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SF Must Tries

I know I am going to get flamed for saying this but if you can deal with a noisy dining room, then I say go to Slanted Door if you can get in, if not, sitting at the bar is fine. Some highlights, the yellowtail sashimi, spring rolls, caramelized prawns. I think the food is very fresh, and solid from appetizer to dessert.

Farmer Brown report

Maybe we caught Farmer Brown on an off night. We practically had our drinks thrown in our faces by the bartender, who was surly, rude and clearly having an off night. We sat at the bar for 15 minutes before we even got someone to look our way. Once she actually decided to acknowledge us, to make our mojitos she threw some mint in a glass and poured the rum on top, there was no muddling to be seen. The food was ok, the trout was a little too spicy and salty for my taste, so spicy that all you could taste was spice. The fried chicken was alright, nothing to write home about. I hate to say it but the highlight of the meal was the sweet tea.

Recommendations on French in SF

I second Les Amis. The food is solid, but the atmosphere and the service make it an excellent place to take out of town guests.

Overrated disappointments

I think Limon is one of the most overrated places in the city. It's ok. The ceviche is ok, but not great. Overall, what is the point of having a very average meal in a place where you can't hear yourself think?

Sebo and Modern Tea

I am glad to see I am not the only one to think this place is overhyped. I know it is a new waitstaff, but there is no reason to be rude and disorganized. Furthermore, the food is NOT worth the wait.
I found the fish not particularly fresh and mediocre at best. The most galling thing about dinner was ordering toro at $30 bucks a pop for warm and slimy toro. I would definitely not recommend this place.

Modern Tea, however, is one of my new favorites. I was very impressed by the quality of the ingredients and the variety on the menu. Definitely try the sponge cream cake, made in a mini mason jar. Very tasty and creamy.

Rosemary's Restaurant - Las Vegas

A couple of months ago I saw a show on the food network showcasing various places and Rosemary's showed up. I took my boyfriend to vegas and off we went.
I was extremely impressed, everything from the atmosphere to the wine list, was extremely well thought-out. This place is a living example of attention to detail. You and your dining partner are served at the exact same time for every single course. This was one of the best dining experiences I have ever had. The food was unbelievable. The flavor pairings were excellent. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Go here if you go to Vegas, skip Nobu and the rest of the overpriced, overhyped stuff on the strip.

Sep 03, 2006
chilena_sf in Southwest