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Review: Taste - Burlington, VT

I actually stopped by Saturday evening anyway to make a reservation for Sunday night instead. They had a UVM reunion going on for 250 people in a big top tent in their parking lot! The hostess told me that they were doing that AND the jazz shows. busy place!!

Review: Taste - Burlington, VT

FYI- I tried to get reservations for tonight before attending a concert at the Flynn theater, May 31st, but they are closed for a large event of some sort. Hmmm, now where to go?

Review: Taste - Burlington, VT

Ahh, My favorite place in Burlington. Nice to hear they are still doing a great job. I live over an hour away but always try to stop by when in town. Wish I could get there more often. The chef is quite a character. Very cheerful and funny but also serious about what he does. Sounds like the food is spot on. I am on their mailing list and received a note about them cooking for the discover jazz festival musicians coming up soon.

Burlington - Seeking dinner recommendations

Best of luck this weekend! It's St. Mike's/UVM graduation- Most places in BVT have been booked for months. Happy travels...

Driving thru Vermont to Mondial Beer Fest in MTL

The Pub and Brewery and American Flatbread in BVT both have terrific beer-

Burlington, VT Restaurant for Reception for 30

I'd second this- Just had a fabulous meal there last week with a large (26 people) Champlain college graduation group- Woodcreek farm prime dry aged ribeye- OMG! Hands down the best beef I've ever had- Some of my fellow diners said that the pistachio crusted salmon was awesome too. Mentioned in their menu that they are providing the catering for the big week long Jazz fest in town this year-

Manchester, VT Recs Please

In Manchester- The Chantecleer, Mistrals on Tollgate Road.

Just a short jaunt to Londonderry rt 100- Three Clock Inn

all are tasty and delicious!

Perfect wife is good but not a favorite-

Dinner in Burlington VT

Well- Souza's- awful cafeteria style buffet of side dishes/salad bar for which they charged us $30 each to eat from. gray "green beans", brown wilted lettuce, stale bread. Marshmallow jello salad would have been right at home here... Waited 45 minutes for our wine then were told they didn't have it... The meats were all charred, hard and dry. They were understaffed and unapologetic about continuing to seat people when it was obvious that they couldn't handle the people that were already there. We walked out, wrote a letter and they (thankfully and rightfully) sent us our $ back.
Roque's- Good drinks but the food is generic tex mex- Nothing special about it in my opinion- Service has been spotty the 2 times I went-
Sounds like you had a better time than I did!

hen of the wood, vt

I've been twice- The first time was superb in both food and service. The second time was the complete opposite- The scallops I was served were bad- The service was just as bad.
Next time will be the rubber match!

Dinner in Burlington VT

I'd second L'Amante, Taste and the Green Room for Burlington. All very good- L'Amante has fabulous Italian wines ($). Taste has easy parking and an outside patio with lake and sunset views.
L'Amante is somewhat formal in ambiance.
Green Room is dark with couches/stuffed chairs and some tables.
Taste- well- defies description- classy/eclectic... The chef is an abstract artist and his paintings are on the walls. Wine list is diverse and affordable-

Souza's and Roques- I'd starve before eating at either one of those again.
Have fun- Burlington is a super town!

ONE night in Burlington, VT. Need dinner rec please!

I enjoy a Single Pebble, L'Amante and Taste on the waterfront. I've been to all 3 within the last 6 weeks- I enjoy each but Taste won for "the whole package"- Food, service,ambiance. Had a phenomenal dry aged (locally grown) filet mignon crusted with spinach and fontina. It was wrapped in caul fat- One of the best pieces of beef I've even eaten- A reasonably priced Abbots Table from Owen Roe ($42 or $44 I believe).
The food at LAmante is excellent - the wine too- but i'm not a fan of the dining room- Not cozy enough for me.
Hope you have a great time in BVT!

Taste Wine Dinner Review (Burlington, VT)

Stopped in for a quick wine before the Guys and Dolls show last Thursday and tried the Meulenhof reisling- Delicious! Thanks for the heads up TO! The bartender sent a couple of chocolate covered strawberries with it- very nice!

Pauline's in Burlington... Been Recently?

I'd have to agree with TonyO on this one. I'm sure the chef would take your critique very seriously and want to make good by you.

I think that Burlington is especially tough as there aren't a lot of "full time, professional" servers to choose from- Mostly college kids working while in school.
When did you dine there Katie? Did you make your displeasure known? If you did, how did they handle your complaint? I've mentioned this before but since I've been going there (about 2 years or so) they have really seemed to hit their groove and are operating at a very high level. I don't think that there is better food or atmosphere in the area. The place is classy yet relaxed and fun- not at all stuffy. I hope they open their outdoor patio again this year- The sunsets are wonderful on the waterfront!

Taste Wine Dinner Review (Burlington, VT)

WOW! Very thorough TonyO! I really can't add to that review- I was at the 7:30pm seating and agree with you 100%. I'm a big fan of Taste - Been probably 6 or 8 times in the last year or so. I went with my mom and a friend of hers and we were just blown away- Last night was one of the finest dining experiences I've ever had- period. They really nailed it. I'm happy to see them have such a happy and supportive clientèle.
The chef and executive chef both came out and met the guests- It was obvious how much they enjoy what they do- Lots of enthusiasm- The whole staff is quite charming- As we were on our way out, they were all smiles with lots of hugs for each other near the bar. Looks like a tight group.
I second the black cod as being the highlight of the night! The wines were all so well paired- Veal tenderloin just melted in my mouth. Loved the presentation of the oysters and caviar in the ice filled martini glasses! I
I took a few photos of some of the dishes that I will try to post later from home.
Congrats to Taste! Well done.

Might I add that we loved the music! Dinah Washington, Diana Krall, jazz versions of classic 60s tunes and especially the string quartet versions of Led Zepplin and I think, Bob Dylan songs- Unique!

Easter Dinner in Chittenden County VT?

I think that L'amante, Taste (my favorite!) and the Bearded Frog are serving- Happy Easter!

Anyone been to Lemongrass, Shelburne Rd., S. Burlington?

I've been once- It's ok. The fried squid was tender- sauce too sweet. Shelburne Road is a tough location.

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

I have friends who went to the Hen of the Wood for the first time last night - I haven't been- I'm looking forward to their review!

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

FYI-I called this morning to confirm and add one guest to our table and they have only about 10 seats left....

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

Are any other Burlington/Northern VT hounds attending this dinner? It would be fun to compare notes!

Black Sheep lately?

I enjoy the Black Sheep very much but have had issues with overly salted food on more than one occasion.

Any Asian Grocers in Vermont?

There are several on North St in Burlington- Thai Phat being my favorite.

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

Very interesting- I just received an email that the menu has changed slightly- They are offering Kumamoto oysters in place of the caviar course- I haven't had those since I was in Tokyo years ago. What a unique surprise!

Art & Dining Ideas?

Here is a restaurant owned and operated by a chef/artist... My favorite in Burlington, VT.

I've attached a photo of a painting the chef did- thay attached it to an email promoting an upcoming wine paired dinner.

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

Well- I made my reservation (Taste) and fully intend on taking the next day off! The gentleman who took my call said they are also planning a beer paired dinner soon. I'm not a beer drinker but it certainly sounds unique.

Burlington/outskirts VT wine paired dinners

Lots of good chefs/restaurants doing wine paired dinners lately. The Kitchen Table in Richmond had a 4 course, $150. offering a few weeks ago that I heard was just outstanding. Alas, a little steep for my pocketbook! I see that Mary's a Baldwin Creek has one in the works- mentioned in their monthly news letter. Taste on the waterfront (Burlington) is having a 7 course wine dinner for $79 in early April that I might try- It's on a Thursday night though- I may have to take Friday as a personal day! The menu looks very interesting.

the best restaurants in the burlington, vt area?

I'll give a 3rd recommendation to Taste- My favorite when I'm in town! Easy parking.

WWW.TASTEOFBURLINGTON.COM menu is posted here. This is the chef's site of his artwork which fills the restaurant. Very wild stuff!

Happy Birthday!


Taste of Burlington

Did you ever make it to Valentine's dinner Aliza M? I did not with the big storm that day- Hoping to go to their wine dinner in early April. The menu on their site looks good!

Chow!Bella in St. Albans, VT

AndyTee- One other interesting aspect of the catered reception I attended- There was a juicer at the bar that the chef's had set up for the party- One could order cocktails with freshly sqeezed mango, pineapple, pear and watermelon juices. The bar had a somewhat tropical theme as the couple was heading to the Carribean for their honeymoon. I thought it was a thoughtful touch.

Chow!Bella in St. Albans, VT

Please see me reply below AndyTee-

Chow!Bella in St. Albans, VT

You're welcome AndyTee. I was actually the guest of a somewhat distant cousin of the groom so I can't help you with getting in touch with them. I can tell you that the food was wonderful, fresh and tasty. Very beautifully presented- Lots of subtle layers of flavor and paired nicely with the wines served. I had roasted leg of venison with black truffle demi glace over a garlic crouton, golden fingerling potatoes with parsley and chive butter and baby patty pan and zucchini squash.
The appetizers were stationary and passed- There was an absolutely gorgeous display of Vermont cheeses with trout pate and a very nice country style pork pate- the crackers looked and tasted homemade. The cake table was made up of about 100+ little baby cakes of all kinds instead of a typical wedding cake- Each was decorated with edible flowers- quite a stunning display. Another guest at our table mentioned that the chef had done the cakes as well as the food. It was quite a high quality affair.
The chef is quite friendly and kind- Seems to know lots of his clients by name- I actually discovered his restaurant on a night when he was hosting an exhibition of his paintings- The place is full of them- Some quite wild! Hope this helps you some. Happy wedding!