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El Jíbaro, Eche pa Echarle and other hole-in-wall Peruvians in north end?

Precision: I remember Eche pa' echarle being on St-Dominique and Gounod before it moved to its St-Hubert in 1997-1998. The photos of Luis Eche holding the huge fish in his St-Hubert restaurant were taken there. Melchorita subsequently opened on Gounod around 1998.

Where did "Curry House" Ben go?

I was there tonight and the place looked great. The food was fabulous as usual. Ben hasn't lost his touch. The place was very crowded for a Sunday so I hope more and more people find out about his new digs. He also added a few new items on the menu. I had a fish curry, very tasty.

Restaurant Closings - 2009

Well I am happy to have found out that the Curry House which used to be on Bishop, has reopened at 1236 MacKay. It reopened in mid September. Ben still runs the place. He added a few new dishes (I tried the halibut curry, and it was very tasty). The new place is on the second floor and it looks quite fresh. It is a lot brighter than the old place. The service was just as good as the in the old days, Ben hasn't lost his touch.

Restaurant Openings - 2009

Flap-Flap will be officially opening at 1575 Fleury east (between Papineau and Christophe-Colomb) on November 4 2009. They've been unoficially opened now for a few weeks. They serve Carribean food. I tried the griot (or gryot?), the best I've had in Montreal so far.

Best Mexican

I agree with you about Cactus. I'd rather pay a little more to get better quality food. I find their fajitas out of this world.


My favorite is Eche pa' Echarle followed by Via Wellington. I went not to long ago to el Limon Verde on Masson street. The menu was smaller. Tried the ceviche, it got a passing mark, I plan on going back with some friends to try the lomo saltado.

My Recipe Box

I agree with that!

Sep 06, 2006
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