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KFC Crosses the Line

I think everything has its place and time, but there are a lot of salads that are deceptively higher in fat and calories (and will leave you feeling hungry later on):


The fried version of this has 540 calories, and the grilled version just 460, and low in carbs.

about 7 hours ago
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Would You Name Your Kid Nutella?

It would be a cute name for a brown cat. Didn't some actress name her kid Apple? I've always thought Chardonnay sounded like a little girl's name.

Jan 27, 2015
junescook in Food Media & News

Why are people slaves to a date, say February 14?

I kind of have to agree with you. We had some friends come up and visit a few weeks back. They have pretty high expectations in restaurants and always brag how many excellent restos they have in New Haven where they live compared to where we are in Litchfield County. Well we wanted to take them out to a new place in our town that we think is really good (and which has also been garnering some good press). Now we had been to this place at least three time previously, but the date of their visit just happened to be DECEMBER 31. Well, don't you know, the menu was cut to about a third of its normal size, prices increased by a third, and the food all seemingly prepared ahead. I was really embarrassed.

So I agree with your tactic and take it a step further. I have a birthday coming this weekend. So as we work up to it we start going out to lunch at some of our favorite spots (just got back from having ceviche). Then I have fried chicken on the list. DW will be making me a duck, one of her extraordinary dishes, next maybe Indian, etc. So rather than doing one big expensive splurge dinner, we do a celebration period for life events. (Of course then we won't have anything to celebrate again until Super Bowl).

Can someone help me understand this recipe

The glossary included with the recipe indicates that they are indeed calling for the Italian biscuits made from ground almonds. For me it sounds a little fussy but I love lamb and I think that if you have the patience to do all that it would work out fine. It's certainly a pretty presentation for a special day.

Jan 16, 2015
junescook in Home Cooking

Whole Chickens Disappearing From Supermarkets?

Yesterday I slow-roasted a 9# Oven Stuffer that I had bought on sale at a local market @ $.99. They also had their own roasters at $1.60 and Bell & Evans for $$$.

Jan 05, 2015
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whole roasted chicken left out cooling 4 hrs

No problem.

Dec 24, 2014
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Prime Rib and baked potatoes question

Potatoes "bake" beautifully in the microwave and I usually prefer to do them that way and then finish them in the hot oven to crispen their skins. That way they stay nice and fluffy and don't get dried out. Assuming you're going to finish your roast with a final oven sear (as I am after slow smoking tomorrow), you could pop them in along side that for those few minutes.

Dec 24, 2014
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Christmas Dinner: in charge of turkey and ham and mashed potato -- but traveling 5 hours to get there, arriving just 2 hours before scheduled dinner time

I had something of a similar problem last Christmas when I wanted to smoke a turkey for Christmas and I really didn't know how long it would take. So I decided to smoke it the day before. I smoke (and cook in general) by temperature rather than by time. As soon as it had reached 165 or whatever it was supposed to be at I removed it from the smoker and let it cool down and then got it into the fridge. The next afternoon I cut the breast meat off the breast as I would to carve, and removed and cut up the wings and legs. I boned out the thighs. Then I placed these large pieces in flat roasting pans with stock underneath to provide moisture and heated them quickly in a fairly hot oven (maybe 375?). Doing it this way let them heat up, and crispen the skin (skin does not get crispy in a smoker) but not dry out. Then I sliced the breast and thighs and arranged everything on platters. I think it came out great and tending a smoker all day was one thing I didn't have to worry about.

Btw, this year my plan is to slow smoke a prime rib (on Christmas) and then finish it with a sear in a 475 oven. Any suggestion for sides to go with that would be appreciated.

Dec 16, 2014
junescook in Home Cooking

Other Good Pizza In New Haven

I grew up in New Haven so my tastes are pretty deeply ingrained, and our pickings pretty slim in Lithfld Cnty. But I was talking with a guy who lives in Oxford but who works in Stratford. On nights when he says they crave New Haven style apizza, he goes the long way home through Hamden and stops to get his pies at Sergio's across from Aunt Chilada's on Rt-10. Have any CHers ever been there and would it be worth a trip out of the way if we were over past Waterbury say?

Weird, unique, amazing eats in CT...

Weird, unique, amazing eats in CT...

The Landing Zone Grill in Harwinton has a dive atmosphere with a unique menu of freshly prepared food. Many Cajun foods (gator, frog legs), but then elk, bison and some fabulous mussel and clam dishes.


Best martini olives?

I love my double-stuffed colossal olives I use in my gin martinis. They're stuffed with garlic and jalapeno peppers and add just a nice balance of flavor and heat to the drink.

Nov 15, 2014
junescook in Spirits

What method do you use to drain cooked and crumbled ground meat?

If I'm using pretty lean meat, I push it to one side, tilt to the other, and soak up the grease with a paper towel. That way I don't run any grease down the drain (DW gets pissed when I pour it down the disposal) and don't have a can of grease to figure out what to do with.

looking for Minor's chicken base in Hartford, Ct area

I got Minor's at BJ's club in Waterbury today. Not sure if they had it in its regular spot in the soup aisle because it was in a display of holiday ingredients along the center aisle. But as usual they had both beef and chicken.

Hot fudge sundae, what flavor ice cream?

Black raspberry and heathbar crunch. Contrasts.

Oct 22, 2014
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lunch in morningside heights

Thanks, looks perfect.

Oct 16, 2014
junescook in Manhattan

lunch in morningside heights

I know that there are some posts on this but they are fairly old. We'll be staying at the International House (122nd @ W Side Hwy) near Columbia, and arriving around noon. So we'll be looking to find a nice sit-down lunch without having to walk too far from there (age + arthritis). Ethnic is nice though not Italian since we're going out for Italian in the evening. Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide.

Oct 16, 2014
junescook in Manhattan

"Farmland" highlights contrasts between large/small farms.

Academy award winner James Moll produced and directed a documentary about American farms that was released this year. 90% of food in America is produced by family farms. He follows several from a local CSA to a large scale poultry operation to a big grain farm. The film was just released to be viewed online and can be watched on your computer via Hulu. His subjects run organic and non-o organizations and so the film discusses gmos as well as animal cruelty. It's very well done.


Oct 15, 2014
junescook in Food Media & News

GMOs are old tech. Now Synthetically Modified Food is the New Frontier

It seems that scientists have been working to create food products through natural processes via yeast fermentation and coming up with vanillin, saffron and even dairy products (would you believe Muufri?)


Oct 15, 2014
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Do Eggs Need to Be Refrigerated?

In Europe, all chickens are required to be injected with antibiotics to prevent salmonella but not here in the US. Thus cold storage is mandated:


Oct 14, 2014
junescook in Features

Chris Cosentino Deeply Regrets Television Appearances

I have always liked Chris Cosentino. I do feel bad for him. I hope he does better in the future. Frankly I saw that show a couple of times and thought it was an embarrassment for everybody involved.

Affordable Bershires Dinner Recs to Satisfy a Somewhat Jaded Brooklyn Family plus other Recs for Food Stops in the Berkshires?

While I know the OP was originally looking for a dinner place, I just wanted to mention that we had a really nice lunch this past Wednesday at Alta on Church St. in Lenox. It was a chilly, rainy day, and my BinL and I both had the stew of the day, a big bowl of lamb stew in a tagine style broth with squash and fingerling potatoes. DW had a salmon quesadilla and her sister, an omelet. Everyone was very happy with the food. The service was gracious and the prices are reasonable. (I'd go back just to try another stew.)


Rudest grocery checker remark

I have. They're just hard boiled eggs the size of big olives. I've used them for deviled eggs around the holidays. I often thought that it would be fun to put them in a bowl with grape tomatoes and big green and black olives. I believe I've got a can in the cabinet. They're very inexpensive at the Asian supermarket.

Call me an old fashion prude, but I don't think this is appropriate. "Mom Bakes Vagina Cookies For 2nd Graders"

And if one of the fathers had brought in anatomically correct male genitalia to complement them, then these kids' knowledge would have shot right through the old common core.

CT: Let's Thai one on--share your Thai favorites!

Up here in our area we have not had any Thai restaurants in the area until very recently, and while Samui Thai in Southbury is not, I think, as authentic as you can find in more Southern and Central areas of the state, it has become one of our favorite lunch places. For $10-12 you get a choice of an appetizer, a choice of soup (tom-yum or coconut, both of which are delicious), an entrée, and a bit of fruit to finish. Plus they have the best hot tea I have ever had. The place and the food is pretty (and very tasty) -- I'll try to get pictures.


What Is America's Worst Restaurant Chain?

Oh Man, now I've got a craving for a bucket of KFC dark with mashed + gravy and cole slaw.

Sep 11, 2014
junescook in Features

5th Annual CT Cheese & Wine Festival: A Perfect Fall Feast at Hopkins Vineyard

Joan, Are the food and wine samplings included in the price of admission, or like Haight, do you charge for each of those separately?

Water spots on my grill please help

For me it's the Big Fat Greek Wedding solution. After I'm done cooking outside, I grab that big spray bottle of Windex I keep next to my glass top range and carry it out to my cooking area and spray it on and wipe down whatever is exposed: grill, smoker cabinet, steel work table whatever. The grills get whatever cleaning is appropriate (a couple of times a year I throw the weber grates into the oven when I do the cleaning cycle). Then, when the smokers are all cleaned up I line them with aluminum foil so they're ready to go with not too much prepping for their next use. I also have covers for all of them so that avoids having to wipe anything down when I need to use it.

Do you grill with aluminum foil (and no, it's not what you're thinking of)

I got these plates called Grill Grates that sit on top of the regular grates of my weber and make it a lot easier to grill meat, fish and veggies. It gets quite hot, doesn't flare up, and stuff releases easily, especially because the spatula tines go below the ridges of the grate.


Woodbury, CT's Hotel Hell

Curtis House was a destination spot for older folks well before Heritage Village was built, and I think probably the celebration spot for many of the area people since back then as well when there were fewer choices available (Philip's Diner, Charcoal Chef and a coffee shop of various names).

CT Magazine reported on the Ramsay visit: