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vegetarian thai + vietnamese

the best veg thai would be THAI BAMBOO at keele and steeles. they have the BEST veg pad thai. no fish sauce

Very best Indian

JS288UK, if u want REAL indian food, u need to have MOTI MAHAL on gerrard st. by far the best indian food, exactly like wat u eat when u go to india.

Trattoria Vaticano

i found out secretly that my fiance is taking me to this restaurant tomm, never been there and also never heard of it.. i just know its fine dining italian.. how is the food? any suggestions on wat to order?? thanks!!!

Donairs? Anyone?

i agree with rajkapuri's.. ssooo good!

Best Indian in Toronto - where is it?

best butter chicken at moti mahal restaurant on gerrard st, but its not fine dining, its more of a fast food set up.. but food is so good

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area

you really need to try MOTI MAHAL on gerrard st. its the BEST butter chicken EVER. and trust me, i've tried them all.. its AMAZING

A One Day Toronto Eat-Till-U-Drop Muncharama

if u want indian food, definately try moti mahal on gerrard and coxwell.. they are by far the cheapest place for indian food and they have amazing food.


there is one in the yonge and clark area.. called 1000 nights.. i hear alot about it, but never been

Thai restaurant suggestions

honestly, some restaurants have their bad days.. two diff ppl can go there and order the same thing, but one might not be made right, and the other might be amazing.. who knows.. its just ur luck

Best Street Eats in Toronto?

oh i SO agree with u on the sultan place.. EWE. anyplace that sells a certain # for $1 u know their quality and taste sucks!

Thai restaurant suggestions

i really really like salad king. the pataya chicken is amazing.. but everything else is really good too

Samosas to go

moti mahal has amazing samosa.. really good quality.. other ones r such cheap quality thats y u can get so many for $1.. but motimahal has them $0.60 cents each and its worth it!

hakka chinese food? 'splain please!

the best hakka food i've had is FEDRICKS in scarborough.. ellesmere and bellamy. (near mccowan)

Moti Mahal menu?

off the top of my head:
- mutter paneer (peas & cheese)
- sag paneer (spinach & cheese)
- malai kofta (veg cheese balls in a tomato cream sauce- really good)
- channa (chick peas)
- alu (potato)
- cauliflour & potato
- okra & potato
- mixed vegetables

im sure if u call them they will help u out, they r very helpful

oh ya meat dishes:
the best "butter chicken" EVER!!!!!!
otherwise they have regular chicken/beef/goat/fish/shrimp curry.
thats wat i can remember maybe someone else knows any good dishes there?

kitchen knives...where in Toronto

at home outfitters i think near the cash registers they keep these knives that are VERY Sharp. my mom swears by them. they are i think $1.99 or something around that price

Nanaimo Bar mix?

does any place have them ready to eat? i've heard of them alot but never tried

Malai Kofta in TO?

the BEST malai kofta i've had is at 'moti mahal' on gerrard st. other malai koftas i've tried r just plain gross. the quality of this one is amazing

Thai for ten

i love salad king downtown on gould st.

Best Street Eats in Toronto?

MOTI MAHAL RESTAURANT has BY FAR the best samosas!!! 1422 gerrard st.e

cheesecake in toronto?

ok the best cheesecake i've had is from loblaw's cake section.

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

go to little india on gerrard street (btwn coxwell & greenwood) there is an indian restaurant "MOTI MAHAL" very very good indian food, and cheap too! more of a fast food type setting

Toronto's Best Slice

ok.. BY FAR, the BEST pizza EVER is Camarra Pizzeria Ristorante. 2899 Dufferin Street, North York, ON M6B 3S7 .. 416 789-3221.. i think they are a bit expensive but AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING pizza.

Great Indian Food in TO

moti mahal was the first location they opened 30 yrs ago! and they franchised out the one in markham, i also LOVE the food. they make their breads fresh right out of the oven when u order