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Recommend me one burrito.

I went there yesterday
Its not what it used to be
The Carne Asada was tough and full of grissle

Nov 05, 2012
LarryP in San Diego

Fish Taco - Driving South to San Diego

Oscars for sure in Lajolla
Go to Yelp and you will see over 200 five stars and there are only $2.00

Jul 06, 2012
LarryP in San Diego

If you love Mexican Seafood check this out

Here is a Yelp link to Oscars Mexican Seafood
They have over 100 five star ratings
Its best that you read them cause there are too many good things to say
Enjoy :


703 Turquoise St
La Jolla, CA 92037
Neighborhood: La Jolla
(858) 603-8123

May 03, 2012
LarryP in San Diego

Not a place for fish taco's

Pacific Beach Fish House

I know this place has been getting good press but I went there and ordered 2 fish taco's for $10 only to find a piece of fish the size of my index finger.
When I asked what the weight was they said proudly 2 oz.
The flavor was good but 2 ounces????
Go to Oscars on Turquoise in Lajolla and get twice the fish for half the price.

Nov 05, 2011
LarryP in San Diego

Moma Mia.. Very disapointed :)

I went there based on good reports but for a Italian from the east coast, there food was not close to being authentic.
I had a $13 lasagna which was all noodle and a microscopic amount of cheese.
Tasted like cafeteria food with no flavor.
I don't think the original owners are still there.

My opinion
Thanks Larry

Jun 04, 2011
LarryP in San Diego

Did La Scala in Point Loma close?

Hope not :(

Point Loma Cafe
4856 N Harbor Dr, San Diego, CA 92106

Apr 01, 2011
LarryP in San Diego

Looks like Chateau Orleans is closed :(

there phone is disconnected and a closed sign on the website.
They had the best Sunday buffet

Chateau Orleans
926 Turquoise St Ste H, San Diego, CA 92109

Mar 06, 2011
LarryP in San Diego


Dont go to Po Pazzo for the Sunday buffet, worse than Hometown buffet, cold food, stale bread,very expensive

Apr 06, 2010
LarryP in San Diego

Best Philly Cheesesteak (San Diego)?

Alex is opening a new store on Garnet in the the shopping center where Great News is 1700
They are the best here, I am from Philly .
The new place is called Pops and will open about Sept 1

Aug 12, 2008
LarryP in San Diego

Mobile BBQ or Carne Asada Catering, SD?
Best BBQ in town,The real thing, better than Phils

Jul 12, 2008
LarryP in California

Bud's Louisiana Cafe reopens (San Diego)

Are the portions big? Those prices are a little high.

Jun 30, 2008
LarryP in California

Best machaca San Diego

The best I have had is at Los Pancho's on Garnet in PB (not the same as other Los Panchos)
Real homemade, big portions and very low price, free hot chips and salsa too , I go there often and get it.

May 31, 2008
LarryP in California

Bread yeast and flour in SD

Trader Joes has it

Feb 12, 2008
LarryP in San Diego

Ciro's Pizzeria Gaslamp San Diego

Where is Luigi ? and do they sell slices?

Jan 26, 2008
LarryP in California

Ethnic Markets in San Diego

They had great prepared food there, good prices too

Jan 25, 2008
LarryP in San Diego

Decent Mexican food in San Diego?

Los Pancho's in PB on Garnet,, great food , big portions, sit down service with free chips.
Everything homemade. very low prices

Jan 19, 2008
LarryP in San Diego

Butcher shop in SD

SISLES MEATS same owner as Iowa near City Chevrolet on Morena and Ashton st

Jan 13, 2008
LarryP in California

Pizza Delivery In La Jolla

Been in LJ for 20 years, not found any, I am an Italian from Phila,, its a ride but DelMar pizza is good and so is Bronks.
However Trader Joes frozen pizza is the best here except for those mentioned. try it..its cheap too.

Jan 08, 2008
LarryP in California

Does San Diego do East Coast Chinese Food?

China Max is yuppie food not the real thing
There prices are so high they are comical

Jan 07, 2008
LarryP in San Diego

In San Diego Looking for Greek style pizza & oven grinders

In Phila and New Jersey are many pizza places owned by Greeks that use the same recipe.
They are 14 inches and are baked in a oiled pan so the crust frys and a really tasty cheese.
No its not deep dish or like Pizza Huts pan pizza.

As for the oven grinders : they are a open faced sandwich baked in the oven.
Please dont say Quizno's.. no comparison.

I live in San Diego

Thanks in advance

Jan 06, 2008
LarryP in California

New York style breads in San Diego???

Thats true about the water
I once worked in a bakery in Philadelphia and we had to drive to our New York bakery to get certain items because of the water issue. we could not bake them in Phila

Dec 28, 2007
LarryP in California

South Beach Grille Tacos--Ehh...

If you go to the Brig, go at happy hour..1/2 price
Rubio's on Tues after3pm is $1.00

Nov 24, 2007
LarryP in California

Best Taco Shops In San Diego...

Really gone downhill and got expensive
Carne asada is all grissle and food served cold
I gave it a chance 3 times
Got rude treatment from the management when I complained too :(

Nov 21, 2007
LarryP in San Diego

I cant get in

passwords constantly refused
please help

Sep 12, 2006
LarryP in Site Talk