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Can heavy cream be frozen?

I keep bacon in my freezer at all times divided into parcels of six strips for use in various recipes. Sometimes that bacon has been in my freezer for a year, albeit well wrapped, and it has always been fine when thawed.

Dec 10, 2012
jcmorgan in General Topics

Question about Immersion Blenders Safe for Enamel or Non-stick Cookware

Yes, these are exactly the same concerns I have. Thank you for posting the question.

Hello, all manufacturers of immersion blenders (Braun, Cuisinart, Kitchen Aid, De Longi) : your customers like the sturdiness of a stainless steel housing but would like the protection of our pots and pans offered by the plastic so why not combine the two and put silicone tips on the ends of the wand. That way we all win.

Nov 28, 2012
jcmorgan in Cookware