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Tokyo Eats

I'll be visiting Tokyo later this month. While I've visited several times before, this will be my first time where I'll have the opportunity to really seek out good eats. I'm looking specifically for tonkotsu ramen, okonomiyaki, udon, and sushi, as well as kaiseki and kappo options (per request of my mom). I'd like to get thoughts on my picks below as well as other recommendations. I'll be staying in Ebisu. Thanks in advance!

Kappo R
Ukai Toriyama
Tofuya Ukai

Ramen - Jangara Ramen

Sushi - Daiwa, Sushi Dai...if there are non-touristy options which are just as good, i'd love to get suggestions.

Okonomiyaki - Shichifukujin

May 06, 2007
michiyo in Japan

Downtown Office Lunch

i love mendocino farms in california plaza (next to moca). they have fresh, tasty sandwiches, salads and soups. always crowded during the lunch hour. they definitely cater, and i believe they deliver as well.

Mar 29, 2007
michiyo in Los Angeles Area

HELP! need recs for a quick bite in J-TOWN

daikokuya is open on sundays now. tonkotsu ramen, gyoza, rice dishes, rolls. it's not too heavy but it's definitely not light either. shouldn't be crowded at 6pm.

1st street across from miyako hotel between san pedro and central.

Sep 17, 2006
michiyo in Los Angeles Area

maui recs

i'll be in maui (mostly in wailea and lahaina) next week for six days with a group of eight from l.a. i'm looking mainly for budget conscious recommendations (entrees in teens), though we'll be splurging on two nice dinners. we're all in our late 20s/early 30s so *hip* spots would be nice but not necessary. also recs in wailea and lahaina for great breakfast/brunch will be greatly appreciated (i love pancakes!). THANKS!

places i'm thinking about:
tastings restaurant
honolua general store
cafe o'lei
haliimaile general store
lahaina fish market
aloha mixed plate
saigon cafe
da kitchen

Sep 15, 2006
michiyo in Hawaii