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Hatch Chiles 2015

Hatch chiles all over the Alemany Farmers Market market yesterday. I arrived late in the market day and bought a big bag of them for $1.

Suggestions for really good HEARTY soup!

If you're ever at the Alemany on the weekend, El Huarache Loco's consumé de borrego hits the spot. It's a traditional soup of lamb, garbanzo beans, and rice. Served with corn tortillas and side garnishes of onion, cilantro, lime, and red chile oil.

White mulberries anywhere?

Spotted some white ones at The Alemany Farmers Market last week. At Desantis's fruit stall.

brunch tomorrow in the outer mission or excelsior? [San Francisco]

Doctor's Lounge on Mission near Onondaga does a nice brunch on weekends from 8am–2pm.

Los Angelino from San Gabriel Valley ISO Best Inexpensive Dim Sum Palace

Nothing compares to all that Rosemead/Monterey Park has to offer dim-sum-wise. The dim sum offerings around Northern California are more expensive and can really be upsetting if you're used to the dim sum experiences San Gabriel Valley offers.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

I bought hatch chiles at the Alemany Farmers market this past weekend! It's incredibly early in the season but there were at least 3 vendors selling them there.

neighborhood for cheap eats? [San Francisco]

The Tenderloin

So what's the average Chowhound's Race / Ethnicity?

full blooded Pork n' Cheese

Oct 24, 2013
scarmoza in Not About Food

Difference in Quality Between Different Branches of Turtle Tower? [San Francisco]

In my experiences at the Larkin location and 6th St. location, service and pho ga are better at the original Larkin location.

Since the 6th Street loc is open until 9pm (Mon-Sat) we went there even though it wasn't as good. That is, until we finally tried Lotus Garden's pho ga. No flat thick noodles but that broth is so delicious it doesn't even matter!

36 hours in San Jose

Alexander's Steakhouse kicks ass.
Ramen Halu kicks ass.
Steakout burgers kick ass.

...but none of the above are open for breakfast.

36 hours in San Jose

Not super high end but on the higher end of casual fine dining: Scratch in Mountain View does a lovely brunch.

I'm heard good things about The Table in Willow Glen but haven't been.

36 hours in San Jose

IMHO, it's not that the banana milk shake is worth the trip or the falafels either but more about the combo and the old school experience that makes this place.

36 hours in San Jose

Unless you're out to prove to yourself how much better the dimsum offerings are in LA/Rosemead compared to the Bay Area - I wouldn't bother with dimsum.

I know it sounds crazy but banana milkshakes and falafel at Falafel's Drive-In would be on the list. You must have the banana milkshake with your meal or else it's not worth the effort.

Also, there's great pho and vietnamese food in general - all over the south bay. It's just a matter of how adventurous you're feeling.

That's all I've got for you. LA seems to have it all, and it's usually as good or better, less expensive, and more accessible.

San Francisco's Best Fried Chicken

Frisco Fried forever!

Apr 11, 2013
scarmoza in Features

Special Occasion, Vegetarian, and Cocktails

Hi Chowhounds! I'm rackin' my brain trying to help out a friend with some ideas for a special occasion dinner in San Francisco (proper). He is hoping to find somewhere that has a nice cocktail menu and caters to both vegetarians and omnivores. I'm guessing his budget to be around $100 each, not including drinks.

Thanks for any suggestions you might have!

Best bites of 2012

-Albacore Tuna from Liholiho Yacht Club @ Piccino
-Dungeness Crab Pasta and Sam Giancana Pizza at Capo's
-Chamomile Old Fashioned at Two Sisters Bar
-Organic Moscow Mule at Lucky Horseshoe
-Ethiopian coffees roasted by Blue Bottle: Tchembe and Gelana Abaya

Away from the Bay Best Bites:
"Fish Taco" - Slapfish - Huntington Beach, CA
Coconut Shrimp - Eskimo Candy - Maui, HI

Informal Foodie Suggestions in SF and Marin/Sonoma County

You might want to consider adding Fish. to your list. It's on the water in Sausalito. Excellent for fresh, locally and sustainably caught seafood. It's a very casual dining experience: order at the counter, picnic tables in and out doors, very friendly and helpful service.

I learned about it through a local fisherman who sells his catch to them often. We went there recently for crab roasted in the wood fire oven - $26. It did not disappoint.

Cheese-making classes?

Heading to town on the Tuesday after Memorial Day...(Did Research)

I know you didn't mention burgers but if you're coming here on a Tuesday, you should consider Rosamunde on Haight's Tuesdays Only Cheeseburgers: And don't miss the beer at Toronado while you're there.

Checkout for live rock n' roll listings

Where to buy a pound of coffee?

So they changed the plans to have coffee service at that location all together?

Where can I find lobster mac and cheese in SF?

Broken Record.

One night in Haight Ashbury - Magnolia Pub?

I would go to Alembic instead, too. They have a very good happy hour menu - if that's of any interest. (don't hesitate to order the bone marrow, it's delicious)

Mojoeater, have you considered

Mother's Day Brunch?

:( indeed

Mother's Day Brunch?

The following take reservations.

1300 Fillmore does a very lovely gospel brunch.

Baker and Banker has a fabulous brunch with great coffee (Four Barrel) in their dining room.

Nopa also does a fabulous brunch with great coffee (Blue Bottle).

Bar Agricole has both in and outdoor seating, full bar, and Four Barrel espresso and drip coffees.

Boulette's Larder does a fine Sunday Brunch, too. (Blue Bottle coffee)

Quick and Good (preferably Asian) for post-airport pickup. SF, Daly City, Millbrae?

Toyose is open until 2am - great fried chicken and fun place.

bahn mi for party

The Doc Loi Kitchen has some pretty good bánh mì for $5 each. They have a vegi, tofu, mushroom one on the menu, too.

I ordered the BBQ Lemongrass Chicken and Mr. scarmoza had the Authentic Vietnamese. We both liked the BBQ Lemongrass Chicken best - very flavorful.

They were much larger than the ones we usually buy at Pacific Super (no vegetarian) . You might find a lot of people sharing or saving for later as we did.

Fried Chicken in San Francisco

I second Frisco Fried!

Such thing as a delicious brunch buffet in SF?

Yeah, a call in advance is best but that article states "the popular roof deck bar remains open, as Medjool, serving both food and drinks, with the downstairs dining room closed as of this week." From : The rooftop terrace will remain open as weather permitting. Weekend Brunch on the Rooftop Terrace Every Saturday & Sunday 10AM - 2PM

Where could I buy some authentic dashi without going to Japantown?

Kukje Market in Daly City.

Such thing as a delicious brunch buffet in SF?

The $12 weekend brunch buffet at Medjool is quite good if you don't mind a non-traditional buffet and are looking for a great breakfast bargain. It's sort of a mix between Mediterranean, Mexican, and American on the buffet tables. The $12 price includes juice and coffee. The $3 mimosa they serve is kind of a rip-off compared to the brunch and non-alcoholic beverage spread.
I personally liked the Mediterranean offerings best: lentil soup with dates, Mediterranean eggs, hummus and vegetables, yogurt and fruits...

The last time we went, there were no other customers at all - which we really appreciated but we understand that some might not. They also only serve on the roof-top now and only when weather permits.