3 minutes to make it with flour in the first place.

Feb 02, 2007
rmoskow in Home Cooking

Old-Tyme Flavor

When I don't want to use the oven (like in August) and need to reseason a pan,or if there are just a few bad spots because some roommate washed the pan, I fry up a whole ton of bacon in it, drain and wipe out the excess rendered fat, and return the pan to heat for a few minutes- works great and hey, instead of smoke and heat I get bacon!

Jan 25, 2007
rmoskow in Features