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Joyful Garden, Allston/Brighton

Opened almost a year ago in the Days Inn on Soldier's Field Road. Has anyone been? We live in the area and heard good things from neighbors, but wanted to know if anyone else had checked it out.

dinner tonight - a place like Franklin Cafe?

You might want to consider Green Street Grill in Central Sq, Cambridge. Good food, great atmosphere, great drinks.

Good (or at least pretty good) pizza in Allston-Brighton?

Hi - we've lived in AB for 3 years and love most of the local food options, but tonight we're craving just good old pizza delivery and so far haven't found much. Tried T Anthony's on a chowhound rec but were pretty unimpressed. Cambridge 1 and Upper Crust are pretty good, but we'd love to find a more traditional, less yuppie, place that delivers. Never tried Big Daddy's or Big City. Any thoughts on these or any others?

Costco cake for sale at Bottega Fiorentina...

Stopped at Bottega Fiorentina in Coolidge Corner a couple of days ago and picked up some delicious prosciutto panini (at an excellent price, as always). While there, my SO subtly gestured at the display case where there was a HUGE chocolate cake with slices for sale. We both recognized this dessert, without question, as the decadent and delicious $14.99 cake from Costco - another of the best deals in Boston - but we were very surprised to see it for sale in this setting. Does any one else frequent Bottega Fiorentina, and if so, have you ever noticed this?