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Racion - pleasant spot for a longer lunch in Pasadena

I had an excellent dinner here a long time ago and finally got back last month - this time for lunch with friends. I concur with poster Sgee on the experience overall. Lovely setting with well prepared food and caring service. We also received good wine suggestions based on food and personal tastes. It was perfect for a leisurely lunch with friends and conversation. I highly recommend it, and I won't wait so long to enjoy another meal at Racion.

Mar 09, 2015
terim in Los Angeles Area

fresh turkeys for thanksgiving?

Call Fish King in Glendale. They take orders and should have what you want.

Oct 11, 2014
terim in Los Angeles Area

Mexican in Glendale?

La Cabinita which is in Montrose (north end of Glendale) though service can be slow so depends on how much time you have for lunch. For a fast lunch, Victoria's Tacos on San Fernando Road.

Aug 22, 2013
terim in Los Angeles Area

Fish King (Glendale) - What do you buy there v2012

I shop here a couple of times a week and love getting the fresh wild fish - salmon, halibut, petrale sole etc. It's always incredibly fresh and well worth it. Sushi for lunch, smoked fish, once in a while whole fish (smaller one to feed two when grilled or baked). I buy shrimp - cooked both cooked and uncooked, small portions of cooked dungeness to add to a salad etc. I love Fish King.

Aug 13, 2012
terim in Los Angeles Area


Has anyone been recently? Looking for a nice place to meet friends that is comfy and not too noisy. From comments here it sounds like it could be what we would like, provided the food is still good.

Feb 13, 2012
terim in Los Angeles Area

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

As a total experience I was happy with it. Would it be nice to be less expensive? Yes. I definitely did not eat or drink $60 worth - I'm not a huge eater and can never get my money's worth at a buffet either. I liked that it wasn't overly crowded. We had little from the true food trucks - mostly ate from restaurants/food stands with booths there. From the sounds of things, Eat Real is a better value but I really did want to see the Baja chefs at the LA fest (that really drew my attention more than anything). Another factor no doubt would be that I am a heck of a lot closer to the Rose Bowl.

Jul 18, 2011
terim in Los Angeles Area

Eat Real vs. LA Street Food Fest

We really enjoyed the LA Street Food Festival! The biggest draw for us were the Baja chefs. Personal favorites were both dishes from Tijuana's Javier Plascencia. I really hope this group participates again next year. This is our first event like this but variety was excellent. We ate primarily from vendors in booths - restaurants, stands etc. as opposed to the trucks. A few I hoped to try were missing but there were still many choices - more than we could possibly try.

We did the afternoon session from 2-5 pm and paid extra for "luxe" which gave us super parking and a short line to get in. The lines for food were generally short, in some cases none at all. Coolhaus had one of the longest lines but even that was not bad. All food and drink included in admission though I cannot eat or drink my money's worth. it may seem pricey at $60 general admission and $75 for Luxe, but I believe they limited ticket sales to 1,500 so the crowd size was comfortable to my great relief. I would guess that's one reason it is priced as such. I personally am willing to pay more for smaller crowds - I really hate long long lines or a mob scene for anything.

It was well organized, easy to find things. Tables to sit at if you wished. Next year I'm telling my friends to come with us!

Jul 18, 2011
terim in Los Angeles Area

Todos Santos, Baja Sur

Thanks for your rec for Michaels at the Gallery! Had a wonderful dinner there last week. Love the outdoor setting surrounded by art. Service excellent. We poked our heads in during the day and Michael was busy prepping the night's meal. I had a fabulous yellowtail dish described as "Japanese style" but the sauce was much more interesting than what it might sound like. Taste of wasabi, black sesame seeds and I don't know what else but it was perfect and the right balance for the fish. Side dishes, vegs etc very good. Also scallops and shrimp - all perfectly cooked. Went to La Casita and enjoyed it tho it's a more casual approach. Menu large so we stuck to the specials which were good. "Tapas" are large enough to share. He made a delicious tiramisu - his own version which I liked better than the traditional (I am not generally a big fan of tiramisu). I don't put this on the same level as Michaels for example, but was still fine.

Apr 15, 2011
terim in Mexico

Where to buy soft shell crabs to prep at home?

Fish King has fresh ones - I've seen them there in past seasons.

Apr 27, 2010
terim in Los Angeles Area

Lazy Ox Canteen Tonight...What Should We Order

The pigs trotters were very tasty! We asked our waiter for a wine rec based on the food we ordered and though I don't recall what it was, his choice was a good one and reasonably priced.

Apr 17, 2010
terim in Los Angeles Area

Good source for medjool dates? (Pasadena area)

I just bought some delicious medjool dates at the Montrose farmer's market (not far from Pasadena) last Sunday. In the past I've gotten them at the Pasadena farmer's market also - though the vendor at Montrose is different than the man selling them in Pas. I should think you can get them either place this weekend.

Jan 14, 2010
terim in Los Angeles Area

Nice Italian/Steakhouse/American without excessive noise level

We decided to go to Keen's - thanks all. I had not focused on it until some of you mentioned it and it turned out to be ideal. The old NY setting was nice and a good change of pace and style from other places we ate at during our trip. Service fine and we could comfortably linger at the table and talk. Based on the recs, I ordered the mutton chop and it was a delicous winner! The prime rib was also excellent - generous portions indeed. Side of spinach fine, caeser salad so-so. Don't recommend the hash browns which are sort of gloppy. Others at the table had the porterhouse and short ribs and all seemed pleased. Anyway, I appreciate the suggestions I got. I'll save some of the others for my next trip to the city!

Dec 29, 2009
terim in Manhattan

Where to buy bone-in short ribs? (Pasadena area) and approx how much do they cost?!

I've had great luck with HK Korean market. They often have nicely marbled, meaty short ribs on the bone. I can't remember the price but I know I've paid much more at Whole Foods and I prefer the ones from HK. They have boneless also but I have not tried it.

Dec 16, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Looking for good store-bought kimchi

I have not purchased kimchi in a bottle for a long time but it is likely that Mitsuwa has it. They may not have more than one or two brands. HK Supermarkets (Korean) has all kinds at a self serve counter which might help because you can purchase only the amount you need. I presume you want the type that is just nappa cabbage. I think the stuff at HK is spicier than what I remember from the ones carried at the Japanese markets.

Dec 05, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Bashan - Tasting menu or a la carte?

I recommend the tasting menu too. I liked the fact that they were flexible in asking us if we had specific likes or dislikes and the Chef prepared our tastings based on that. We wanted to be surprised, but there were a couple of dishes that we thought would not appeal to everyone in our party, so this helped out a lot. It's a lovely place to enjoy a birthday dinner.

Nov 16, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area


La Cabinita for Mexican, and Zeke's for BBQ - both in Montrose. Skaf's for Lebanese.

Nov 16, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Nice Italian/Steakhouse/American without excessive noise level

Thank you Chowhounders for the input! This is really helpful and I'm going to further look into all suggested places!

Nov 14, 2009
terim in Manhattan

Nice Italian/Steakhouse/American without excessive noise level

We are spending Christmas in NYC (from LA) and meeting up with old friends who live there. We want to pick a nice restaurant that isn't so loud that we can't hear ourselves talk. We are also all middle-aged and not into an overly trendy scene. I want to stick to Italian or a steakhouse or American type food to suit all tastes. No prix fixe. In years past we've had great evenings at Gramercy Tavern and Union Sq Cafe - both of which I'd still consider returning to and which I don't recall as being overly loud. I am looking at Scarpetta, Lupa, BLT Prime or Steak as well. Any comments regarding the noise level at these places? Any other suggestions for a really nice evening out with good food and service? Do you have any recs on these places I've named? Many thanks for helping us have a special eve out with people we enjoy seeing.

170 Thompson Street, New York, NY 10012

Gramercy Tavern
42 E 20th St, New York, NY 10003

BLT Prime
111 East 22nd Street, New York, NY 10010

355 West 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

Nov 12, 2009
terim in Manhattan

mexican near glendale???

La Cabinita is excellent - located in Montrose, right next to Glendale! Regarding another poster's comment on ChichenItza - the downtown 6th Street location is definitely closed. The casual (order at the counter) spot in Mercado La Paloma is open - we just ate there last weekend. No alchohol there but very tasty food.

Mercado La Paloma
3655 S Grand Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90007

La Paloma Restaurant
2975 Foothill Blvd, La Verne, CA 91750

Nov 08, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

HELP - Best Resto in Los Feliz, Silver Lake?

We just had a really nice dinner at Domenico Ristorante. We also liked Resevoir and Canele. Have not tried Barbrix yet but plan to.

Oct 24, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Laguna Niguel - restaurant recs?

I recently had a really wonderful dining experience at Studio and I think I can agree with krick's comments. Expensive - very - but for a special night out (which we don't do all that often), it was ideal. The view is incredible, service top notch and welcoming. We did the prix fixe menu and particularly loved the fresh hamachi, a fois gras dish, and beautifully prepared halibut. Chef Strong stopped by to greet us and inquire on how we like our dinner. All in all a very special, albeit expensive, evening.

Oct 02, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area


I grew up in Utah and loved Spudnuts! I just thought it referred to a plain glazed donut and when I first arrived in California I would go into a donut shop and ask for a Spudnut. A what?? Anyway, your post taught me something and now I know where I can try them again. Will be interesting to see how I like them after many decades!

Aug 20, 2009
terim in Chains

Amici at the Americana?

Has anyone tried Amici yet and what do you think? We are meeting a group of friends for dinner tomorrow and thought we might try it. I have seen some comments elsewhere that give me a bit of concern, so would really appreciate any input from Chowhounders.

Aug 03, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Eating and cooking in Oaxaca, Puebla and Cancun

In 2008 I took cooking classes from Chef Alonso Hernandez through the hotel Mesones Sacrista Campania in Puebla (classes held at their sister hotel). It was lots of fun - my first time to do a cooking class while traveling. Max size was about 6 or 8 but on one day there were just 2 of us. We made several moles, soup, desserts, various salsas and beverages. Visited the market with the chef and got a book with all of the recipes to bring home. Most of the people in the class were doing it for fun (as opposed to being serious cooks) but the class was very enjoyable. Since then, I have also looked at Tlaxcala - thinking that if I can get back to Puebla area, I'd like to try Mexican Home Cooking. Another poster commented that Tlaxcala is very close to Puebla and it is -you'd need transportation between them but if you stayed in Tlaxcala, you could also work in some visits to Puebla to enjoy the sights and historical center. From your comments, I think you might like the Puebla class. You can contact the hotel and make inquiry to see if my info is still applicable.

Jul 25, 2009
terim in Mexico

San Pancho and Sayulita Recommendations

Just returned from San Pancho. Given the size of this little town, the food is amazing. No doubt due in part to the ex-pat population. The nicer places seem to cater to tourists and the foreigners who have homes there, but are definitely of high quality. We have enjoyed La Ola Rica which is probably the most popular. Cafe del Mar has great spring rolls and a delicious shrimp curry dish. We've been twice over several years and not been disappointed. San Pancho Cafe - recommend trying the chile rellenos con queso! They have steak, fish and bbq on the menu too - sit upstairs. Nopalito for the incredible breakfast crepes and fresh fruit drinks. You can watch it all being made by the lovely women working at this tiny place with counter stools. My husband had a crepe with eggs and mole sauce that was delicious. Cielito Rojo - the best dish we had was the fresh shrimp, grilled and skewered - with heads and shells on and served on top of the sweetest, juiciest grilled pineapple. Superb.

Apr 04, 2009
terim in Mexico

Guanajuato Recs?

Has been some years since I have been to Gto. The only really outstanding meal we had was at a lovely garden patio restaurant in the Marfil area. Hacienda de Marfil? Next door to Casa de Espiritus Alegres. At the time they were open only for lunch (but a lovely leisurely lunch setting). If it is still open, you might inquire about it. Otherwise, the restaurants at the time of our visit were not particularly interesting. We've had much better experiences in other places in Mexico.

Apr 04, 2009
terim in Mexico

Palate - Food & Wine (a review)

After reading all the various comments, I hope the management pays heed. I've been here 3 times and always had a wonderful experience and decent service.

Jan 23, 2009
terim in Los Angeles Area

Brunch in Glendale

La Cabinita for Mexican food - up the hill in Montrose.

Oct 18, 2008
terim in Los Angeles Area

Zihuatanejo Trip Report

Thanks for your report. Zihua also a favorite of ours for relaxing beach getaway. Next time you do need to make it to Tamales y Atoles Any and also Pozole alley. We had terrific, tasty pozole down a small alley type street so maybe that was it (recommended by a gringo who was living there). Restaurant was very modest but it was one of our favorite meals, and by far the cheapest. Glad to see your comments on Las Gatas because I had wanted to go, and now I am sure I won't care for it either. Will now keep the Tides in mind for a nice dinner!

Sep 09, 2008
terim in Mexico

CUT at the Beverly Wilshire - A bit of a letdown [LONG-ISH REVIEW]

Appreciate your comments since I'm trying to decide on a restaurant for a special occasion. I'm wondering how it compares to Craft both food and experience-wise. I've looked at both menus. Cut strikes me as a bit more traditional than Craft. Opinions out there? (I've also heard good things about Mastro's, but for now am interested specifically in Cut vs. Craft.)

Aug 27, 2008
terim in Los Angeles Area