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What (else) to do with Raclette?

That sounds perfect. I was thinking about some sort of gratin. Thanks for the suggestion!

Dec 12, 2008
mikebrittain in Home Cooking

What (else) to do with Raclette?

I've got a bunch of leftover Raclette cheese from a party we had with some friends where we served grilled Raclette over potatoes, etc. Now that I've got extra cheese hanging around, what else can I do with this stuff? Anyone have a good recipe or recommendation?


Dec 07, 2008
mikebrittain in Home Cooking

Lasagna alla Bolognese

When using frsh noodles, do you need to pre-boil them at all, or should they cook enough in the oven? I have only used frsh noodles once, and found that when I pre-boiled them, the lasagna came out very flimsy. Should I boil them less, or not at all?

Feb 25, 2007
mikebrittain in Recipes

Protect my password

People tend to re-use passwords, which I agree is a bad practice in iteself. However, there's really no sense to *hiding* my password on a page if you're going to send it back to me in clear-text. Email is insecure. If you're going to mail a password, it should be a temporary password that your user is required to change, should they forget it.

Sep 03, 2006
mikebrittain in Site Talk